Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Charlie:

Got a job! Woot!


I start Monday and will be working evenings. Doing what, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

"Domino's Pizza, can I help you?"

That's right, ladies and gentlemen -- NOT office work! Eeee! I'mma be cranking out pizza by the ton. Mm. Pizza.

In other news...CHIEFS WIN! EEEE!

*dances some more*

We totally beat the Steelers! Overtime and sacks and turnovers and woot!

Ahem. Sorry.

Anyway, we're totally better already than we were last year. *points at scoreboard* See? BETTER. That's a good, good sign.

I am content.


And yes, I realize I have brutally abused the E key in this post, but if you don't whip it into shape every now and then, it gets all stuck up and snooty and refuses to do its job.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weird Sidebar:

Okay, so I'm reading IT again for like the millionth time -- don't worry, the not-a-novella-anymore is still in the works; it's just being... troublesome -- and it strikes me that I'm old.

I mean, I know this logically, but when you catch yourself reading that Eddie would take the dollar his mom gave him and buy two candy bars and a Pepsi and still have change to rattle all the way home... and remembering when you could do the same (though not from so far back as 1958)....

Dude. You're old.

So anyway, I sorta found myself remembering when I was a kid. We used to go visit my grandmother in Vista -- teeeeeeny tiny little town, population maybe 30 in a great census year -- and Mom would give me, my beloved sister, and the adored brother each 50¢ to spend at the old post office there. It wasn't a post office anymore, of course. It was sort of a grocery/general store. But because time is different in the country, we still called it the old post office.

At any rate, we'd take our 50¢ to the old post office and buy a pocketful of candy and a soda in one of those big ol' glass bottles. Remember them? Joely and Toby would usually get a Pepsi or some "grown up" drink, but I always spent my quarter on a peach Nehi. Always got teased about it, too.

"Why don't you get a grape Nehi? It's better."

Well, it was supposed to be better, but only because it was Radar O'Reilly's favorite drink. Remember him? Yeah. But I hated (and still hate) grape-flavored anything. Tastes like Dimetap. Except Jolly Ranchers, but even they're kinda pushing it.

Anyway, 25¢ would go to that big ol' peach Nehi and the other quarter went to, literally, a pocket full of candy. I was awfully fond of Smarties and Sixlets, if I remember correctly. And Zero candy bars. Remember those?

At any rate, we'd walk back to Grandma's, eating our candy and drinking our pop, and when we were done, we'd walk back to the old post office and trade our big ol' glass bottles for another dime, which would buy us another handful of candy.

Do you get what I'm saying here? You couldn't even get a pop out of a machine in a can for 50¢ now. Forget an entire pocketful of candy.

Now, I'm not saying these were The Good Old Days. I'm not that old yet. Heheh. Those were hard times. We sometimes didn't know if we'd be able to afford propane over the winter (Dad was a construction worker, and work over the cold months was often scarce and dangerous). We were poor, and we knew it.

But Mom still made sure that, anytime we visited Erm and Lap (Grandma and Grandpa, respectively), we had our 50¢ to spend at the old post office.

And oh, how far those two quarters would go.

So even though the age Mr. King is waxing poetic about in IT is a little further back than my own particular Ago, I feel the same jolt of time when I read it. The difference between 1982 and 2009. For him, the difference between 1958 and 1985, which has a neater flip-around appeal, but hey. The point is the gaping, blowing chasm between the two dates and all the things that have changed in the meanwhile.

As T.S. Elliot said: "I grow old... I grow old... I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled."

Must be the overcast sky causing such ruminations. All I know is that it makes me want to write poetry, and I hate doing that. I think I'll turn to Alex and Jacob for comfort and let them blind me with steampunk for a while.

What? You expect me to be blinded with science? Ha!


Seriously. OLD.

*shakes head*