Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bizarro Update:

Okay, so I think I'm losing my edge.

I don't have a heart. I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me will acknowledge that. And I don't do romance... despite the fact that I have a romantic comedy novel coming out in May of this year.


I just caught myself watching not one but TWO romantic comedies. In a row. Ridiculous!

The first was Simply Irresistible, which I only enjoy because it's quirky good fun. Amanda Peet cracks me up as the uppity and hyper ex-girlfriend, and Larry Gilliard, Jr., slays as the guy friend, the friend that's a guy. What the hell is he doing with those dolls, anyway??


So that, I can explain away. It's funny, and it's about a cook and good food and a little bit of magic.

But the second plunge into sap is not so easily assuaged away from my conscience.

You've Got Mail.

Yeah. That one. I can't help it. I like Meg Ryan. Like Sandra Bullock, she has a charm all her own. Quirky and fun.

All was going well enough -- it's a predictable enough scenario, though enjoyable for the fun chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan that made Sleepless in Seattle such a success -- until it happened.

Until she closed her store.

I don't know why, but that wrenches my gut. No, I didn't cry -- Klingons don't have tear ducts, remember -- but it did just about break my heart when her loyal customers mourned even as they bought out her stock. When the camera pans around those empty shelves, the shop so devoid of the homey charm she and her mother had invested in it over the course of 42 years. When she says that it feels like a part of her has died, like her mother has died all over again.

When she looks back one last time when the lights are out and sees her mother swinging her child self around, both of them laughing and full of joy.

Maybe it's just because I'd give a lot to have a book shop full of well-loved novels and its own quirky charm. Maybe it's because I have a current story about someone who loses their beloved book shop and all the past invested in it.

Or maybe it's because Meg Ryan is a really good crier. I mean, seriously. She can turn on those tears, and even an old stone-heart like me can't help but feel the ol' ticker clench. She's been killing me since Goose died in Top Gun.

Hell, for all I know, it could be that I'm still a little raw from reading my beloved sister's latest gut-wrencher of a novel. Seriously. That woman can turn me inside out with her words, and it's not just because she's my sister.

At any rate, though the rest of the movie is good enough, that's the part that haunts me the most. Fate doesn't step in at the last moment to give her back her business. Part of the movie is about leaving behind who you were and having the courage to face who you will be, so she has to be shut of that loving past in order to embrace the frightening and unknown path unwinding before her.

Doesn't matter to me. I want to give her that shop back. Help her place every last book back on the shelf. I'd even be tempted to help her decorate that Christmas tree with all its handmade ornaments.

Okay, that's a bit much. I don't do Christmas.

Anyway, I know it's just because I'm biased because I'd love a shop of my own some day, but hey. Whatever it is, it definitely means I'm not the hardass I'm used to being.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dear Charlie:

So, after not going to bed until 4AM and not getting to sleep until God knows when and further waking up before 11AM this morning, I texted Pesh, "Why am I awake??"

I now know why.

After dragging into clothes and taking a spin around the 'net, I decided to head for Grand Fortuna -- my favorite Chinese buffet -- for some lunch. I haven't eaten much in the last two days (long story), so I thought I might actually be able to pack away a whole plate. Not so much, but it was good to get out, and I like the restaurant as much for the servers who know me as for the food.

So, I'm nibbling at the too-many remains of my plate and reading a little Stephen King -- I'm actually working on the final edit for the e-book coming out in May at home, but hey -- and I hear a quiet, inquisitive "Molly?"

I look up and there's Scott. Some of you won't remember my awesome musician friend because it's been a long time since I saw him last. Remember when Dave broke my coffee table? Yeah, it's been almost that long since I saw Scott.

At any rate, he and his wife were there, and I was SO thrilled to see them. We had a good catch-up and exchanged current numbers, which is how we'd fallen out of touch in the first place after Scott started playing the casinos over the state line and didn't have as many local gigs. I don't hit the casinos as often as I like (more like once in the last five years), so I just lost touch.

But it doesn't matter now. It's awesome to be back in touch with such good friends. Scott's been there for me in some hard times, and I like to think I was at least amusing company during some of his.

I'm pretty sure that's why I was up so early. I am no longer complaining.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Har-de-har-har Sidebar:

Okay, so I'm an idiot.

This knowledge always surprises me because I usually think I'm pretty smart. Then, I go and prove that I'm not so much.

So, for my new job, I usually close Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and leave after the late rush on Wednesdays and Thursdays. That late rush can be anywhere between 8:30 and 11:30, depending on how busy we are. I haven't left before 10:00 since my first week, though, so I figured later would be more likely tonight.

Thus, when the boss said to leave just before 9:00, I was all, "Sweet! I can go home and do my read-thru and get the revisions back to my editor way early!"

Needless to say, this is what I was thinking as I turned on my car to thaw it out a little while I scraped. I honestly can't tell you how the door magically locked. Usually, if you accidentally hit the button on the key fob, the car honks. There was no honk. And I didn't accidentally lean on the locky thing in the door, either. I have NO CLUE how it locked.

But it sure did. With the car running and the keys inside.

Gleefully oblivious to this, I scrape off the sleet with happy swipes of the trusty ol' ice scraper and then go to climb inside...and realize there's a problem. The door won't open. Totally locked. ALL the doors are locked.

And the car's running.

Okay, so I go over my options. I do have a spare fob at home. Maybe I can catch a ride with someone or even just call a cab. No problem.

So I go back inside, and the boss hands me his truck keys, no questions. Bless his heart. He doesn't know that I practically get hives at the idea of driving someone else's vehicle. Reluctantly, I take his keys, only to freeze in both relief and new horror house key is on the keychain that's locked inside the car.

Before you ask, yes, I have a spare. But it's locked in the lockbox for the realtor to use when showing the house.

Okay, so no problem. I'll just call my realtor and ask for the keypad's code. Except I can't get ahold of her. I leave a message, then try to call a few others, hoping for options. Dad suggests I call a locksmith, but I really REALLY don't want to do that.

Lemme tell you a little side story. Way back when, my keys accidentally got locked in my car at my mom's house. I probably even blogged about it. A locksmith came out to unlock the door, right? Put the little air bladder thing in the crack, pumped it up to create a space, then used a long pointer thingy to push the unlock button. And in the process, bent my door so that it no longer fit easily into the frame and sometimes wouldn't close enough to latch, especially when it was cold.

Fastforward back to tonight, and I'm standing there refusing to call a locksmith and do such a horrible thing to my beautiful new car. It may have magically (and perhaps maliciously) locked itself, but that's hardly a door-bending offense, right?

So I figure I'll give the realtor another try. She picks up this time, and she's already on the way over to my house. I told her that surely wasn't necessary, that I could get to the house if she'd just give me the code, but she said it was no problem and that she'd be happy to bring me my spare key fob.

Of course, a little thinking tells me that she can't give me the code because all her houses probably have the same code, which poses a serious security risk, but seriously. Still a nice thing to do. I dunno where she lives, but she drove almost all the way out of town on the northeast side, then drove my fob all the way west of town in the middle, then back home again.

Bless her heart.

At any rate, in all, I think the car was merrily idling for a good twenty minutes. Maybe half an hour, max. Not bad, all told. And I still got home before 10:00, which is earlier than usual.

Of course, now I'm thinking of making soup instead of doing my read-thru, but hey. I'll talk myself into being a good girl in a little bit. Honestly.


Though soup does sound really, really good. Mmmm....

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Dear Charlie:

Well, it's the New Year. Twenty-ten.

My boys just finished out their season by kicking the crap out of Denver. Always a pleasure to see. They also finished better than last season at 4-12. Abysmal, yes, but not really. Not when you look closer.

We played a lot of close games. We stayed in almost all of them. Six of our losses were by one score or less and could've gone either way. The team underwent an almost complete overhaul, but still pulled together enough to hang tough.

I think things will be amazingly improved next year. I know I say that every year, but there's actually opportunity here. And, as I'm sure my beloved Chiefs are thinking, they've already won one game this year. Heh.

Also to look forward to in 2010 is my book coming out in May. I'm working on revisions now and will hopefully have a cover soon. Woot!

Otherwise, pretty much business as usual. My new hours with the new job are tripping me out a bit, but nothing I can't get used to. I know a few folks are feeling a little ignored, and I'm sorry for it, but since I work evenings/nights now, it's hard to get together with people with opposite schedules. I'm working on it!

At any rate, just wanted to squee a bit about my boys' big season-ending victory. We always love beating division rivals. Wheee!