Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Well, my boys held it together and eked out a win against the Raiders. Why do we hold on in these tense, mean division rivalry games? Heh.

I dunno why, but while I'm thrilled for the Chiefs this week -- not only did they win, but they played well, both offense and defense -- I'm not jumping up and down about the long-awaited second win of the season. I dunno if it's because I'd just resigned myself to being glad about the good draft pick we'd get, or what.

Not that I'm not proud of them. Heavens, no! Maybe I just don't want to get my hopes all up for more wins this season. Heh, after all, at this point, last year's awful 4-12 is starting to sound pretty darn good.

Technically, we could still pull out six wins. We got the Broncos and Chargers again, and anything goes in an AFC West division game, so there's no sure bet there, but I'm confident we can win those. Bengals, no problem. I dunno why, but I'm not worried about that last game, either. But Miami....

They've been the shocker team for me this year. I always kinda wish the Dolphins would do well -- left-over nostalgia from the Dan Marino era, I imagine -- but I never expect it, so them being a strong 7-5 this year is kind of a pleasant surprise for me.

Wish we didn't have to play 'em, though.

Anyway, my Chiefs have been pulling themselves up by their bootstraps for the last several weeks now, and it's good to see them finally savoring the sweet nectar of victory. They've earned their hoorahs today, and I'm stoked for them. I hope they keep that feeling close to heart and demand it every week. Because they could, you know.

Many congratulations, boys. Ya done good.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Charlie:

You know, I don't talk about the adored brother often here. I blab all day about my beloved sister, but Toby? Nary a peep.


It's because he's a JERK. That's right. A JERK.

See, he just called me tonight to give me a little news. He's all, "You're gonna be mad at me. I can't be at Mom's Saturday for Thanksgiving."

I replied that he's right. I was a little mad (not really, but there's a theater to family conversations, you understand). He said that wasn't why I'd be mad.

At this point, I started to get a really bad suspicion.

See, the adored brother is a construction worker. Who works in Kansas City. Guess what else is in Kansas City and that's being extensively renovated/remodeled?

Yeah. That jerk is working on Arrowhead Stadium, home of my beloved Chiefs. And he called me to brag about it! That's why he won't be at Mom's for Thanksgiving -- because he's working on Arrowhead Stadium. Or on the training facilities, which is almost worse because he gets to see the players running around all week.


And, of course, one of the conditions of working on said Arrowhead Stadium project is that they can't so much as hint to any of the players that they might possibly like an autograph. Not by word or deed. So he can't even take advantage of the situation to get his kid sister (ha! I'm over 30!) a single signature. Called me to tell me this. 'Specially for it.


So...not only will I not see my brother and my newest nephew until possibly Christmas...but I'll be sitting at the table on Saturday and envying the big jerk for being at one of my absolute favorite places in the world while I'm stuck eating ambrosial Mom food NOT at Arrowhead Stadium. Kinda defeats the purpose of "giving thanks", don't it?

Dude. Seriously. Not cool.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Charlie:

I dunno why this still cracks me up, but it does. That WrestleMania in Hollywood was awesome.

At least, the lead-up was. Heh. I don't even remember who won what. Oopsie.

Anyway, since my poor boys got spanked like a geek on the playground today, I figure I'll spare them an in-depth analysis. Suffice it to say that they started out strong -- with better numbers than Buffalo had -- and their defense was just getting a bead on the Bills' running game when...the dreaded turnover.

See, we've been on the right side of the turnover ratio lately, and I think my boys forgot what it felt like to have one of their own. After that, it was another turnover. And another.

And then it was 50-something to not-enough. Give 'em credit, though. My boys still put up some points, even digging out of a trench that just kept clogging with mud. They didn't completely shut down.

I think, in tribute, I'll put the lyrics for REM's Everybody Hurts over in my "Song of the Moment" section in the sidebar. Not tonight -- dude, I am soooo late to bed right now -- but this week, for sure. I gotta bake some cookies tomorrow night, but we'll see if I can't squeeze in a little HTML on the evening, too.

And update the scoreboard. I just hate to put that 50+ score over there. It's just....

Oh, well. Buffalo threatened to tick off the football gods with their score-running there for a while. They will be repaid. Their playoff hopes may still be tentatively alive for now, but...just wait and see. Vengeance will be wrought upon them in the form of an embarrassing, downright humiliating loss at some crucial junction.

Oh, yes. The football gods do not smile upon those who run up the score.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Funny Update:

I'm sure no one's surprised that I hit Wal-Mart at midnight for Tropic Thunder. My copy never touched the shelf. Straight from the delivery box to my hand. Awesome sauce.

Watching it now. Director's cut. Who needs sleep?

As Sgt. Lincoln Osiris (or any good gravel-throated in-charge grunt) would say, "Sleep when you're dead!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dear Charlie:


My poor boys. Doesn't seem to matter how hard or how well they play, does it? They just can't finish a game. They battled today. Started down and tied it up. Got behind and still scored points. Went for it on fourth down and actually made it a couple of times.

But somehow, they just can't finish. I dunno. They're inconceivably better than back in Week 1, but we gotta get ahead and stay ahead. Offense and defense have to scratch each others' backs, and we have to have something special from our special teams. Better blocking on runbacks and better stopping power against runbacks.

But they already know this. And they are working on it. They get measurably better every week, and Thigpen is playing like a real pro. Great quarterback rating, even with the interception today -- which I don't really hold against him because it was that last fourth down try and he had to throw it somewhere.

Anyway, I'm now turning my focus to a plus on the week. That's right. Tropic Thunder. I cannot wait for Tuesday! Woo-hoo!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Just watched Bojack Unbound and, man, it makes me remember why I love DBZ so much.

*happy sigh*

As if I could forget. Heh.

Anyway, I'm now watching the making-of stuff for Hellboy 2 and remembering that conversation Pesh and I had yesterday over e-mail. Just because I'm frickin swamped at work doesn't mean I can't have an in-depth chat about the complexities of characters like Prince Nuada, right?

Hey. It keeps me sane. And I use the word "sane" loosely. Verrrrry loosely.

I'm in orange and Pesh is in blue. Because those are my beloved Kakarot's colors, not because they're the Denver Broncos colors. Stupid Broncos. Stealing a perfectly good color combination and rendering it unuseable. Ugh.



Oooohhh...that deleted/extended scene [of Nuada's introductory kata] is beeeeeeauuuuuutiful. I am so impressed. I know there was some wirework in there, but seriously. Glorious movement there. Fluid, but strong and precise. Absolutely beautiful. *happy sigh*

*dies at the memory* That man is a thing of beauty when he's getting his kata on. I really hope his career picks up speed soon. He'd be fun to watch with Jason Statham with a non-crap script. I'm looking forward to Tekken just for him, but I don't expect much from the film itself.

Oooohhhh. Him and Statham. I would sooooo watch that. Forever and ever and ever. Heheh. Yeah, I'll have to watch Tekken just for him, too, because that's a guy who needs some exposure. I mean, he's a pretty darn good actor, on top of being poetry in motion. Geez! I still remember his last line from Blade II -- " more...." And he's smiling when he says it.

I love the breath shudders he uses in emotional moments. I still say Nuada got robbed.

Oh, absolutely. Because he was RIGHT. And because he didn't die in battle, like a warrior of his ilk should. No. He died ignobly because his sister took him down with her. *sigh* ROBBED.

That scene with the forest god gets me every time. Again, Nuada's 100% right. There was only the one left in the world, and, while Nuada did make the choice pertinent by bringing it to life in the first place, the quandary of Hellboy having to exterminate something so miraculous because he was ordered to and because he felt he had to defend the humans against it was just heart-breaking. And Nuada didn't help, what with all that making sense he did. *double sigh* An excellent character, and his death left me feeling such loss.

Sad that a movie that ain't so fabulous can make me feel so much for its characters, ne? Heheh.

[I'd just like to insert here that this is the point when Missi, my office's secretary extraordinaire, started laughing her ass off as she read. Us and our "big words". If you think people don't talk like this in real life, you're WRONG. Heheh. This is a conversation me, Pesh, Edy, and Dave would have at IHOP or Golden Corral or Great Wall any day of the week. I'm just sayin'.]

Amen. The forest god kills me too. Maybe I've just been reading too much Merry Gentry. To heck with the humans!

And I'm not so sure he would have used the forest god if he'd truly thought it would die. He had every intention of using it to avenge Wink.

He even stuck up for his peasants! How could he lose?! Grr!

I know!! It kills me!

"You must kill me. I won't stop. I cannot."

*clutches heart*

I agree that he wouldn't have used the forest god if he'd thought they had a chance of beating it, like you said, but in doing so, he did unfortunately put an unpredictable foe into a do or die position. He may well have thought it wouldn't be a real contest, but it's such a grave miscalculation on his part and shows, even if his father's demise hadn't, that his absolute dedication to his beliefs is more based in obsession than sincerity. It's one thing to be single-mindedly determined to make mankind pay for breaking the pact between the worlds. It's another to sacrifice everyone and everything in his path -- friends and family included -- to eradicate an entire race, no matter how much it deserves it. *grin* And even so, I still don't disagree with him. Heheh.

And I just can't get over incredible melancholy of that death. It's worse, I think, because it was so beautiful to watch. Like a wonderland unfolding. Its life's blood creating a peaceful sanctuary of Nature in the very middle of man's least hospitable environment.



And agreed.

I think his willingness to mow down friend and foe alike stems from his own devotion/obsession for the cause. He's so convinced that he's right, and he is, that I don't think he can fathom anything less than his own willingness to die for the cause in any of his people.

Amen. And it's that quality that makes him both unbearably noble and...ya now...the bad guy. *grin* I love that.

And such a good actor! Good grief! That we're talking about it this much just shows how excellent a job he did. He's brains AND braun AND talent, all wrapped up into one tidy package. Woot!

*fangirl drool*

When are you going to do, justice in a fic?!

[Aaaaannnnnd...this is where all our fine reasonings and otherwise brilliant commentary took a backseat to our usual natures. The transition was so quick that I feared you would miss it. *snerk* So I pointed it out. Heh.]

HA!! I KNEW it! It was just a matter of time!

...But I still cracked up hard enough that Missi gave me the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot look. Ha!

*ebil grin*

Well? When?

La-la-laaa...I hear!

LIAR! *cracks whip* Do it! Do it now!

Can't. I'm at work. Heheh.

Again, LIAR!

Missi is a figment of your imagination. You're at home with your camel crickets, and they won't leave until you finish the fic. If you don't finish, they'll jump in your hair and eat pieces of themselves until there's naught left but cricket heads, but they'll never die, and then they'll start eating your hair until you have bald spots.


So there.





I think I'mma have nightmares now.

Not until after you write. And then the only nightmares should be tooth faeries.

Dude. Not cool. *eyes the walls*

Then write!

Can't. I'm imagining I'm at work.

*shakes fist* Then set the fic in an office!

Make him the mailroom tech. Can you imagine what he could do with a letter opener?

Office Mercenary II: The Golden Letter Opener

Can't type...laughing too hard.....

[It's true. At this point, my eyes puddled up with how hard I was laughing. All I could see in my mind was another thumbnail link under the one in my sidebar reading exactly that -- Office Mercenary II: The Golden Letter Opener. Hysterical. Missi demanded to know what was so funny, at which point I printed out the whole thing for her to read. She laughed pretty damn hard, too.]

Can you imagine him being told he can't have anymore overtime?

Nuada: *breath shudders* You must kill me. I won't stop. I cannot.

Boss (Hellboy, of course): *heavy sigh* Don't make me tell your sister.

Nuada: *breath shudders*

My throat hurts from trying to laugh quietly. I'm just sayin'.

[Again, absolutely true, except it's not as funny if you haven't seen the movie.]



There was more to the conversation, but that was about where it went even further off track. Heheh. This kind of thing happens every other day or so, though usually in person instead of over e-mail. I should start keeping all our e-mail conversations about the DragonBall movie. Or about our favorite DBZ scenes. Or about our favorite made up DBZ scenes, which are usually worse. Heheh.

Or Pesh's husband Edy's texts listing proposed DBZ products and organizations! Oh, my God, I laughed so hard! I'll have to see if I can't find them on my cell phone and copy them over here. They're hysterical. The only one I can remember for sure was Shenron's Make-a-Wish Foundation.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Lots of fun stuff today.

First and foremost, the frackin' fantastic news that Tropic Thunder will be out on DVD this coming Tuesday! Woot! I thought it would be December before I'd get to see it again!

Sorry. Little excited.

Also, Pesh and I had a hilarious conversation over e-mail today that warrants sharing if she doesn't mind. *snerk* We'll see, eh?

And, as long ago requested and promised, I'll post up some more mantis bugs. Yikes! I got most of them now, so I'll probably just post little pics here (Blogger willing, of course) with links to the full-sized images. That way, you're only stuck with the big images you actually want to see.

Here's an idea of the ridiculous profusion of bugs on my office's walls. It's hard to really get the feeling without seeing them all together, but this is closer.

Yeah. Lots of bugs. So many that even that one wall needs two wide pics to encompass it. Here's to the corner:

Disney and Warner Bros. characters here:

Superheroes here and here, along with some of the animals:

And here is Kiss -- drawn by a 13-year-old! -- and some Transformers:

Oh, and I added a Creature from the Black Lagoon to the monster wall:

And utter geekitude laid out even more fully than the Star Wars and Scooby Doo bugs in the first picture, more fully than all the superheroes, and more fully than the Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones on the Disney wall.

Yes. DragonBall Z bugs, only one of which isn't mine. Good grief.

Yeesh. All I can say for myself is that I did less than half of these bugs...but that's not saying much. There are darn near 200 of them up now.

*facepalms repeatedly*

Again, many, many thanks to Darcalus for taking these pics for me so I can post them for all of you. Hope you get a kick out of them and a better idea of just how on fire these things have become.

Sure, it's mostly the kids we help who are turning them in, now, but still. It's pretty impressive to have such a wide array of interest and such a huge percentage of participation. I think it's a good thing. One of the few in the last several hard months.

Probably why I get such a kick out of it.

And yes, there are four -- count 'em, FOUR -- Gokus in the DragonBall Z bugs. I can't help it. He's my favorite monkey of them all. *sigh*

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Charlie:

My job's gonna drive me to drinking.

I'm not gonna gripe or rant or anything. I'm not even really going to complain, because at least I have a job.

But I will say that I just wasted 40 minutes of a lunch hour to drive all the way home, just to be as geographically far from the office as I can be on said lunch hour to maybe cool off a little. I don't usually feel the need to waste that much gas or blow that much steam at the lunacy of midday traffic, but it was soooooo worth it today.

That is all. Back to the hellhole.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Heart-breaking Update:

I like that we went for two. That's all I really have to say about that.

We played to win, not to tie. We played a tie last week and it bit us in the ass. I'd rather play to win and lose than play to tie and still lose.

Heh, I guess that wasn't all I had to say about it.

At any rate, I'm happy with this game. I'd have been much happier if we'd won, and we still need to finish with such great starts to bolster our spirits, but I'm happy.


Okay, I'm not crying. Good enough for government work.

Dear Charlie:

I may well be a shoddy housekeeper, but when I get the jones, I can mop with the best of 'em. I got tired of being able to see where I walk on the linoleum, so I pulled out the broom and swept, then pulled out the ol' mop and went for it.

Now, for people who are good (and consistent) at housekeeping, mopping ain't that big a deal. They just bring out their little squeegie-looking sponge mop, swish-swish, and they're done. But me? Yeah. I admit it freely. TERRIBLE at housekeeping.

So mopping at my house is an ordeal. I worked up a sweat. Mopping is exercise, I tell you.

But my bathroom and kitchen floors are gleaming, the whole house smells like Pine-Sol, my bathtub (which I use for a mop bucket) is squeaky-clean, my bathroom sink is spotless, my kitchen sink is actually empty of dishes for the first time in two weeks, and my hands are pruny. And football's on, which is cool even though my Chiefs don't come on until the afternoon game.

Okay, yeah, so I'd planned to do the mopping thing yesterday, but I got sidetracked. And pretty much just didn't want to do it. So I put it off. I'm an expert at indefinitely putting off things I don't want to do.

Which goes back to the whole "terrible housekeeper" thing. But hey. At least I'm trying, right?


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Charlie:

Well, I pushed through a four-day migraine, passed out about 20 multi-colored stocking caps I'd crocheted for friends at work, made a double batch of cookies (again for work), and watched up to the sixth Jason movie since the last post. Been a little busy.

So, I rewarded myself tonight with some DragonBall Z. God, I love this show. How big a nerd-kid am I? Ha!

I also found out that ROCKNROLLA isn't out in theaters in this area. Yet, I'm hoping. I'mma be seriously cheesed off if it's not on the big screen anywhere near here. I mean, between RockNRolla, Fast and Furious (which will probably suck but which I will watch anyway), and Transporter 3, I'd planned on a nice last couple of months in 2008. This has been a good movie year for me, heh.

But no. No RockNRolla here. Yet. I guess I'll have to call the theater and ask what gives. Maybe they just haven't opened it wide yet. Meh. I really don't want to have to wait for DVD for it.

At least I'll always have DBZ to pass the time. Thank God, but it never gets old.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dear Charlie:

It was so close! We had it! We had it!


At least it's starting to come together. We started out strong this week, which has been missing since halfway through last season. We just have to learn to finish strong. We took the Bucs into overtime, and if not for them winning the coin toss, that might have been our field goal.

And I'm thinking it wouldn't have taken three attempts to get it. Geez.

My Chiefs just need to pull all the pieces together and play a complete game. At least this week, Herm didn't go all conservative (or, at least, not as bad), and even if he did, we at least had a running game to fall back on, to make that conservatism a little more probable. Last week? Not so much.

I could point out the obviousness of a Herm Edwards-led team giving up a huuuuuge lead to end up losing, but I won't do that. Heh. We did lose our major running back after a heart-pumping performance, so that put a kink in our momentum. Charles did a great job of picking up the slack, but between that momentum breaker and a few others -- namely that vicious kick return for a touchdown which put the Bucs up to ten before halftime and gave them an extra shot of adrenaline -- we just couldn't keep that forward juggernaut mentality.

But that's alright. I think anyone can see measurable improvement in my boys over the last three weeks. Yes, we're still losing, but at least we're fighting with Thigpen at the helm. He gets better and more poised with each start, so I hope they'll keep him at the position for a while. I admit that I wasn't overjoyed by his first starter performance, but even then I had nice-ish things to say about him. Remember?

Here, I'll even quote it so you don't have to click the link:

I don't think anyone expected poor Tyler Thigpen to have to start, and while I'm iffy on his abilities, he's at least showing a little more heart than I saw the first time he came in this year. He stayed in that whole game and kept on throwing.

Admittedly, you could add "interceptions" to the end of that last sentence and still be telling the truth, but I'm being diplomatic here.

Heh. Okay, so I coulda left out that last sentence, but I didn't want to be accused of self-editing. God forbid, right?

Anyway, here is the bar graph of improvement that I'm seeing. Three games ago, we just plain lost. Two games ago, we fought back from a big deficit and were competitive to our last possession. This last game, we had it at halftime and even took it into overtime before losing without even getting an offensive hand on the ball to perhaps prove ourselves.

How is that not measurable progress? Heh, it's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

So, 8-8 may be pushing it this year, but I'm pretty sure now that we won't go 1-15. We came damn close to winning today, and it's only a matter of time before we play the second half as well as the first. The rebuilding is taking a lot longer than expected, but it's finally starting to look like it might yield at least a little fruit. Right now, that fruit is bitter and a little hard on the teeth, but give it some time.

Just a little more time. I mean, at least Oakland and Denver lost, too. Heheh. Is it bad that that gives me such a happy-go-lucky feeling?