Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dear Charlie:

This is already a bizarro day for football. At least, it is for me.

First off, the only games available here are St. Louis, which I hate, or Oakland, which I despise. It's the Lady or the Tiger.

So, I'm watching the St. Louis vs. Dallas game -- and I'm not terribly fond of Dallas, either -- when I see...who?...Dante Hall suddenly split from the pack and shoot up the field. Runback touchdown.

Gee. Where have I seen that before?


Yeah. It was like watching Trent Green in Miami. Those used to be my boys!

Do I let them go just because they're no longer Chiefs? No. I still root for Joe Horn in New Orleans. For Donnie Edwards in San Diego (though he's back, thankfully). So long as they don't go to Denver or Oakland, they're still my boys, no matter where (else) they end up.

But still. Oi. That Dante Hall touchdown kinda hurt to watch. It was all nostalgic and stuff.

[Edit: As far as the Chiefs game goes, it was 6-16 at halftime. It's 30-16 now. Wanna guess when I swapped out my shiny-and-never-worn Tony Gonzales jersey for my old and beloved, well-worn Derrick Thomas one?]

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Charlie:

I can always tell when it's gettin on to winter. How, you ask? Simple.

I. Want. To. Bake.

Yeah. First, several batches of cookies over the past couple of weeks. Plain old tollhouse cookies. Chocolate chocolate chunk cookies. Fluffy shortbread cookies (picked because they have cream cheese in them and kept because they frickin rock). The butternut squash bread.

Tonight, I threw together three batches of tollhouse and one batch of CCC cookies. They're for a bake sale tomorrow. I should probably be proud that they were requested, since it's to earn money for a local autism school opening up and the petitioners insisted that they wouldn't make any money if I didn't bake, but...guh. That's a lot of cookies.

Now, I wanna make meatloaf. I don't know why. I'm dying to make meatloaf.

I can't make pot roast anymore -- long story short: last time I made/ate pot roast, I came down with a vicious stomach flu at the same time and puked my guts up for 6 hours straight and ended up at the ER with IV fluids and a hot blanket to control the shakes -- so I guess my mind's slipped over to meatloaf instead. And ham and beans. God, I love ham and beans. With cornbread!

Last week, I roasted a friggin turkey breast. Since then, I've made turkey and noodles twice, turkey casserole once, and have had like 6 turkey sandwiches. *grin* That was all sorts of good fun. With mashed sweet potatoes on the side.

Yeah, I like this time of the year. It's exhausting (and rather expensive, to be honest), but I always enjoy popping in a CD or turning on the radio or plugging in my mp3 player like I did tonight and just baking the night away. It's hard on the feet and murder on the back, but who cares?

Lots of people will get (and hopefully enjoy) lots of cookies, and I got 4 straight hours of baking good fun.

Tomorrow night? I write. Woot!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dear Charlie:

They won! They won!

*dances and points at sidebar scoreboard*

My Chiefs finally won one! Woot!


Oi. I was so excited about my boys winning that I decided to hack up that butternut squash I bought last weekend and make some squash bread. Lemme give you the lowdown on the recipe.

Mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Half squash, scoop out seeds and strings. Peel squash with itty-bitty paring knife. Almost peel fingers and heel of hand 4 times. Hack squash into 1-inch cubes. Nearly hack off fingers at least 7 times - 8, to be sure. Boil until soft enough to mash. Add to other stuff. Bake.

Yeah. It was a great idea, and the bread will be frackin fabulous, but...yeow. I think I'll broil it soft next time and just scoop it out. It might take longer, but I'm fairly certain my fingers and skin will remain in place that way. And my arms won't be tired from both hacking really hard and holding back so I don't hack TOO hard.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Yes, it lives!

But it's been busy as hell. Oi. Hopefully, things will calm down a bit so I can kick back and crank out my 1000 words a day with my beloved sister, Anna, and my other friends. Sure, I can crank out 17,000 on a weekend day, but most days, I'm at the office for 9 hours -- sometimes 12 or even 13 -- and by the time I get home, I'm pretty much wiped.

However, I'm trying not to let that stop me. I'm trying to avoid a repeat of what happened with my last work in progress. On that poor darling, I wrote like gangbusters, got it probably 3/4 of the way done...then went on hiatus for like two months. Yikes!

Worse, I then wrote the last 1/4 in a single day. Not. Good.

I mean, it's good that it's done, and I'll take a finished product any way I can get it, but that's just not healthy.

So, 1000 words a day. Seems like a reasonable plan.

The only problem is my contrary nature. That core of solid spite that I can hide, that I can mask, that I can usually swallow and follow my second, more noble impulse. See, as soon as I joined this group and stated my goals in print [so to speak], I started typing like 2000 a day...on another project. One not on my list.


So this week, despite the lengthy working hours on Monday and Tuesday, I'm staying ON TASK. I'm not just looking for the 1000 words. That's not the point. The point is some words every day on task. I have three current projects -- two novels and a short story -- and I want to work only on them. That's already two too many, heh.

So, just a drop-in blog to update my Chiefs scoreboard in the sidebar and to say that I have no idea when I'll update again, what with three projects buzzing around in my head. It's hard to be amusing [at least, I hope this thing is amusing!] when three different sets of voices are clamoring around in your head.

At work, I like to tell people that it's not the voices in my head that disturb me, but the voices in theirs. But I have a secret: it's not true!

Heh. Okay, time to write!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dear Charlie

Ack! I forgot to make my picks for this week!

*hangs head in shame*

I am so out of practice. Off-season is a terrible time for my brain. It just doesn't work right until football starts again. Le sigh.

However, I am watching my beloved sport as I type. Yes, my boys aren't looking as good as I know they can. Yes, it's 0-0 well into the second quarter...against the Houston Texans. Yeow. Yes, we blew some opportunities and our one trip to the Red Zone. What was with that wide field goal?

But I'm still loving it. God, I missed football.

I would post my picks now, but several of the games have already started. It would probably still be okay, but...well...I'm lazy. Heh. It's Sunday! Day of rest, anyone?

Plus, I have 1000 words at least to get for today, and I haven't even started yet. So...not so much. I'mma enjoy me some bashing, and then I'mma write.

Have fun, all! Enjoy the return of The Best Sport Ever!