Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dear Charlie:

Well, I got moved. Heh, if that sounds like an understatement, it totally is. I just about killed myself going from not knowing I was moving to being moved in four days flat. My dodgy knee still hasn't fully forgiven me, though it's finally back to confining its grumbles to rainy days.

Oh, I still have loads to unpack, but I have to do some furniture replacement before I can do most of that. All the daily items are already in place and set. Most of what I need are bookshelves. Lots of bookshelves. I want to finally unpack all my books!

But I like it here. It's much quieter, and it's far enough removed from the center of town that I feel like I'm leaving it behind when I come home from work every day. That's a good feeling for someone who wasn't raised in a small city and has never fully gotten used to all the noise and bustle.

I've even managed to get in some writing, as the little bump on my progress bar over in the sidebar (finally) shows. Not much -- not anywhere close to my prior productivity -- but I'm tiptoeing back in. I want to finish something and remind myself of that glorious, freeing, completed-and-done feeling.

On a semi-related sidebar, I borrowed my beloved sister's steampunk tarot deck and am familiarizing myself with the cards and their meanings. I've always been interested in tarot, and Joely gets all sorts of amazing inspiration from them for her characters and for story elements, so I thought I'd give them a try. Plus, I love learning almost anything new.

However, while I assumed they would spark renewed energy on my steampunk story -- well, of course I did -- they've actually done something quite different. I gave myself a very basic reading -- just the past, present, future spread -- and blew my own mind.

Without details -- those are too personal for such a public format -- I looked at my three cards and realized that they spoke nothing but the truth. Usually, as with horoscopes, you mentally fit your current circumstances and what you want to what you're reading or seeing. However, for the most part, this time was the complete opposite.

When I flipped over that first card, I knew even without checking with the tarot guide that it was significant. A little chill ran through me. Sure enough, when I checked the meaning, it was spot on for a significant part of my past.

The middle card threw me at first because it didn't seem to relate. Not to the first card and not to my present situation. It wasn't until I looked into the meaning of it that I understood its relevance. And once I did, illumination struck and, again, I saw the truth of it.

And then, I flipped over the last card, and that same chill shot through me. Again, without knowing what it meant, I sort of already knew what it meant. The guide only clarified why it was so significant.

In all, that quickie just-to-learn-how-to-do-it reading left me with one inarguable truth: I can either do something, or I can do nothing.

Guess which I choose?