Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Charlie:

Ya know, I don't usually get on here just to blah-blah about my day, but this has been a pretty good day. We got to tour our new office building today, and it's pretty sweet. It's not finished yet and has no furniture yet, so we're still looking at about two weeks before we can move in and get all settled, but hey. It was nice to see the tangible reality.

Then, I drove down to the hometown for the annual fireworks display. I didn't get to go last year and haven't been down nearly often enough lately, so I was determined to make it this year. They had it earlier than usual, but hey. I'm in.

So I made the drive, spent the evening with young'uns and my best friend from way back in kindergarten and her awesome husband, then drove on home with some rockin tunage to sing along with. That's always a good time.

And then, when I got home, I bumped into my downstairs neighbor again. Neither of us is usually out so late, so we kinda laughed about the coincidence and got to chatting. We're both kinda affiliated with both the hospitals in the area, so we got to talking about that and, if you know me at all, you know it went all over the place after that. My mom calls it "chasing rabbits", and that's as apt a description as any for how a conversation with me goes. Heh.

Anyway, all was good and well until he suddenly told me I was beautiful and asked when we were going out to dinner. Bless his heart. He had no idea, did he?

But I very politely declined and said I don't date. Then, of course, I had to explain why. Thankfully, this is one guy who actually listened to and respected that decision instead of trying to talk me out of it.

I did, of course, have to point out that, while his estimation of my looks was very flattering, I was in actuality all sweaty and gross from being out in the heat for hours before the fireworks, my hair was a blown-all-over-mess, and my t-shirt-and-jeans combo hardly counted as high fashion. Because I'm brutally honest like that.

He's a good sport and said I was beautiful anyway, to which I got all embarrassed and pled the late hour and that I needed to conk out. I hope it doesn't become a thing, because he's actually really nice to talk to. Most of my friends are guy friends, ya know, and I'm always open to a new one.

But not when there's flirting involved. I'm terrible with flirting. In fact, I'm emotionally retarded when it comes to flirting. No idea how to deal with it other than just cutting it off as efficiently (and hopefully as nicely) as possible. Yikes!

But still, a good day filled with explosive things, a surprisingly good buffalo burger (oddly enough, the quarter I got back in change was North Dakota, which has... ahem... buffalo grazing on the back), and kiddoes that think I'm rockin awesome sauce at some old-school Nintendo Super Mario Bros 3, man. I'm seriously.

Good times.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amusing Update:

Speaking of things getting back to normal, I've been able to go visit friends and family out of town more lately. Like... every weekend. Ahem. Didn't have the gas money before, but the new job is helping in that respect.

So I went to Dad's for Father's Day. I even put on a little make-up, just for the special occasion. And, lo and behold, I even wore jewelry. I know, right?? Me!

This... my necklace. It's about the only one I wear. I love it, but I'm just not a jewelry person, so wearing it is pretty rare.

And this... the big white spot my favorite necklace left after I spent noon watching the nieces ride horses out in the boonies. Oopsie. I've never been in the habit of wearing sunblock because I just never get burned (except a little across the nose the first time I'm out in the sun).

But because I haven't spent much time out in the sun for the last several years, I guess I'm just a big ol' ball of pasty white. Ugh.


Heheh, it is kinda funny, though. I hope it's not so noticeable when it fades to tan in a day or two. Sheesh. Talk about your Sign of the Cross.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Charlie:

Well, things are slowly getting back to an even keel around here. Oh, not the mess -- that'll show signs for years to come. They're getting a handle on the rubble, yes, and there are lots of bare foundations just waiting for new houses, but there's still a mess we won't soon forget.

It's stuff you don't think about if you're not in it, ya know? Like a friend of mine had to tell her kids not to run around the yard barefoot, even though they'd cleaned up the visible mess. Why? Broken glass. It's EVERYWHERE. And roofing nails. And little twists of metal and shards of broken wood. Oh, and the gazillion shiny pieces of broken mirror that the kids think is awesome to find and bring back to Mom. Which, in turn, gives her nightmares.

I mean, a hospital was blown away. Let's hope her kids don't bring her a handful of sharps. They don't have to be used/diseased to be dangerous.

But things really are moving forward. Many local businesses are already putting their rebuilds in train or moving to new buildings. My own office is one of the moving ones. We'll hopefully be all snug in our new digs in another couple of weeks. New furniture and everything!

And I have internet again. Yay! Wacky, time-wasting good fun has returned. Look, something shiny! Look, something shiny! Hey, look over there - something shiny!

And four hours just magically disappear...heheh....

Good times, man. Good times.

Yes, I'm tired. Why do you ask? Heh.

Anyway. Ahem. Getting the new apartment in shape. Still have a few things in Pesh's garage (sorry! I promise they won't be there forever!), but not sure where exactly to put them here. I have too many books and not enough shelves. Total embarrassment of riches. I love it.

But it does make storing them in a studio apartment a bit fiddly. Oi. At least the movies and CDs are properly stowed. And alphabetized. Yes, I am a total nerd. Yes, I'm totally proud of it.

Oh, and my comic books are properly ordered and ranked, too.



Saturday, June 04, 2011

Quickie Update:

Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother, you're stayin alive... stayin alive....

And that's all I have to say about that. Heheh.

Okay, not so much. Just popping by to say I'm still well. Still settling into the apartment (not home enough to unpack quickly or efficiently), but thanks to help from Mom, I got a rolly chair and a table/desk. Awesome!

Gotta run -- poached internet is unreliable at best. Here's hoping for cable internet sometime soon, eh?