Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Heh, now that it's almost over, I feel that I can safely say...


See? Not a single zombie in sight. Until just now.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Funny Update:

So, my first "real" book signing.

Okay, so the first first one was in my driveway, but hey. Me and my beloved sister drove to our hometown to do a book signing at our old library.

God, I loved that place as a kid. I could spend hours in there. Pull this book from the shelf, read it, put it back. Pull another, read it, put it back. "Mols, it's time go to." "Okay, Mom...." and borrow another five to tide me over until the next visit.

And the librarian was always Luella. Such a sweet woman. She ran the library for 24 years, but has since retired...but she made time to come by today to wish me and Joely well and to tell us how proud she was of us. Lovely woman.

It wasn't a huge turnout, but we had more visitors than we expected and sold some books and reconnected with some old friends and family, and really, what more can you ask?

Did you say...El Sambre's? Why, yes, we did go to El Sambre's.

Our family has been eating at this restaurant a half hour away for... get this... thirty years. Not kidding. This is the place where, when I was 3 or 4, I started to choke on a tortilla chip and the owner himself ran out of the kitchen to give me the Heimlich maneuver. Saved my life. And 20 years later, he remembered me, mostly because we'd been coming in the whole while.

And seriously. Thirty years. That's what you call either seriously loyal patronage or a seriously good restaurant.

Just ate my leftovers. Heh.

Anyway, also got to see Kristi and her litter (as my cousin put it, thanks to her tendency to have two kids at a time). Ava and Cannon are precocious and adorable as always, and Willow and Scarlett... my God, have they grown! They're like little kids, now.

Okay, they're not even a year old yet, but you know what I mean. And they really, really liked my big cross necklace. Nearly choked me with it like four times.

Good times.

Anyway, it was fun to sign as G.B. Kensington, fun to talk with my sister (as always), and fun to reminisce with old acquaintances (have you gotten all that mud out of your ear yet, Sis?) and just a fun day in general.

And I have no cookies left, though I made chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and bonbons, to boot. Goodies went bye-bye. They're gone now.

So long, sailin', sailin'....

Sorry. Listened to "Somewhere Beyond the Sea" on the way home. Heh.

And now, Sweet Dreams tea and a couple of ibuprofen (headache from my hair being up all day) and it is sooooo bedtime. *jaw-cracks a yawn*

Edited to add:

Jeez, I went and forgot the two most fun things of all yesterday! Man, was I tired, or what?

'S what I get for getting up before dawn. Ugh.

Anyway, just before we hit the restaurant, Joely snuck me inside a shoe store -- where I would usually rather remove my eyes with mittens than go -- and informed me that she and Mom had talked and decided to team up to buy me a good pair of shoes for standing on concrete and tile all day. *puddles up* Isn't that sweet? It's Christmas and my birthday all wrapped up in one....

...Or in two, as Crocs were the only things that really felt up to the task and they were on sale, so we got two pairs for probably less than the price of one. Woot! I got work shoes!

And the other thing was at Kristi's house. Her kids are starting to really enjoy video games. Or they really enjoy playing the easier levels, then handing the controllers over to Mom and Dad to get them over the harder ones. Heh.

At any rate, it ended up that Kristi and I played Super Mario Brothers 3 on an old (but excellently maintained) Nintendo 64 five hours. No, I'm not kidding.

It's really, really spooky how quickly it all came back to me. My brother and I beat that game like six times in a row sometimes, and while I initially had NO idea what I was doing, as soon as we got back into it, all the little irritations and joys came back.

Good times. And bless Kristi's mother heart that she'll play for her kids. Heh.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Eee! More Undead Christmas goodness! This time, I'm crapping on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Heck, gimme a bit and I'll crap on the actual theme song.

For now, I'll stick to "Silver and Gold". Ha!

Zombies and ghouls
Zombies and ghouls
Everyone's hunting for zombies and ghouls
How do you know when it's dead?
Just to be safe, you should blow off its head

Zombies and ghouls
Zombies and ghouls
Run when they're coming your way
Load up on shotguns and torches
And shoot every corpse you see


Edited to add:

As I mentioned on Twitter, my mind was full of Rudolph rewrites at work last night, so you guys get stuck with the result. Ha!

Rudolph the Zombie Reindeer
Had a very rotten nose
I often like to shoot it
Just to see how far it blows

All of the local children
Used to poke at him with flames
But then the undead Rudolph
Munched upon their puny brains

Then one stinky summer's eve
Hunters came to play
Rudolph with his corpse so rank
Got run over by a tank

Now the few local children
Know that zombies aren't for fun
They learned a valuable lesson
Never be withooouuuut aaaaaa guuuuuuuun!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Remembering Derrick Thomas, truly one of the greats of the game: at the time of his death and now.

#58, we hardly knew you, but we loved you anyway. Rest well, and know that you'll always be remembered.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Finally got my hands on the new Star Trek. I've already gushed about it here, but I can't help but mention its rewatchability.

Yes, you read right. Budweiser has drinkability. Star Trek has rewatchability.

It just has so much energy. There's always something happening. Even the few slow-down moments are either character-driven or plot-driven. Nothing is superfluous, even the fan-service in-jokes.

J.J. Abrams, you are my hero. For now. Heh.

I'm seriously. When the Enterprise pops out of warp with guns blazing against Nero's ship...just chills, man. Even in the theater, I couldn't help a Woo-hoo! at the sight. At home, I'm much less restrained.

These characters...I just love them. The new treatment doesn't hurt them at all. I can't wait to see more from them. Amazing.

Okay. Done gushing.

For now. Muwahah.