Friday, June 15, 2007

Fabulous Sidebar:

Just watched Bubba Ho-tep. My God, why did I wait so long to see this??

I mean, sure, I had other stuff to do. Sure, I forgot it even existed a couple of times. But I adore Bruce Campbell. Love the man. Love horror movies. Love cheesy horror movies.

I even get a kick out of Elvis parodies.

So...why so long? I dunno. Truth is, it would've been longer if I hadn't been at Hastings yesterday looking for 3000 Miles to Graceland to buy used and just happened to see Bubba Ho-tep a few rows down. Unbelievable. Of course, I had to have it.

Luckily, I'd just donated plasma the night before and had the $15 to spare. Otherwise, I'd have SO missed out. This movie is hysterical, even when it's not.

Don't get me wrong. It has its serious moments. I mean, how do we really treat our old people? What do they really have to do once they're dumped into a retirement home? Is there anything for them but their illnesses and their rotting bodies and their fleeting wits as they watch the minutes and the hours and the days and the years and their lives pass them by? And how horrifying is that fate?

But to have even that taken away...yeah. Excellent basis for a horror film. If these movies are supposed to be about what we fear and cannot fight in real life -- death, usually -- then this film is a gem of its kind.

But it's also Bruce Campbell. As Elvis. As Elvis with penile cancer, if you'll believe it. Actually, it's Bruce Campbell playing Elvis playing the best Elvis impersonator ever playing Elvis.

Trust me. Makes sense if you watch.

It's funny. It's serious, but it doesn't take itself seriously. There are these little moments, like when Elvis is trying to totter down a steep incline with his walker -- he'd busted his hip impersonating himself about twenty years before -- that are completely Bruce Campbell. Those moments are his face, his acting, his riot of a nature.

But there are others that are the movie. I mean, who sucks soul out of the ol' tail pipe? Who draws Egyptian graffiti -- some of it on the lines of "Cleopatra puts out" -- on the visitor's bathroom wall because he's bored shitting out soul residue? And who, by all that is holy, puts in hieroglyphics that spell out "Eat the dog dick off Anubis, you asswipe!", all in little pictures that actually are eating and a dog and...well, you get the idea. The "asswipe" was two pictures, actually: a guy bending over and an upraised hand.

God, I love this movie. Unbelievable. It definitely goes on my "watch a hundred times" shelf. Right up there with the Evil Dead trilogy and the Indiana Jones movies.



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