Thursday, January 03, 2013

My Dearest Charles:

Wow, look at that! It's a new year.

And I just had the best meal of it. Yes, I realize it's only the third day of this shiny new annum, but I don't care. I'm sitting here in front of my computer in food nirvana, and while I will have plenty of mighty tasty meals this year, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say none will top this.

Of course, I would only be happy to be proven wrong. I mean... really.

Anyway, when a place has gotten props from a certain famous chef-who-shall-remain-nameless who literally makes his living telling people what they're doing wrong with their restaurant, you know you're in good hands. Plus, I don't go there just all the time -- who can afford to eat out that much?? -- but I definitely make it my stop of choice on certain paydays.

Where, you ask, did I attain this food nirvana? That would be Mythos. Please forgive me if my prose becomes too florid, but I can't help myself.

My beloved sister drives over an hour to eat there several times a year. It's that good. I mean, heck, the food itself is that good, but the service and the atmosphere and the... just... the feeling of welcome you get when you go there is infinitely worth the trip.

I drag friends from work there every couple of/few months for lunch. I recommend it any time anyone's asking where they can get a nice sit down meal, no matter the occasion. I eat there myself.

But tonight. Oh, tonight!

Lobster macaroni and cheese. Succulent and a meal in itself, what with the impossibly creamy sauce, the pieces (not bits) of bacon, the perfect seasoning with juuuuuuuust a zing of spice. That was the appetizer.

I usually don't get an appetizer. I already know I'll be taking home part of whatever I get because, hey, they feed you there. But I could not pass this one up.

I have no complaints. I was already in bliss. I savored almost as long as I would have for an entire meal. It was honestly that good.

Then, came the chicken and rice soup. Eh, anyone can make chicken and rice soup, right? Sure. But this was sooooo good. Rich broth. The perfect proportion of chicken to rice. Just the right amount of vegetables. I could go on, but really, it's the soup. It was great, and let's move on.

To the main course. To the food nirvana.

Start with a bed -- a very lush, full bed -- of creamy, dreamy asparagus risotto. Top it with a gorgeous, perfectly medium rare filet that's a good inch-and-a-half thick and oh, so juicy. Top that with a portabella stuffed with thin, lean bacon, spinach, roasted tomatoes, and brie.

With the first bite, I put aside my book.

You have to understand that I don't go anywhere without a book. They know this quite well, there, and they always ask what I'm reading, yadda yadda. I do not put the book down. I cut my food into manageable pieces and eat while I read. It's almost a joke at this point.

Hell with that. This was too damn good.

So I put down my book and ate slowly, chewing in bliss and savoring every... delectable... bite. When Matt came out to see how I was doing, he said the expression on my face said it all. Good thing, too, because I was chewing. Oh, man. Soooooo good.

Even when I couldn't even eat half of it -- remember the lobster mac-n-cheese that was oh, so tasty to start with -- I sat there, sipping my wine and staring dreamily at the wall in bliss.

All possible compliments, George.

This has been the best day of 2013. I won't say everything's downhill from here, because that would be depressing. I'll just say that topping off a good night's sleep -- how rare are those! -- and a good day's work with the best meal ever?


I'm kinda tempted to take a nice, hot bubble bath with a book and another glass of wine, then go to bed early. In fact, I may just do that.

But even if I don't? Best. Day. Yet.