Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Whew, insomnia! Fun for everyone!

But me, of course, but it's even amusing to me for a day or so. I can see myself getting whonky, and it is a little amusing. I mean, who can you laugh at if you can't laugh at yourself, right?


But yeah, if it doesn't snap in the next couple of days, it won't be so funny to me anymore. It'll still be funny -- hilarious, actually -- to everyone else, but I'll pretty much be in misery. *grin*

So, I'm gonna focus on how much fun Monday Night Football was last night. Hadn't seen any MNF in like two seasons, since they sent it to cable instead of regular TV. Sunday night football (note the lack of capitals) just isn't as much an experience.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to find that my friendly local bar -- the only one I go to -- decided to open up on Monday nights, just for MNF. Woot!

So I went last night and had a killer great time. I mean, there's just really nothing like watching football with people who GET it. Especially MNF.

It helped that it was a good game. I mean, one that had potential play-off consequences for my beloved Chiefs. With Denver's loss, we're one game closer to a play-off berth, or at the very least, a wild card slot. Of course, we still have to...ya know...WIN.

And it would help if we beat Green Bay next week, though I just rooted my butt off for them last night. Heh. Football makes strange bedfellows?

And I still need to pray that San Diego goes back to losing. Darn them and their winning and their...spirit...and...LaDainian Tomlinson!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Ugh. Looooong week.

You know, I must be the queen of bizarro fortune cookie messages. Most people get something along the lines of, "You will be successful in all you do" or "Your bright spirit inspires those around you". But me?


I get, "You will go to a party where strange customs prevail". Or most recently, "Keep your plans secret for now".

What the hell does that MEAN??

Not that it keeps me from eating Chinese, of course. My favorite restaurant may be a Japanese steak house, but I still eat Chinese buffet whenever applicable. Woot!

Anyway, hope everyone's enjoying their pre-Halloween weekend. I just got back from a party -- dressed up as a scarecrow, had to deal with all the dead grass and straw I used -- and am settling down a bit before I go take a bath and wash off all the makeup. Tomorrow, I'll probably just watch horror movies all day. I bought Transformers but I dunno that I'll watch it just yet. *grin* It's not exactly Halloween, ya know.

Guh. I am SO tired. Can you tell??

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dear Charlie:

First off, yay! It's football day again!

Why is it that I always seem to backslide into only posting weekly during football season? Hm...interesting correlation.

Anyway, second, I haven't gushed over Vin Diesel in a while. Not since...geez, I guess not since Find Me Guilty. And that's a cryin' shame, because that is a man worth gushing over, no matter what you believe (or don't) about his sexual preference. He could stand in a corner and read stereo instructions, and I'd smile and gaze at him like a moonling.

At any rate, the reason I bring up the Man with the Voice is because, on a whim (and since I got up so unholy early this morning for no good reason I can fathom), I popped in The Fast and the Furious. Yeah, not the best movie ever made. But enjoyable? Hells yeah.

I mean, it's got cars -- most of which are cheesy new ones with no pride in construction beyond the decals on the side and whatever new crap these kids stuffed under the hood, but one of which is just drool-worthy stellar. You know the one I mean. And it's got racing, which is always fun.

And it's got Vin Diesel, which is always better.

Has anyone else noticed that the camera loves this man? I mean, every shot, every angle flatters him. He's studly in a picture, but in a movie? Bigger than life. Buff as hell. And those eyes....

And, of course, the voice. I could listen to it all day.

So yeah, thinkin' about the man today. I'll probably watch Pitch Black later, too. But first, getting ready for some football -- where hopefully my beloved Chiefs will walk all over the Bengals (no offense to the Cats with the Snazzy Hats). This win is by no means a given (especially this year), but as long as the Rams and the Raiders lose, I'm happy.

I actually picked Arizona this week. And not just because I don't like the other team (because I really don't care one way or the other for Carolina) but because...*gasp*...they might actually win!

What kind of year is this for professional football when Arizona has just as good a chance at an honest win as anyone??

Anyway, good times, everyone, and enjoy your Sunday. And think happy thoughts of Chiefs wins and Vin Diesel.

Or just Vin Diesel. Whatever floats your boat. Heh.

[Edit: Holy crap, was that a nail-biter of a game! Herm Edwards, if I have a heart attack, I'm blaming you and your friggin' zone defense! You basically had our boys cough up 60+ yards in three plays with that crap! Learn, dammit! LEARN!

Yes, it's a win, and I'll definitely take it, but dadgum.]

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Remember in Men in Black II when Agent Jay was getting his butt kicked by the alien with the three nasty little clones? He has a certain amount of time to free his girl before the ship takes off to her doom (and Earth's, of course), and even though he spends most of the fight getting his butt kicked, he finally wins?

Girl: You spent most of the time on your back.
Jay: That's how I fight.

Well, the last two weeks, that's been my Chiefs. Sure, they've spent most of the game on their backs, but they still won two in a row. I assumed...hoped?...that would be the same today.

After all, it was 0-10 at halftime, and that's usually where my boys get their groove back and come back to win.

No go, this time. So...what was different this week?

Are they just tired of having to come from behind and couldn't summon the effort? Is Huard finally paying for spending those games on the run? Is it already all over but the crying?

Bite your tongue!

Everyone loses once in a while -- with the notable exception of Indianapolis during the regular season and...dammit...the Patriots. We'll get it worked out. Remember, this is a weird year for my boys.

After all, we were just getting used to having a reliably excellent quarterback every year; now, he's gone. We were used to having such an unpredictable passing game that our running game could pretty much do what it wanted. Now, that's gone.

So, we're getting back in the groove...very, very slowly. It won't always be this way.

But it does hurt to watch. *sigh*


And Transformers comes out on the 16th! Guess who's gonna be in line!