Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear Charlie:

Expounding on my thoughts on The Last Airbender, I can't help but think that it might be worth a reboot.

You know how Hollywood is these days. They put out a Superman movie, it bombs even when it makes a ton, and they remake it with a different cast and director and writers and make another ton. Ditto Hulk. Ditto everything.

So... why not TLA? Why not see what an action director can do with it?

Can't you just see the fight choreography of, say, Woo-Ping or John Woo or Tom Dey or Corey Yuen combined with the CGI awesomeness of Industrial Light & Magic and the writing genius of, heck, any of a dozen action-savvy screenwriters? People who know how to tell a story with or without effects and without just making shit up because they can't figure out how to get from one place to another quickly?

I think that's my problem. No offense to M. Night, but he's more a character drama kind of guy. That's great if you have six hours of film to spend, but not if you have to tell the same story in a buck thirty. Plus, he's just not as up on hitting the action beats. When Aang sticks a move, THAT'S when the CGI air strike should happen. Not a split second before or after.

I mean, that's just common sense.

I know, I know. Part of that is cast inexperience. These kids were, for the most part, complete unknowns. It takes more than a few weeks in the harnesses to make that movement look natural. I get that.

But seriously.

Get an action crew on this beast, and we'd have ourselves an anime movie.

Oh, and remake that godawful DragonBall: Evolution while you're at it. Good God. It's the badness standard by which I now judge all badness.

Oh! And forget all the 3D, for cryin out loud!


At 11:32 AM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Oh, and one more thought, though I took the flick back to Family Video like three days ago:

What's with the fire benders not being able to make their own fire? At first, I thought they were just slumming it and being lazy by directing instead of summoning, but then the soldiers make a point of saying "Iroh's making his own fire!" and running away in terror.

WTF, mate? There was nothing about that in the series. It was obvious from the start that the Fire Nation soldiers could summon fire simply by directing their will.

In fact, it's part of what makes them so dangerous: where the earth and water benders have to have earth or water to bend, the fire benders can just punch a flame upside your head.

No Zippo required. Geez.

And, for old time's sake, word verification: ratisms. Couldn't make it up if I tried.


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