Saturday, July 24, 2010

Serious Update:

Well, it's been an eventful week for my family. Both my Uncle Jack (Dad's brother) and my second mom, Ruth (Kristi's Mom - you remember Kristi, the one with two sets of twins?), had heart attacks this last week.

Thankfully, they're both doing as well as they can be. Uncle Jack is supposed to be going home tomorrow after a (double?) bypass, and Ruth just had a triple bypass and is recovering nicely. She should be out of ICU tomorrow, then maybe home in five days or so. Neither had serious damage to their hearts, so both have excellent prognoses, but pretty please pray for them and send healing vibes their way?

Thanks, guys. You're awesome.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Charlie:

So we've decided to do Oklahoma! a little differently than it's been tried before. As a group, we decided to... spice it up a bit. Do something more now, more au courant.

That's right, folks.

Undead Oklahoma!

Okay, not really. But we did talk about it. Got the music director laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. Mostly it was the monotone moaning in something approximating harmony that did her in. Good times.

We also managed conversations about invisible appendages from unmentionable nether portions in the back, hip gyrations, and a rather burlesque entrance from the screen door by the otherwise chaste and virginal Laurey. Heh. Oh! And Curly pole-danced!

Ahem. I didn't look. Okay, I did, but I was laughing really hard, so it was totally okay.

Anyway, despite all the general merriment, we did actually manage to set the blocking for the first four scenes, so that has to count for something. You have no idea how hard it is to drop a turn-of-the-century Oklahoma accent once you step off the stage, having just spent almost three hours using the hell out of it.


Now, if I could just work out that "day job" part of this equation so I could go to every single rehearsal. And show up on time for the ones I can get to. And not have to take off most of the week during the actual production, just to make sure I make the performances and the pick-up rehearsals in between.

Workin on it. I swear!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so I said I'd get back sooner than this. I've been busy! I swear!

First things first: awesome reviewage!

Monica over at IReadRomance gave me a lovely 3.5 out of 4. Thank you, Monica!

"The full title of this novel is My Gigolo: The Care and Feeding of a Male Prostitute and, from the title alone, I figured this was going to be a good read. I laughed. I cried. All the hallmarks of a good book, in my opinion. The premise reminds me of Pretty Woman, except this time it’s the male hooker with a heart of gold."

And Kathy over at Blackraven Reviews gave me 5 out of 5 ravens. Whee! Thanks, guys!

"My Gigolo by Molly Burkhart is a delightfully engaging, laugh out loud read. I had a hard time putting this book down. I couldn’t wait to find out how Gabe and Jack’s story would end."

And as for the play, I got the part of Aunt Eller! So, come the middle of August, I'll be donning some petticoats (or at least a skirt) and sharpening up my best cantankerous tone to do the curmudgeon with a heart of gold a good turn.

I'm already enjoying the rehearsals. Pesh is my niece, Laurey (yes, the lead! yay, Pesh!), so that's already fun, but learning the harmonies for the songs is my favorite part. It reminds me of taking choir back in high school. Every year, I took choir, and I always had such fun with the harmony. Good times.

So yeah, I'm thrilled to be part of such a well-known and fun production, and I hope everyone comes out to see us have a good ol-fashioned ball. Yay!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Holy crap! It's July!

A few random drive-by thoughts, without any bothersome attempt at logical order:

1. My beloved sister got me addicted to "hidden object" games when I was at her place last time. I love these things. Could play for hours. Not good when I have writing to do, work, and now a probable significant role in a local theater production to squeeze in. Not to mention a quilting project that does sort of have a time limit.

2. One of the games I'm so addicted to is PuppetShow: Souls of the Innocent". It's a beautifully twisted game where demonic and disturbingly humanoid puppets run around stealing souls at the behest of their wicked and selfish puppeteer, blah blah. The point is that at the beginning of the game, you get a crowbar. Man, I used the hell out of that crowbar.

3. I mentioned a significant role above, right? No details today, but I've been invited to the first read-thru on Tuesday, so I'll be thrilled to affirm my information then. Even if I don't get the suggested role, I'll still be happy. Hey, never expected to do more than set painting, so woot!

4. And just how does a night job go with two months of rehearsals, you ask? Good question. In other news, I had a great interview Thursday morning. I hope hope HOPE I get that job. It's a day job, office-y but completely different from the last one. Risk management. It's part time to start, but some benefits still apply, and I still get holidays and whatnot. Plus, they want it to be full time eventually, and I'm all for that. It sort of combines the stuff I liked about being a paralegal (without having to work for lawyers) and the stuff I liked about being a medical records clerk (without having to be a medical records clerk). What could go wrong? Heh. Heh. Ugh.

5. Oh, yeah! At the beginning of the PuppetShow game, you are menaced by a demented puppet. Unsure what to do and with Joely looking on, laughing, I... thought like myself. I hit it with the crowbar. Whaddya know, but it worked. Funny part of that story? At the end of the game (no spoilers, I hope!), you are menaced by another demon puppet. So... whaddya gonna do?

All together now, boys and girls.

Think like Geeb!

That's right. A-plus to you all. Whenever you find yourself in a twisted hidden object game being menaced by freakish nasties, always think like Geeb. Hit it with a crowbar.

Let's see. I think that might be all my news for now. I do have some reviews to link, but I gotta leave for work in about two minutes, so I'll link 'em up when I get home. For now, I think the above randomness oughtta do.

OH! One more!

6. Trade your samurai for a ninja. I'm seriously. My samurai wasn't working out for me, so I gave into the flood of ninjas and caught one, and... yeah. MUCH better luck. And so much more fun, once you teach them not to steal all your left shoes and turn all street signs upside down.

Or at least the street signs that pertain to you. Ahem.

Work! Gotta run!