Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quickie Sidebar:

Just a quick fly-by to say....

ARRR! Ye better've talked like a pirate today, mateys! I didna lift a mug and I be fresh out o' rum, but I shivered me timbers and hoisted me colors. While I didna go full fathom five and dress meself out in style, in me heart, I did me best.

Now, though, it be time to douse canvas and hit the hammock. Until next year, ye land lubbers, avast!

Also, I didn't get the Sally award, but our play, The Foreigner, took four of the seven categories. I call that a helluva lot of win! Hopefully, after ghost tours and DickensFest and a wee break in January, I'll audition for something come February. I can hope, right?


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