Monday, August 18, 2014

My Dearest Charles:

Holy crapola, but I've been writing this blog for ten damned years. How the heck did that happen??

Sorry, but I'm a little verklempt about that. Technically, ten years and ten days, as my first post was August 8, 2004. Good God, that's a long time ago.

All on this same blog. Hell, I've even kept the template the same this whole time, just adding or subtracting links to the sidebars every now and then and updating the Chiefs schedule every year. Some years are chattier than others.  Some months are chattier than others.

Ten. Freakin. Years.

Some of those early posts are a little embarrassing, and some of the things in the "about you" lists aren't necessarily relevant anymore, but I decided a long time ago not to go back and change anything. It's like a time capsule, in a weird way. Periods of writing productivity. Bursts of community theatre and performance stuff. Movie-watching binges or being lost in a book series for a few days or weeks. Celebrity crushes that have come and gone, heh.

It's funny to skim over ten years of my past laid bare on the screen. This blog has never been a journal, really, but... it kinda became a journal anyway. I've tried to keep it light even in some of the darkest times (just after the 2011 tornado springs to mind), but I've still managed to talk about things that bother me, things that give me pause.

And things that make me laugh, of course. I love to laugh. I do it as often as possible, and, thankfully, I have a broad enough sense of humor to think almost everything is funny.

Anyway, there's nothing really profound here. It's just the ramblings of an Average Jane living a mundane life with all its ups and downs. I'm under no delusion that anyone but friends and family read it, and even that only when they have the time. I keep this blog for me because I like it better than a website (as you can probably tell by how long it's been since I've put any new content on my poor writer's website).

Just... whew. Ten years. In internet years, that's like back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.