Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Dearest Charles:

Yes, my dear, I realize I tend to save that opening for my very favorite, most important moments. But I kinda feel this is one of them.

See, my boys just won another one. They're 3-0 now. And, as if that wasn't enough, they kicked the ever-lovin snot out of the other team. No offense to the Niners, who were picked by many as the team to watch this year, but yeah. We totally kicked the crap out of 'em. The final score is (or will be, if they get an extra point) 31-10, but the game wasn't even nearly that close.

We slashed one of the best defenses against the run for over 200 rushing yards. Our air game was equally (perhaps moreso) effective. In all, we got like 500 yards on them [edited to add: okay, 457, but seriously]. Killed 'em in, like, every category measured - first downs, time of possession, penalties (one more penalty but 15 fewer yards), offensive yards, sacks, tackles, rushing, passing, and, of course, TDs.

Well, I guess they did get one interception off a tipped ball. Guess it wasn't a total loss, then. Oh, and Succop, who is otherwise as reliable as a German engine or a Swiss watch, barely BARELY missed a field goal early in. And I mean seriously barely.

Otherwise, it was all Chiefs, all day.

Why, you ask, does this warrant a My Dearest Charles post? Simple: it's exactly what my boys needed.

See, they were 2-0, but everyone (including the boys themselves) admits those wins were ugly. As lucky as skill-won. This team had only won 10 games in three years before this season, and 2-0 or not, their confidence was a fragile, new thing, as tender as a spring bud just waiting to be eaten by a harsh, late frost.

But this? This is a stunning, heady victory. Yes, San Fran is now 0-3, so it's not like they beat the Saints or something, but still. Beat the crap out of them. It wasn't even close. We got ahead and stayed ahead.

And we got there with some razzle dazzle, which always gets everyone excited. A flea flicker and a magic catch by rookie tight end Tony Moeaki (I always feel better when we have a Tony or two on the team, especially at TE), and we were just gone. Rolling nothin but sevens.

It was a beautiful thing, and it was exactly what this shaky new team needed. Confidence. The knowledge that they could not only finish a game, but finish resoundingly. The freedom of knowing we can operate on all fronts - offense, defense, and special teams.

We get to head into the bye week with a big ol' grin and come back against the Colts - an intimidating prospect any time Peyton Manning is at the helm - with the confidence that we're playing as a whole team and we have just as good a chance as anyone else against one of the long-standing great teams in the game.

I can't tell you how much my boys needed that.

So, good on ya, guys, and I look forward to seeing you put a hurt on the Colts. I wanna see 4-0, because then, I just might see 15-1. And wouldn't that be a thing of beauty?

Oh, yeah.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Interesting times, these.

First and foremost and probably most important... my beloved Chiefs are 2-0. Yes, I said 2-0. They're leading the AFC West.

Good times. I'm seriously.

Um... yeah, there's other stuff, but I'm gonna have to pause and try to remember. 'Cause I'm kinda blinded by the light right now.



Yeah. I got nothin. I'll have to get back wi'cha on it.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so I'm over at Dave's, and he's playing a game that honestly has me, Dave, and Edgee totally on edge. It's downright disturbing. Apparently, it's called FEAR2, and it obviously lives up to its name.

People just showin up outta nowhere, no idea what's happenin, things phasin in and out... yeah.

This game is awesome.

But anyway, wanted to kick in that, in addition to the long-awaited The Expendables, I've recently been able to watch The Losers. Wasn't expecting much (never read the comic), so I was quadripully pleased by the end product. This movie is just fun.

Jenson may well be the funnest character and Clay may well be the leader, but those clown shoes woulda been dead twenty times over if not for Cougar. Seriously. Hands-down the coolest, most kick-ass member of that little team.

But Jenson is seriously a close second. He's one of those characters you watch a movie for. Sure, it may have been Cougar firing the bullets from like six light years away, but it was Jenson that had those security guards believing the bullets came from his mind.


Anyway, enough slobbering over the flick. I can't get "Don't Stop Believin" off my head to save my life (never pictured that one as an action movie chase song, but I'll never see it any other way again), and I think that says everything I need to say about it. Sweeeeeet.

Okay, and back to the increasingly eerie-ass game that has all three of us goosebumpy and jumping at shadows and actually pausing so Dave can go out for a smoke. Yes, he quit. Yes, he started back up. Oi.

But I ain't complainin. In another few scenes, I may have to borrow one myself!