Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Okay, yeah, I'm a bad blogger. This time, I totally have an excuse. My computer was packed for a week while I moved and then made space for it.

So there.

Yes, I moved. No, I didn't get the house sold. No, I don't want to talk about it.

Movin on!

Going from living blissfully alone to living with roommates will be tricky for me, but I suppose I'll manage. Not much else to do at the moment, so I'm determined to make the best of it. Now, if I can just get my clothes unpacked so I can get my movies and books (some of them, anyway) unpacked...

*snerk* See what I did there? Yeah.

Anyway, my Chiefs won, which is good. They needed it after two straight losses to division rivals. I'm not sure which loss was harder -- the gut-wrenching one-score loss in overtime to the Raiders (ugh!) or the disheartening blowout shin-kicking fiesta 49 points given up to the Broncos. Either way, I hope that's our low for the season and we only go up from here. The next time we meet those clowns, it'll be on our own turf, and we've proven that Arrowhead is once again our sovereign dome of victory.

Thank you, Arrowhead Faithful.

Oh, and can someone tell me why, just when I get interested enough with a TV show to actually watch it on TV, there's always some kind of season break or a change in time or a change in night? Why, God, why??

That's right, Castle. I'm talkin to you. Get me all addicted to the point I make up almost three seasons' worth of episodes in a week, and then two weeks later, yank the rug out from under me. Totally not cool.

...Although I thought "abducted by aliens" was a perfectly logical and realistic theory for how that entire case went down. I'm just sayin.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


No comment on today's Chiefs game. I wasn't able to get enough reception to actually watch it, so I had to just watch the numbers' miserable climb on my pool's homepage.

Le sigh.

Moving has kicked in. I'm no longer just packing (though I'm still doing that, of course), which means there's no longer any stopping it. I know how I feel about it, but I'm trying not to dwell. Hard not to while trying to decide what goes with, what gets sold, and what gets trashed, but hey.

Otherwise, got a killer idea for a book series (don't worry; this is future work talking; I still want to get my steampunk out before, ya know, the end of time) and am jotting down ideas and notes and things I want characters to say. These books will require more plotting and organization than I usually do, so I'm tempted to start up a notebook for it when I get settled at Pesh's house.

And Edgee got me addicted to Castle, the bastard. I knew I'd love it, so I never watched it once. Since last week, I've caught up on all three seasons and have started watching the actual show on Monday nights. On TV. Commercials and all.


And in other news, I'm participating in DickensFest, a local Christmas extravaganza put together by Dream Theater, the same peeps who do the Raycliff haunted attractions. Sweet! It's gonna be epic, I tell ya. We hope it turns into an annual thing, because it's gonna rock.

Yes. I realize it's ironic for me to be in a Christmas production when I don't like Christmas. At least this one's about a haunting, so it's more my stride. Heheh.

OH! And I wrote some more Undead Christmas lyrics. They're up at my site here. Yup. Carol of the Bells. I think I'll have to attack Twelve Days of Christmas next. Mwahah.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Despite the fact that my Chiefs are 5-2 and just toughed out a messy win over the Bills yesterday, I'm feeling a little sad today. Driving down Rangeline this afternoon, I saw the empty, abandoned building where Blockbuster used to do business. They've already taken down the signs and everything.

Why does that make me sad? Well, I'll try to explain.

See, I'm a tactile kind of girl. Call me old-fashioned, but I want to hold something in my hand. I can't wait until March, when my book comes out in print. It's awesome to be published, and e-books sell like candy in these advanced days of Nooks and Kindles and cell phones that work like Nooks and Kindles, but....

I want to hold my book in my hand. I wanna flip through the pages. I wanna smell the paper and glue, see it on the shelf at Books-a-Million and Hastings, smile secretly when I see someone reading it without telling them I wrote it, blush and feel all embarrassed when Pesh tells someone I wrote it and demands that I sign it for them. Because she'll do that.

Hard to do any of that when it only exists in cyberspace.

In a big way, I see the closing of a brick-n-mortar rental store like Blockbuster as yet another stake in the heart of all brick-n-mortar stores. We're so dependent on the internet that we don't even have to actually insert a DVD to watch a movie nowadays. With Netflix and all those other on-line rental stores, you can download directly to your Xbox or PS3 or whatever.

I can't tell you how many pleasurable hours I can spend at a rental store (or book store, for that matter) just perusing cover art, reading the back to see if I'm interested or if there are enough extras to make it worth the rental (or purchase), remembering watching this flick with these friends or that flick with those friends. VHS is already gone. Pretty soon, you won't be able to rent DVDs at all. You'll still be able to rent movies, but somehow, to a tactile person like me, it's just not the same.

If nothing else, it's hard to chitchat with the counter person about the merits of the Goonies over the Monster Squad when there's no counter person. I like dealing with a person. Sure, I can look extras and prices and whatnot up on-line, but it's so much more pleasant to get that information from a friendly person at the store (and the Blockbuster folks I dealt with were always very friendly, which is admittedly something of a wonder these days), someone who obviously also loves movies and will probably tell me more than even the best back-flap information could ever do.

But again, blog or no blog, Twitter and Facebook account or no, I'm a bit old-fashioned. Tactile. I like to have a tangible product in my hand when I leave a store, rather than just an electrical impulse to my device of choice. What can I say? I'm a child of the '80s. I only missed 8-tracks by a couple of years and still have a few worn-out old cassette tapes.

And I still have a VHS/DVD collection. Movies I can hold in my hand and feel like I actually have something, that I spent my hard-earned (very hard-earned, lately) money on something of tangible value. I don't have to worry about losing all my flicks if, say, my Xbox blows up (not that I have an Xbox or a PS3; I'm just sayin').

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Blockbuster, you will be missed. You won't be there for me this Christmas when I want to rent a zombie flick to make it through the holidays, but it's not your fault. And I'll think of you every time I drive by the sad, abandoned building that's been yours since long before I stumbled into Joplin fifteen years ago.