Monday, September 15, 2014

Dear Charlie:

Well, my Chiefs are 0-2, but I'm strangely unbothered by that. They didn't show well that first week, but yesterday, they came back from a huge deficit and damn near tied it up with that last play. Against the Broncos, who we held to a measly twenty-four points (and only three in the second half!). Suckers.

Anyway, I had an amusing exchange at work today and, because I'm juuuuuust a bit of a dork, I thought I'd share it here.

Okay, so my extension at work is 7666. Yes, it is. No, I didn't plan it. No, I didn't argue against it. I love it, and no one needs to be told twice.

So, when I got a work email from a friend that simply said "come here", I couldn't help but be all "You summoned me?", which, of course, made me think of fantasy novels and playing D&D back in the day. Admittedly, none of our mage characters were of the demon-summoning vintage, but seriously. It was right there.

So after I went to see what he needed, I sat back down at my desk and emailed back that he had summoned me and was now forced to deal with the consequences. It went something like this:

BEWARE, PUNY MORTAL!! What has been brought forth often cannot be banished as easily! And, since you failed to ring me with salt and spells, I am now free to wreak devastation and ruin upon this world! Mwahahahah!!

Pssh. Noob.

Sadly, he's a young'un and pretty sheltered, so he wasn't sure how to take my flight of fancy, but I had fun with it. Not every day you get to L33T someone in the same breath you threaten their immortal soul and all they hold dear.

Like Simon Gruber said in Die Hard: With a Vengeance, "Life... has its little bonuses."