Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Update:

Well, ain't I just a bloggin fool this week?

Just thought I'd make available the newest My Gigolo review. Missy at Fallen Angel Reviews gave me five angels! Sweet!

Thanks so much for reading and enjoying, guys. I can't tell you how many warm fuzzies you've given me!

And remember: the book comes out in print in March. Just in time for that incredibly late Christmas present! *snerk*

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awesome-sauce Update:

Lookit my boys!

See what happens when Matt Cassel is at the wheel? Things happen. Oh, he threw an interception early on, but I think he was shaking off a big hit at the time and wasn't sure if it hurt in a bad way or not. Otherwise? That man was spot on.

No shut out with him at QB.

So, to alla yous guys who pule that Brody Croyle was never really given his shot and would develop into a better QB if given a chance and blah-de-blah, I hate to tell you, but Croyle got his chance like three years ago and... he got hurt. He's fragile. He likes to think he's not, but he is. He breaks easily.

And honestly? Cassel's got just as dynomite an arm, as he's proven time and again.

Give the guy a break, here.

I mean, seriously. He's been fighting tooth and nail to get back into the game (even just a few days after an appendectomy). He is the leader of this team. He gets 'em goin. He just went out there and, 11 short days after being cut open, shrugged off hurries, knock-downs, and outright sacks and shoved it all down St. Louis' throat.

This guy is mustard. Give him the credit he not only deserves but has earned over and over. His team gives it.

Time for the grumbly, mumbly fans to hand over the love.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Charlie:

You know it's bad when I don't even have a chance to update my Chiefs scoreboard for two weeks. Yikes!

And boy, did my poor boys get spanked on Sunday. They haven't been shut out all year until now. Ugh. Maybe this'll finally shut up all those "Matt Cassel sucks, put in Brody Croyle" doofuses out there. Matt Cassel is a fine quarterback, and he grows with each performance. Brody Croyle had his chance and got injured nearly every time he took the field. Let him go.

Still looking for a job, though I haven't filled out any applications since I moved. Nothing terribly exciting has come up, unfortunately. However, I keep hoping something will come my way that doesn't make me want to crawl in a hole and die rather than do on a daily basis. Oi. That's not so much to ask, is it?

Not much on the writing front, either. Still coping with people always being around and my computer being in the dining room instead of my room. It's hard enough to focus when I'm alone (unless I'm in The Zone), and impossible to focus with so much going on. I'm working on it, but it's not coming easy.

Supposedly, nothing worth having is, but I have my doubts. Easy button, anybody?

Anyway, gotta go to work. Have fun, all.