Thursday, February 02, 2012

Phlegmy Update:

So they kicked me outta work today.

See, like 80% of our office is out sick. Even though most of us got the flu shot, we all have variations of the same thing -- the flu. Ugh.

Mine started day before yesterday. After lunch, I started coughing. I chalked it up to what I'd eaten for lunch, even though people were already sick and had been for a good week. Then, yesterday, I did the chills/sweats thing, though I was mostly freezing. I felt so awful with the coughing and the shaking and the aching that I asked to leave a little early -- 4:30 instead of 5:00, but you know it's bad when you can't go another half-hour -- with promises that I'd be in early the next morning to cover the time.

When I got home, I immediately took my temperature and guess what? Yup. 103. That's not good.

Since I was freezing, I ran a super-hot bath and relaxed, trying to warm up a little. It made me dizzy, but it felt soooo good. Then I crashed on my bed (still don't have a recliner) in hopes of reading or something, but that was no good. It was too hard to even hold my head up. I was exhausted.

I never really did pass out, but I was in bed for real by 8:00, though I woke up every two hours or so to either shivering, sweating, or horrible barking coughs. Still, I did feel better this morning, and my temp was only 100.1. I even got up a little early so I could hit Wal-Mart for some chicken noodle and orange juice. I even picked up some of that Mucinex cough syrup, and while it tastes AWFUL, it did tame down the cough a bit.

However, folks at work took one look at me and said NO. I was pale and clammy instead of red-faced feverish, but they could tell. So yeah, they sent me home.

Since my doctor has kinda disappeared (no one seems to know what happened, but he closed his practice with the local hospital), I went to Urgent Care. It didn't escape me that a fever spike of 103 wasn't exactly healthy. When I listed off my symptoms, the doctor immediately put on a face mask and ordered up a flu swab. It's supposed to be a 15-minute test, but he said later that a minute and a half later, it already showed Flu A.


So I had to go back to Wal-Mart for some prescriptions, and he banned me from work today and tomorrow. I'll go in Saturday to make up time and finish up my billing for this cycle, but I HATE being off. I don't have time to be sick, darn it!

At any rate, doctor's orders are to rest and hydrate, so I guess that's what I'mma do. *sigh* I certainly don't want to have accidentally given to anyone who wasn't already sick, but who knows? Like I said, so many people were already out with it.

Stupid flu. It oughtta know when it's not wanted.