Thursday, March 07, 2013

Dear Charlie:

Lemme brush off the dust and get comfortable.

Yeesh. It's already freakin March. How the heck did that happen? I mean, I had that awesome meal at Mythos and then I blinked and it was March. Geez.

Of course, part of that is that I've been busy as hell. I know. Shocking. But I really did plan to not get involved in anything outside of work for a couple of months after DickensFest. To take a break.

So I volunteered to join a flashmob at a masquerade in February that would necessitate a month's rehearsals.  Oh, and we're doing Spring Ghost Tours again this year, though in May instead of April. Of course, we'll start rehearsing in a few weeks, so there goes April and May both. Then we're doing a murder mystery dinner theater production in July, so there's June and July gone, what with rehearsals and the actual performances.

After that, who knows? It'll be just about time to gear up for October and its ghost tours and hopefully a permanent haunt location.

And then it'll be time to start rehearsals for DickensFest again. And then it'll be 2014.

Pssh. Who needs free time? Sooooo overrated.

And even in addition to all of that, we've had a massive change in software at work, and back when I first rejoined the crew, I was voted in as a "superuser" -- surprisingly, not as awesome as being a superhero -- so I've been neck-deep in helping other users and testing out new procedures and keeping a close eye on processes. Talk about your running the gauntlet!

Of course, there's also been much writing, but clearly not on the work in progress over there in the sidebar. *sigh* Haven't been able to get many words in it for a couple of months now, which chafes. I was on fire there for a while, but I've written on three separate stories since then and still can't seem to get back the feel for it.


Anyway, just touching base before heading off to bed. Sleep has been a fickle mistress these last couple of months, so I'd better take it where I can get it. Lovely dreams, all, and I promise it won't be two months before I post again! Yeesh!