Friday, September 04, 2015

Dear Charlie:

Would it help to say I had a really long, really complicated summer?

*brushes off dust*

But seriously, back in April, we started rehearsals for a "no fear Shakespeare" version of Midsummer Night's Dream. Because the universe likes to laugh at me, I was cast as Titania, the fairy queen.

Because I like to laugh back, I performed the part with a heavy Southern accent. I mean, when I was myself, I was full-on Paula Dean. When I was enchanted, I was Scarlett O'Hara.

It was glorious.

But it did pretty much suck up the next four months of my life. We were supposed to do our performance in June, but we weren't ready yet. One of the benefits of not being part of a brick-and-mortar theatre is that we could just put the show off another month. No schedule to mess up.

Unfortunately, that put us into the ungodly 100+ degree humidity heat of a sweltering, miserable summer. And all our rehearsals were outside.

Please refer back to that "because the universe likes to laugh at me" bit.

Add in the fact that I have wicked awful summer allergies that are usually just plain bad but were exacerbated enormously from spending three and four evenings/mornings a week outside in the summer... yeah. It was a great show, but it damn near killed me.

Don't believe me? Too bad. I actually gave up and went to the doctor. The last time I went to the doctor, it was Urgent Care, and I had Type A flu and a 103 degree temperature. That was 4 years ago.

The time before that? I'm thinking around 2008. Maaaaaaybe early 2009. I couldn't make that up if I tried. I don't even have a prior medical record before that Urgent Care visit because the ones before that were destroyed. Too old.

They do have records of my free flu shots every October, though. I work for a not-for-profit that's affiliated with a local hospital, so we get those. Bonus!

Anyway, I'm still kinda on my ass with these allergies. I went from only taking a daily allergy OTC to taking four -- count 'em, FOUR -- medications, and I still feel like crap.

I hate summer. And it hates me. See how things balance?

But I've been on a writing jag pretty much since the play wrapped up -- it was AWESOME, I don't mind sayin -- but that has its drawbacks, too. Like a nearly-empty fridge because I don't want to waste writing time at the store. Like dust EVERYWHERE (which doesn't help my allergies) because I have no time for vacuuming and dusting when there are worlds to write and I have to take every second I can because that writing jag can up and disappear any ol' time.

At which point, it becomes very, very difficult to make words happen. Let alone magic.

Anyway, with the regular season coming up, I figure I'll probably be posting a bit more regularly for a while, thanks to wanting to blab about my Chiefs, and it wasn't until I went to put the season's schedule down in the sidebar there that I realized... oops.

Let us not count the months it's been since I posted last. Let us instead relish the fact that I'll be driving down to Dad's tomorrow for a weenie roast with my beloved sister, who I haven't seen since her birthday, and to spend a slightly less sweltery day in the green countryside instead of on all this freakin asphalt.

I swear. Just driving ten miles out of town drops the temperature ten degrees.

Oh! And we might get rain all week next week, which oughtta cool it off, too! And bring Fall that much closer. I can't wait!

Crocheting and baking and pumpkins and Halloween and weenie roasts and fingerless gloves and hot tea in warm mugs and changing leaves and ghost stories in the dark and horror movie marathons and playing with haunt make-up and more crocheting and baking!

Oh, my!


At 2:56 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

The summer months are fun, but it's always a good thing when cooler temperatures arrive, especially if you have to be outside dealing with hot weather. Writing is never a bad thing. It gets the thoughts that you have on paper, and you seem to have a good grasp on sharing your words and how you feel with others.

Penelope Bonnet @ U.S. HealthWorks Seattle (Denny)


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