Monday, August 08, 2011

Dear Charlie:

While I am loathe to displace that last post -- man, still feeling the effects of that one -- I have to muse for a moment on the new reality I've found, living in a disaster town.

See, a storm's moving in. But not the big dangerous kind of storm -- although any storm can be deadly, of course; not meaning to blow off the weather (which is kinda what I'm talking about, because I used to blow off the weather all the time) -- but just a make-a-little-noise-make-a-little-light-make-a-little-rain kind of storm. As normal as sunrise for Missouri.

But you can literally feel the tension in everyone currently in the city limits. The folks at work were edgy the last hour or so. On the way home, driving was way worse than usual (and that's saying something!). Even as I pulled into my apartment compex's parking lot, I noticed people walking with their heads cocked up toward the sky, watching that big, dark cloud roll in with its burden of rain and noise and strobe.

It's a healthy bluish-black cloud. A rain cloud. We really, really need some rain around here.

But people are acting like it's a mushroom cloud instead of a storm cloud.

I was kinda looking forward to the storm, but now I just feel bad for everyone. We're so twitchy now. Just one more sign we're living in a disaster town.

I could almost make one of those "You might live in a disaster town if..." lists, but it wouldn't be funny. I could definitely make it amusing, but... nah. It's too soon.

Catch me this time next year, and we'll see. Heh.


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