Saturday, January 03, 2015

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so my Chiefs didn't make it into the playoffs. That's okay. It would have been a tough spot to be in, anyway. Wildcard slot, no bye week, and no Alex Smith. So, it's probably for the best that they go into the offseason and heal up for next year.

We gotta work on our offense. Our defense sits at the top of most statistics, but the offense is maddeningly inconsistent. One week, we could beat any team in the league. The next, we can't get a first down to save our lives. Sure, you can credit some of that to the opponent's defense, but not all of it. We have to stop settling for field goals, and we have to be better on third down.


I'm sort of on a writing jag, but it's a bit like my Chiefs' offense: maddeningly inconsistent. I'll write like a fool for a couple of days, then just suddenly... not. The urgency is still there. The story is still there. But I'll find myself playing solitaire or a hidden object game instead of writing. Or googling something for research and finding a million other things to look up. Or watching Guardians of the Galaxy bloopers on YouTube.

When I'm in The Zone, I might as well not even have an internet connection. When I'm not, I might as well not have Word. It's the weirdest thing. But I am writing, even sporadically, so that's good, anyway.

Otherwise, not much to update. I caught up with all the Marvel Universe movies so I'll be ready for Age of Ultron in May. I survived DickensFest, despite a crippling cold that produced more snot than can possibly exist in a single human body.

Oh! I learned how to make salads in a jar! They're awesome.

See, I loooooove a good salad, but they're not really feasible for taking to work. If you make it before work, the egg and cheese are all soggy and the lettuce is floopy by lunchtime (no, that's not a typo). If you take all the stuff to work and make it there, half your lunchtime is gone just assembling the damn thing. Of course, you could always go get a salad, but they're way more expensive that way, plus you have the gas expenditure, the frustration of lunchtime traffic, and, again, a significant portion of your lunch is gone before you even sit down with your salad.

Salads in a jar are the solution. With some careful layering -- thank you, Google! -- you don't even have to take a bottle of salad dressing with you if you don't want to. Make all your salads for the week on Sunday, then just grab a jar on your way out the door in the morning. The jar's seal keeps the meat/cheese/eggs fresh and the lettuce and veggies crisp all week long. It's like a tiny miracle. And oh, so tasty.

So for the moment, I'm enjoying the novelty of actually being able to eat as much chef salad as I want. It's way better for me than anything else I could make ahead or pick up on my lunch hour.

Anyway. Heh. Sorry. Just... that's about it. I've not been particularly busy, for once, but I kinda like it that way. I think I needed the downtime. And hopefully, this writing jag will stabilize and I'll disappear into The Zone for a while.

I love it when that happens.