Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Charlie:

I should know better than to make such a provocative statement as "Oh, my allergies haven't been nearly as bad this year." I really should.

So, since I have no voice today and seem to be a shambling, foghorning advertisement for Mucinex, I've been crocheting my little fingers off all morning. I almost hate when I get into a crocheting mood. It's not like you can do much of anything else while crocheting, and I am usually loathe to do only one thing at a time. I cannot not multitask, darn it!

But I'm getting some neat results, so it's enough for now. However, as soon as I'm done with this pair of elbow-length fingerless gloves, it's my turn at my and my beloved sister's collaboration. Heheh.

This is notoriously a busy time of year for me. We're already gearing up for our Ghost Tours in October (my costume is already ready; just need to find some little touches like feathers and beads and such and maybe some moccasins or boots). I'm familiarizing myself with my script -- yup, I'm a tour guide -- and trying to pin down my character.

We'll also have a few promotional events to fit into the schedule. I know we're doing a big festival/parade one of these weekends, but I don't think I'll be doing that one. It's historically a huge crush of people, and while I like a little festivity and the community feeling of a parade, that particular event is just a little too sardines-in-a-can for me. However, there are plenty of other things not so hectic that I'll be in on.

Football is kicking in, too, and this year, I'll actually be able to watch my Chiefs, good or bad. The last two years, I couldn't get the channel that usually broadcast their games, so I was only able to watch like two or three games each season. Torture! But I got the channel this year, so I'm stoked. Also have my fantasy team picked and ready to go.

Oh! And perhaps best of all!

September 6. That's the date. The film Riddick comes out (fair warning - that's the redband trailer), and though I haven't been much of a theater-goer the last couple of years (since 3D infected theaters and inflated the price), and I've never been much of a fight-the-crowd-on-opening-weekend kind of person, oh. I will be watching this one that first weekend.

See, Riddick will always be my favorite Vin Diesel character and perhaps my favorite character ever. I actually haven't tried to narrow it down like that, but the possibility exists. Riddick is an unapologetic bad guy. Others try to use him to do good deeds, and he sometimes complies, but always only on his own terms. He does not take manipulation well.

I don't even care if a given Riddick movie is good or not, so long as Riddick himself is played to perfection. And he is. Of course he is.

So yes, I will be watching the latest installment. It looks to be something of a return to form, which will be nice. Riddick is at his best when his basic survival is in the balance. And, of course, when he has playthings to sacrifice or salvage at his will. I cannot wait.

Anyway, like I said -- a busy time of year. Just lots of stuff like that. And I'll enjoy all of it.

If I can get rid of this allergy funk. Ugh.