Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Is it bad when you joke that you'll make cookies again when someone else provides the ingredients...and someone actually does?

I sat down at my desk Monday morning thinking about superbills (they are neither super nor bills, incidentally) and the Chiefs game...travesty...whatever, and out of nowhere, two bags of Nestle chocolate chips drop onto my desk. I look down at them, then up at the therapist smiling so expectantly at me.

Me: Is that a hint?

Therapist: Merry Christmas.

Me: *snort* For you, maybe.

Of course, I will make them. Because I'm both a Grinch and a sucker. See, I feel bad about being a Grinch. It doesn't make me like the Christmas season any more, but it makes me try not to be so bad when people who do love the season are around. The operative word there is "try".

But alas, I worked laaaate Monday night and was out late tonight, so the requested (and ingredient-supplied) cookies will have to wait until tomorrow. Or maybe Thursday. Because, see, Friday and Saturday...I have to make more than just cookies. We're having an office Christmas party, and I was leg-roped into going.

I was adamant that I would not show. Last year, I had to wear a Santa hat for the majority of the evening.

Not. Amused.

But this year, they're having a Christmas cookie bake-off. *rubs hands in anticipation* Of course, they have joked -- I hope they're joking -- that I can't participate because everyone knows my chocolate chip cookies and said cookies would win. I think they're joking. They're not that good. But I wasn't planning on bringing chocolate chip cookies, anyway. I'm taking a new recipe, and God only knows how it'll turn out.

Think they'll let me play?

*starts with the puppy eyes*


At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just don't decorate them with an arrowhead. ;~) -JTC

At 5:38 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

*snerk* I take it you haven't read about me taking Christmas tree cookies, turning them sideways, and painting on a red KC?


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