Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Charlie:

I do weird things when I can't sleep. Heheh.

So I just saved myself money on multiple levels by... ahem... giving myself a haircut. It's been on my mind a while, but I usually only trust one person to cut my hair, and that person is Uwanna. She lives and does business in my home town, and she's the only stylist that hasn't maimed me in some way or another.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not a vain person. So long as my hair stays out of my face, I'm usually content. However, I don't want to be butched. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: with long hair, at least you can pull it back. With short hair, you're pretty much stuck with it in your face.

But Uwanna has found a happy medium for me several times. For a while there, I'd grow it out to over halfway down my back, then chop it off about shoulder-length (or maybe chin-length, if she could talk me into it). It's kind of a renewal thing. I don't like cutting my hair more than once a year (less if I can help it), but after two years or so, even though split ends are rare, the whole mess just needs to be cut down to size so it can grow out all healthy again.

I hadn't done that for quite some time.

So, it's been on my mind lately. For lots of reasons, most of which have to do with using less shampoo/conditioner and not having to color like a foot and a half of hair. Ugh.

So, tonight, as I was tossing and turning and trying to will myself to sleep, I got tired of shoving my hair out of the way with each turn and decided I needed to run down to Uwanna's and get it cut. Maybe not so much as usual, but at least six inches or so. But it does look cute short (though I hatehateHATE looking cute) and Mom always loves it shorter.....

Toss. Turn. Throw hair out of the way. Toss. Turn. Nearly strangle myself.

That's it.

So I lay there on my back, thinking of how many times Uwanna's cut my hair in a basic bob with a little flare so I can flip it if I straighten, and I'm pretty sure I remember all the steps. Maybe I'll just cut it myself. Save the trip (and the gas money, and the cost of the cut itself, and the tip I always give her).

Then again, I could stop by and see Sean and Kristi and the kids... and maybe stop by to give Aunt Jan a hug and see how the family's doing after RoyAnna's funeral... and get my new key made for Big Bad George....

But I can't do that until Tuesday. And I really can't afford anything extra right now. Anything at all.

I bet I can remember all the steps. And I wouldn't really mind cutting it shorter. Just at, say, shoulder-length. If I want, I can trim it a little higher then, right?



Yeah. I got up and cut it. And, wonder of all wonders, it actually looks pretty good. I don't have any product in it, and it's a little shaggy in the back, but I kinda like it that way. I have a cowlick back there and was afraid to cut it too straight, anyway, and it gives it a bit of interest.

Just above shoulder-length, but not chin-length. Long enough to have a ponytail (or pigtails, if I want a laugh). But oh, so much shorter.

Just over a foot, to be vaguely exact. Oi.

But it's so much lighter, and it'll be so much easier to deal with, and oh, will I save on shampoo and conditioner! Plus, no gas money for the trip (I use at least half a tank to get there and back, not counting any running around I do while down there), and no stylist cost/tip. And the next time I color (which should be like, um, yesterday), it won't be such an ordeal to get color all the way to the ends without slopping it everywhere. My arms never seem long enough.

And, best of all, my hair grows pretty fast, so it'll grow out again in no time.

The cycle has begun.


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Betty Anne said...

Awesome, high-five! I almost did that myself when I wanted my hair cut this last time, but I chickened out at the last minute and had a stylist do it...mostly because I am trying to grow mine out, and I didn't want it to be even more short if I messed it up. ^^;

At 9:41 AM, Blogger GutterBall said...


It wasn't so much courage as frustration. I knew I'd talk myself out of getting it cut if I had to wait until next week to head that way, and I really was irritated with the length and the scruffiness of it. Hadn't had a real cut (self-trims, but no style) in like three years. It needed a good culling.

And, as I always tell myself, it'll always grow back. Plus, I wasn't going hella short -- just less than shoulder-length. Heh.

No. I will never admit either how nervous I was as I poised the scissors for that first cut or how goofy the grin on my face was after said first cut.


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