Monday, February 05, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Well, the wedding was...done. The reception was...cakey. The trip down was very, very long. The trip back was longer because it snowed hard enough that we had to go 40 mph, and anyone who knows me knows that that's torture. Luckily, I kept my mouth shut and sat on my hands, so mom and her husband probably don't know how twitchy I was the whole time.

I do not sit still well.

Anyway, it's over, and the ordeal of dressing nice and wearing make-up is also, thankfully, past. Woot. God, I'm tired.

However, they did come back up and finish the dining room. It's now white and damn if it don't look huge. I kept trying to tell people that I had a big dining room, but nooooo. "One can of paint will do it."


They so had to use three gallons of KILZ and three gallons of paint. Heheh.

Anyway, I've now moved almost everything back into place, so that's good. I even moved the bookshelves my beloved sister gave me into the dining room, and I'll shortly be moving all those frickin movies from my living room floor to there. Imagine. It'll look so damn tidy that no one will believe I live here. Woot, again.

God, I'm tired. Did I say that already?

Anyway, since this is the first Monday I haven't had to work late in I don't even remember how long, I'm gonna catch up on the Heroes episode I missed last week from the website and get ready to watch this weeks on the tube. Since football's all but over, I'm relieved to be mostly free of commercials, but already plummeting into the doldrums of No Football. Sure, there's still the ProBowl, which is actually my favorite game, but it's only on cable now.


I'll find someplace to watch it, I'm sure. But it's the last game of the season! Waaaah! How will I survive??

Yeah, I'm tired. And I think now that you all can tell, too. Sorry. I'm outtie.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

You know you can always come here and watch it!! Woot on the brand new dining room!

At 9:50 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Dude, you should SO see the place. You'd never recognize it from when you came down. It's all...tidy. Unbelievable.

But those shelves did come in handy. Thanks for them.

And I'll probably be up for the ProBowl. It really is my favorite game of the year (except for when the Chiefs slaughter the Raiders), and I missed it last year because I didn't know they'd moved it to friggin cable.



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