Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Dear Charlie:

By Jove, I seem to have blinked and missed August. I've been a busy little bee, but geez!

Ghost tour preparation is starting up, so that's pretty much September and October, there. After that, we'll start the work-up for DickensFest, which will take up November and December. I'm covering another lady at work (she had back surgery - yikes!), and the fund sources I've temporarily taken over are like four times my main one. Luckily, if I really need it, I can get overtime, so I'm trying not to stress too bad.

Been writing up a storm, but never for very long on any given project. I've been spazzing around, flitting from this to that to the other like the immortalized Wounded Bee. It's netted me a lot of pages, but very little forward progress toward finishing any one project. Gah!

On the other hand, I'm up for a Sally Award. What's a Sally Award, you ask? Well, it's like the Oscars, but for community theater over at Stone's Throw. Heh. The play I did back in February/March is up for an award in every category, and -- lo and behold -- someone nominated me for Best Supporting Actress for my portrayal of Froggy. Awesome!

Of course, I know the competition, so I won't be upset if I lose to them. We really do have some good local talent. But it's pretty cool to see your name on that list. Woot!

Um... I think that may be it for now. I'm in a fantasy football league for the first time in years, but I have a feeling I'll stink at it. The guy who usually wins got all my good picks. Luckily, again, I won't mind too much. It's been a good decade since I did traditional fantasy football, though I usually rule at regular picks.

Anyway, this one's just a quick drive-by to acknowledge that, holy crap, it's SEPTEMBER already. How did that happen??


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