Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Dearest Charles:

Oh, happy day!

I was tempted to post this yesterday, but I was too full of ridiculous squee to keep it bearable. I'm just so excited about the Pacific Rim sequel. I can't help myself. But I think I've calmed down enough to be rational now.

Then again, I'm still kicking myself for not seeing the first one in the theater. I will not be missing this one. Is it 2017 yet?

I'm only bummed that so many of my favorite characters from the first movie won't be around for the second. Plenty of folks got... well... Whedoned. Yancy Becket, for instance. I know his death was the catalyst for so many events and portents of doom, but... damn. He was fun, and then, like ten minutes later, he was gone.

Chuck Hansen. Sure, he's an asshole. Sure, he didn't seem to care for anything but his dog. Sure, Guillermo del Toro gave him that dog because, no matter how bad he is, you can't hate a man who loves a dog.

But honestly? I don't think Max the bulldog is Chuck Hansen's redeeming feature, like everyone says. I think his redeeming feature is standing on Striker Eureka's shoulder, ringside at the Gipsy/Leatherback Rumble on the Rim fight, shouting, "YEAH, GIPSY! KICK HIS ASS!!" at the top of his lungs.

That wasn't a "hey, the has-been just came and saved our asses" shout. That was an "I spent my teenage years with Gipsy Danger posters on my wall and was pissed at you for leaving but holy crap you're RIGHT THERE and I got front row seats!" shout, and to me, that redeems every single snark and every single punch up to that point.

And then, boom. Dead. Ugh.

The Kaidanovskys. God, I so wanted more about them. Talk about your hardcore! One of my favorite little tidbits of this movie is Cherno Alpha advancing on Otachi, that heavy right hand rotating back and forth before leading in with a punch. It's just such a human lead-in for a giant robot, and it reminds the viewer that there really are human beings running these big things, and when they get hit back, it hurts.

And when they die, they aren't in the sequel. Dammit.

It's not that I don't like the characters that are left -- far from it! There's plenty of character gold to be mined in the survivors, and I can't wait to see what del Toro does with the franchise.

Just... wish they could all turn into Force ghosts haunting the Drift and handing out sage advice to the returning heroes. Hey, if Obi-wan can do it, I don't see why Chuck Hansen can't. He was practically raised in the Drift, for cryin out loud.

Okay, I really just want Rob Kazinsky to be in the sequel. Dude deserves it. I think he might be his own movie's biggest fan [videos, parts one and two, from the Atlanta Shatterdome con, where he dropped in out of the blue because they saw he was in town and asked if he would, and he's awesome like that], and he gets all giddy and awesomely nerdy when he talks about it. Throw him a bone, Hollywood!

At any rate, I'll admit that I've been pretty giddy and nerdy all day myself, and I'm fairly certain that my work friends are going to strangle me long before 2017 rolls around. Hopefully, they'll tolerate my fangurling at least until filming starts so I can die knowing it will for sure come out and not get stuck in production hell.

Please, God!