Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dear Charlie:

Yeah, still not distraught at the loss. Why? Because we scored 38 points.

That's a lot of points.

That we lost anyway is mostly because we lost both Hali and Houston in the first half. Those are our two big, bad pass rushers, and once they were out, we kinda quit harassing Rivers. Berry got to him a couple of times, but it just wasn't the same threat, and so the Chargers kept racking up the points.

But still. Thirty-eight points. That's a lot of points.

So yes, we can get into a shoot-out and score a lot. Once we get our defense back on track -- please, God, let both our big guys just need a little R&R! -- we'll be sitting pretty. I'm feeling great about next week against the Donkeys at Arrowhead.


Or I will... as soon as I hear Hali and Houston are back in action. Please?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Charlie:

I'm not distraught by Sunday's loss to the Donkeys. Why, you ask?

Because we played very well.

Our defense held one of the most dangerous quarterbacks who ever played the game to just 323 yards, one touchdown, and his second-lowest quarterback rating of the season. We held one of the highest-scoring teams in league history to a measly 27 points, which is 10 points lower than their lowest score this season. Our offense scored 17 offensive points, and those were straight-up march-down-the-field scores, not momentum scores off of takeaways (though we could totally have used a few of those, too).

Honestly, if not for three crucial dropped passes -- and I gotta say, those specific, crucial ones were on the receivers, not on Alex Smith or even on the Donkeys' defense -- Denver wouldn't have won that game. Or it would have at least gone to overtime. Bowe stepped up and made some plays (yeah, I won't get into that), but he's usually pretty well covered, and the tight ends can only do so much.

So I'm surprisingly pleased by our first loss of the season. It would have been nice to start 10-0 for the first time in team history, but 9-1 is still pretty rare country for us, and we'll gladly take it. Especially since we will very likely crush the Donkeys at Arrowhead. We need to hassle Peyton Manning more -- when we got in his face, he inevitably flubbed it, which accounted for his rather sad 24-out-of-40 completion ratio -- and our wide receivers need to catch the darn ball. I know it isn't easy. Those guys take some serious shots. But if our tight ends can do it....

Of course, we can't look past San Diego next week. It would be easy to forget that AFC West division games tend to be way harder than they should be, stats-wise, but we won't do that. We'll take San Diego as it comes, then take on Denver again.

And crush them. Mwahahahah!!

Go Chiefs!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dear Charlie:

Yesterday was one of those best days ever.

Went to the boonies for a weenie roast. Finally, right? Me and my beloved sister have been trying to get together for a weenie roast for like two months now. But I had texted Dad to see if he had any extra ground beef he'd be willing to part with -- yeah, I can go to a butcher shop, but Dad's homegrown beef just tastes better -- and he said heck yeah, if I was willing to come down and get it and suffer through a weenie roast. Heheh.

Anyway, when I got down there, the adored brother was there with my nephew. I so rarely get to see them! But he'd come down to shoot some rounds through his new Colt .45, and he graciously let me blow through 5 clips. Woot! I'd never shot a handgun before -- always wanted to and, man, do I ever want a Glock! -- and I'm so not accurate at all with it, but I love it. That's a completely different feeling from firing a rifle. I'm better with rifles, but I'm now a bit addicted to a handgun. Awesome.

Then, Toby and Dad both brought out their deer rifles and let me squeeze off a few rounds there, too. As I said, I'm much better with a rifle. I put four shots through Toby's .270 and three shots through Dad's .243. All seven hit the paper plate targets set out at 120 yards. One of the .270s was just inside the one-inch red circle at the center of the plate. Woot! I could totally go deer hunting!

Yeah, haven't been deer hunting since I was a kid. I discovered early that sitting still forever until a deer comes along is sooooo not my bag. I've never been good at sitting still. Might give it another try sometime, but probably not this year.

Anyway, then Joely and company showed up. My nephew and youngest niece played a little one-on-one basketball while the two older nieces rode horses. Poor Dad had separated his shoulder earlier in the week, but that didn't stop him from saddling up the horses and even working the one who was a little feisty. He resorted to some ibuprofen after he got all the kids occupied, but he didn't finally sit down and relax until we were all chowing on charred hotdogs and cool potato salad. The man is a machine.

We even got to see a very brief fireworks display off in the distance, which was a nice little surprise. And then, when we started on our way back, Dad gave me a whole freaking box of meat. *boggles* I mean, I was hoping for maybe five pounds of ground beef, but I ended up with two roasts, a handful of minute steaks, and probably twenty pounds of ground beef. Woot! I have meat forever!

Add that to the two chickens and a bone-in ham I'd just bought and put in the freezer, and I won't be able to fit anything new in there until January. Ha! Sooooo not complaining!

Anyway, just a great day all around. I love target-shooting (oh! forgot that I also tried a little skeet shooting with Dad's shotgun and I toooooootally suck at it!), I love weenie roasts, I love getting together with my siblings (getting both the beloved sister and the adored brother together is oh, so very rare and precious), and I love love love spending time in the country.

Good day. Yeah.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dear Charlie:

What, me? Sheepish?

Okay, so today was one of those days where you just can't get home fast enough. While we did manage to make plans for a weenie roast this weekend, the rest of the day pretty much left me wanting to throat-punch someone. A couple of someones, actually.

Then I had errands to run, which exposed me to traffic, and oh. Throat-punches all around. I mean, seriously. You're on a 35 mph road. If you want to go 25 mph, there is a 25 mph road literally a block away on either side of the 35 mph road. PICK A SIDE. And please, get out of the way of the normals.

Sorry. I digress.

Anyway, needless to say, I was a wee bit cranky by the time I could head for home, so I decided that a venti Earl Grey tea latte from Starbucks (you gotta get the venti or they only use one teabag, and that's just appalling) was a reward for my lack of throat-punching. I don't get them very often. They're expensive. Plus, Dad bought me an espresso machine so I could use the milk steamer and make them myself if I have milk (I don't, currently, but milk is soooo cheaper than Starbucks). But sometimes, you just gotta have the real deal, and this was one of those times.

So I get in line at the drive thru and wait. And wait. And wait. Even at the window, the lady in the SUV in front of me was just taking forever. It's too dark to read the book I always have in the car. I kinda need to go to the bathroom. My patience has stretched so thin I could probably read braille through it. In my mind, I'm thinking, "Geez, lady! What the hell did you order?"

Then, the barista hands out her drink and... they chitchat for a bit. She holds her phone out the window and the barista scans it. They chitchat some more. Really?? Move it move it move it, lady, I gotta pee!

Finally... FINALLY... she inches forward to leave. I already have my five dollar bill and a penny handy (it's always $4.26 - like I said, I don't get them often, but that's ALL I get, so I have the expense down to a nicety), so I pull up to the window and smile (because, hey, I'm never the only person who's had a bad day, so why make anyone else's worse?), and the barista smiles and says the words that make me feel like a real jerk.

"Oh, the person in front of you already paid for yours, so you're good to go!"

I'm. A. Jerk.

Not missing a beat, I ask how much the next person's order is. She says it's $10.91. I hand her my five and say, "Well, tell 'em they're halfway done." She smiles and takes the money and I drive away. Yes, I spent 75 cents more than I expected to, but I figure that's the jerk-tax I have to pay for being a jerk.


So... was it someone I knew? I didn't recognize the SUV, but hey, people change vehicles all the time. Totally could've been someone I know that I was blaming for being the cause of all traffic everywhere (even though we were just in line at a drive thru). Was it a random nice person who routinely pays for other people's orders? Could've been. Had the person before them bought theirs so they did what I did and kept the pay-it-forward thing going? Who knows.

All I know is that I shut my mouth, smiled ruefully, and drove home determined to not get road-ragey at every single bad driver I encountered. And there were many. But I didn't mentally cuss at any of them.

Okay, most of them. There were two people who shouldn't have been allowed driver's licenses. Just sayin.

Anyway, to whoever bought my Starbucks, thank you very much. Not just for the Earl Grey, which is greatly appreciated, but for the lesson in patience. I needed it.

Because I'm a jerk.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Dear Charlie:

This really is my favorite time of year. I just had a wonderful day today.

Despite having the dregs of a lingering migraine (bad insomnia week + still dealing with allergies + weird barometric stuff = a blinder of a migraine for Geeb), I got up all ready for the day. I finally got some good sleep, so that probably helped.

Anyway, I put on a pot of chili first off. I'm not usually much for chili. People put weird stuff in it or are determined to make it scorchingly hot, which I think is pointless. If it's too hot to enjoy....

But I've been craving it lately, which is odd, so I decided I'd cobble together my own recipe, and damn if it didn't turn out amazing. It's a little spicier than I thought I'd make for myself (I got a little happy with the cayenne pepper), but with some Fritos, cheese, and sour cream, it's juuuuuust right.

I'd promised my friend Annie that I'd come over to her place and tell ghost stories to her Boy Scout troop tonight, so at around 5:00, I put on an extra layer and headed out. What a beautiful drive! Annie lives out in the boonies -- ya know, where I want to live because I grew up in very similar boonies and miss them -- so the drive was a combination of that perfect blue of an Autumn sky and all the blazing reds and oranges and yellows of the changing foliage. Gorgeous. Just beautiful.

And, while I'm not much for kids, I gotta admit that I had these ones eating out of my hand. Annie started a huge bonfire, and while her husband took half the kids on a hayride behind his tractor, I told some ghost stories I made up or cobbled together from local lore or from stories I've read. It was lots of fun to watch the kids go from, "Oh, this old lady can't scare me" to "Wow... so does the bloody cheerleader appear all the time? Or just when it's foggy?" and "Tell another one! Tell another one!"

But more rewarding still? I even had the adults crowding around. That's a good feeling. This older gent got so involved when I told the one I'd made up about the skeleton of a long-dead miner trying to claw through someone's basement walls that he actually squawked when I told how, as the husband took a sledge hammer to the wall, a stream of black, stinking water came squirting out of the first break in the concrete. Heheh. Good times, good times.

Then, the second group of kids took the hayride and I got to tell to a whole new group. It was darker, and these were mostly older kids, so I got a little more in depth. Mwahahah!

I also somehow managed to convince some of them that demons are attracted to campfires -- that's where all the people are, duh! -- so they have to put their glowsticks in the bushes around the perimeter to keep the demons at bay. I think an entire Boy Scout troop will now do that any time they have any kind of fire outdoors. Heheh.

Anyway, then I came home, had some more chili, and am watching movies. Currently, I'm enjoying Young Frankenstein for like the millionth time. It never gets old.

Such a good day. Even though the migraine's creeping back in, I'm calling it a good day.