Friday, December 22, 2006

Dear Charlie:

The Geeb is supremely content.

Yes, it was a looooong week. Yes, I put in too much overtime. Yes, I baked too much and have a low and throbbing ache in the small of my back from bending over to cut out 500+ tiny little gingerbread and star cookies.

But a moment ago, I was sitting in my comfortably overstuffed and oversized chair, watching Tremors 4, sipping Pesh's fabulous Cozy in a Cup [my last jar was sadly depleted, but she brought me some more just yesterday], and glancing now and then at the signed and newly framed picture of my beloved Jayne that joined the signed and framed picture of Vin Diesel on my Wall O' Shame [thank you, Jody!], and it's almost impossible to not be content with such gifts before me.

Plus, I got to sleep in this morning, thanks to that overtime. Woot for sleep!

So, yes, GutterBall is a happy girl. It doesn't take much, but I'm grateful for it, just the same. Good times.

Oops, gotta go. My Cozy in a Cup needs a refill.


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