Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dear Charlie:

Well, look at that. My Chiefs started off 0-2, and now we're tied for first in the AFC West and lookin good. We can't get cocky, though. It's easy to say Thursday's game against the 0-10 Raiders is a walkthru game, but it's really not. AFC West division matches are usually closer than they have any right to be. I remember plenty of times (well, at least one or two times) when the shoe was on the other foot with the Raiders doing well and the Chiefs in the suds where we just ran right over them.

We should win. But I'm not counting that victory until the end of the game.

Plus, we got the Broncos the week after that. We won't be in Denver this time, Donkeys. We'll be in Arrowhead, and we'll be ready for you. Go Chiefs!

In other news, this has been a shockingly writingless month. Admittedly, I've had other stuff on my plate, but still. The most writing I've done has actually been a goofy "hey, we have fun emails at work that we could totally turn into a dumb internet talk show!" thing where I write me and a couple of friends at work into ridiculousness. Heh. I have to admit that it's pretty fun, and they seem to get a kick out of it, too.

The hardest part is that our characters have to talk about our celebrity crushes like we do in our regular emails, and that's really difficult for me to write. I've been juuuuuust a bit secretive about this one -- only told the one friend; didn't even tell my sister! -- so it's tricky for me to be open about it, knowing at least one other person will be reading. Luckily, I only have to use first names, and mine has a really common first name, so I can delude myself that I'm not ludicrously transparent and that the other reader doesn't really know for sure.

Ugh. Awkward turtle much?

Anyway, I basically said all that to say there's not much going on. We just started DickensFest preparations, and I'm playing a new character this year, which should be pretty exciting. No idea what I'll be doing (or wearing, for that matter), but it should be fun.

OH! And I took three newbies to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show as a live show last weekend! I'd seen a live screening, but not an actual live performance, so it was fun for me, but it was even more fun to watch three people who hadn't so much as seen the movie try to figure out what the hell was going on. Beautiful! They all seemed to really enjoy it, shouts and flying toilet paper and all. Heheheh.

Plus, I knew a lot more of the cast than I'd originally thought, so it was hilarious to watch people I know personally strutting around in drag or flinging themselves about in lingerie and heels. They really went for it, and it was a beautiful thing.

Anyway, good times. Not much going on, but not in a bad way. The holidays are coming up. so I'm enjoying the calm before the storm.