Tuesday, October 31, 2006

E-Book Update:

Rare daytime post:

The challenge is met! Today's the day that the fabulous Paperback Writer is posting our free eBooks for the world to enjoy.

Here's the link.

Mine's the fourth one down -- it's alphabetical by name -- and my beloved sister is just one up from that. Two very different genres, and if you read them both, you'll see that Sis has the most beautiful writing style, where mine is...a little less pretty.


Anyway, have fun reading! I'm sure there's some good stuff in there.

Okay, back to work!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Woot! 35-28 against an old division rival! *dances*

Go Chiefs!

I love my boys.

Okay. I have written on the novel every night, though I have deliberately not blogged about it or the total words. It's surprisingly slow going, both because I keep rewriting as much as I write and because I simply haven't been home much.


But it's coming along, and I'm not gonna say how or where I am or what. Heh.

Okay, gotta go. Gotta move a piano.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Amusing Sidebar:

I dabble over at NationStates with my absolutely fabulous country of Pakawotamee. Zo, bless her heart, got me all sucked in over there, and I continually strive to keep my rights and freedoms high and my economy thriving while keeping my income tax low. It's all sorts of fun to guess what will happen when you pick a given option as a solution to the day's issue.

Plus, I picked snails as national animals, so I get some really, really funny choices. One dealt with the need for a speed limit. Heh. Speed. Snails. You do the math.

Anyway, thanks to Paperback Writer and her never-ending array of fascinating and fun links, I give you this snippet from today's Pakawotamee Scribe.

Ha! Ain't it great?? Woot!

If you wanna try your own, here's the link. This...is so much fun. I could do this all night if I didn't have a book to write.


Work, work, work. A writer's work is never done. There's always one more paragraph to sweat over, one more character to conflict, one more participle to dangle.


[EDIT: Oh, and I still have The Crap. Not sick, per se, just feeling crappy. Concentration is a little better, as I hope you can tell, but meh. Also, this may be the linkin-est post I have ever made. I'm kinda proud.]

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Ugh. Can't concentrate.

I only managed about 900 words tonight. I just can't focus. I keep backspacing because I don't like what I've written. This headache is killing me.

Plus, I simply don't feel well. Achy, cranky, sniffly, touchy. And cold. I'm so rarely cold.

Dammit, I think I'm sick, and I don't like it.


And we were supposed to get flu shots at work in the next few weeks. Sigh. God, I hope I'm just mortally tired. Please, please let me just be tired and cranky!

So yeah, it's 9:00 PM here, and I'm going to bed. I give up. My characters don't even turn their backs on me. They just stare at me like I'm a new and virulent form of life, then run screaming the other direction.


Okay. Seriously. Bed.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Not much writing tonight. I tried my hand at a preliminary synopsis.


I think I have a decent query letter in the hopper, but I think a synopsis is gonna kill me. Why can I condense this book's essense down to less than 200 words, but I can't do the same thing with some added detail in less than 2 pages?


I mean, I can of course, but in a flattering way? In a way that shows a little of my style without rattling on and on about inane stuff that, while witty and fun in the book, only touches on the plot without being earth-shattering?


I must have written five pages tonight, and I doubt I'll keep more than a few paragraphs. See, this isn't WRITING. This is SUMMARIZING.

Two. Very. Different. Things.

I think I'd rather write a 100-word hook, like for Miss Snark's new Crap-o-meter weeder-outer. Dear God, would I actually do that to myself?? Have I lost my mind? Has the malaise brought about by synopsis-writing actually forced my senses to take leave??


It's obviously time for bed. Good night, all.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Quickie Sidebar:

Didn't get much writing done this weekend. Dammit!


But I did make a metric shitload of cookies. And I downloaded all 4 seasons of Red vs. Blue, which is an achievement in itself. And I burned each season to a disc so I won't have that much stuff clogging up my storage, though I still have a good 10 gig to spare in spite of dozens of DBZ music videos and I don't even want to think of how many songs. Hundreds? Maybe a thousand?

I dunno. Most of them are legitimate, though. Burned them off of my own discs that I purchased through legal channels.


Anyway, so not much writing. I didn't even check the word count. Suffice it to say that I probably won't keep most of the one scene I wrote. The scenes in this book are, on average, about 1200 words long.

But, since I probably won't keep it, it's not worth counting. I'll pick up again tomorrow night before and after Heroes. Oh...and another big chunk of my evening was spent listening to/glimpsing the marathon of all the episodes to date. Heh.


G'night, all! I'm gonna have a love/hate relationship with my office tomorrow. They'll all eat cookies until they're sick, all the while cursing me for making them fat. *sigh* Can't win. If I don't bring something every couple of weeks, they start dropping hints. Much longer than that, and they outright demand.


OH! And my beloved sister had to move her blog. The new link is over in the sidebar along with the old one. The old one isn't deleted, so don't panic. But the new one is up and running, and hopefully she won't have as many troubles with this one. Blogger started dropping her several times a week, and that's just not cool.

Hopefully, it's just an FTP thing, because while I sometimes have trouble posting, I've only had problems with my blog not being there like three times in the two years I've had it. She had that many times this week alone.

*pets blog*

Don't disappear on me now, baby. We've had too many good times together. I'll stick with you until the bitter, bloody end. Unless you let me down. And then I'll turn my bitterly cold shoulder on you and fall for the next blogability I come across. Let us not forget that I already have an LJ for a back-up.


Okay, g'night for real! Woot!

Hilarious Sidebar:

My new favorite exchange of all time:

TEX: Is that any way to talk to a lady?
ANDY: A lady? Who are you kidding? I bet you got more balls than a Roman candle.

Bwahahah! Roman candle! *dies laughing* Actually, I guess that one's a pretty close race with this one:

CABOOSE: I am allergic to things I don't want to do.

God, I love Red vs. Blue. After that stunning and heart-stopping victory by my beloved Chiefs, I decided to download Season 4, the entirety of which I missed. Yeah. Season 5 has already started. So sue me.

Anyway, RvB. Great stuff.

And the Cardiac Chiefs prevailed. Just barely. Woot for game-winning 53-yard field goals! Woo-hoo! OH! And the direct intervention of the Goal Post Gods, yet again! I love it when visiting teams boot it off the upright!


Okay. Back to RvB, and then back to writing. I made all the cookies yesterday, so that's all good, too. Guh.

Weekend? What weekend?

Saturday, October 21, 2006


We now interrupt this cookie-baking Saturday to present to you...*drumroll*...GB's Week 7 Picks!

*dramatic music*

I think I pretty much got slaughtered last week, but I think I'm still doing okay. Maybe? Hell if I know!

Jacksonville over Houston
Cincinnati over Carolina *
New England over Buffalo
Atlanta over Pittsburgh **
Philadelphia over Tampa Bay
Jets over Detroit
Green Bay over Miami ***
Kansas City over San Diego [got somethin to say about it?]
Denver over Cleveland ****
Seattle over Minnesota
Arizona over Oakland *****
Indianapolis over Washington
Giants over Dallas

* Stupid Carolina. They have really screwed up my picks this year. They've become the new Jacksonville. Can't pick 'em, can't not pick 'em. Damned if you do; damned if you don't.

** Damn you, Pittsburgh! I'm nice to you all year, and you go and beat my Chiefs! What were you thinking??

*** Dear God, it's like the battle of the snails. 1-4 against 1-5. Oi.

**** I hate hate HATE picking Denver. I'm tempted to not pick them, just because. If it were Cincinnati, I would. But no, it's Cleveland. I'd like to take this opportunity to say GO CLEVELAND!!

***** I would watch this Shit Bowl just to watch Oakland lose again. I know it's wrong and I'll probably go to Hell for it, but I just keep praying for Oakland to go 0-16. My beloved Chiefs can have a losing season, so long as the Raiders don't win a game. Please, God. It's all I ask for. [Sorry, JTC.]

Friday, October 20, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Let's see if Blogger likes me today.

See, I skipped posting Wednesday's tally because I wrote later than I wanted to. I had to get up hella-early Thursday morning for a "newbies" breakfast with the CEO of this company I've been with for over a year now. The HR director, who works in my building and is very nice, asked me especially to go because she says I have good ideas and the annual breakfast is the best, most informal way to submit them.


Since when do I have good ideas??

Anyway, so I just shut off my computer Wednesday night and hoofed it to bed. Thursday, however, is a different story.

I did try to post a word count, but Blogger ate it.

Remember when they added that nifty feature where, even if a post doesn't actually publish the first time (or the tenth, for that matter), a draft is at least saved for the next opportune time? It didn't save a draft this time. Since you can't copy from the "create post" window, the whole darn thing was lost.

I did NOT feel the urge to recreate it. Plus, I was tired because I got up at the buttcrack of dawn that morning. Guh.

However, I am pleased to at last post that I've written 4200 words in the last three evenings. Some nights produced more than others, of course, but that's still over 1300 a night, and that's good enough for me.

Plus...heheheh...I am at the nexus. That's right, folks. No more posts even hinting at the plot or genre or progress other than word count because I am IN IT.

The shit is currently hitting the fan and painting the walls a lovely and even coating of variegated brownish yellow-green. *nods* It goes downhill from here and won't lighten up until the end.

Woot! God, I love this part of a book. I want the reader to think that nothing can possibly salvage the situation. Even the direct and intervening hand of God could not bring order to chaos. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.


Okay, gotta sleep.

OH! And I forgot to mention that I colored my hair tonight. I usually just use a color close to my own near-black because I'm just covering premature grey -- read: silvery-glow-in-the-dark white -- and don't need aaaaaaaaaaaall-over color. This time, I went a different way.

I tried a dark reddish brown. I was afraid it would turn out purple. You know the color. I know you've seen it. Heh.

This...not so bad. It's not that dark, for one thing. It's kind of a mahogany brown. It has a decent red tone (lighter on top, of course, where it's more grey), and oddly enough, it makes my eyes look greener. Usually, when I'm wearing a grey or faded black shirt, my eyes look more grey than green.

Not so now. Red hair = green-eyed GB. Interesting.

We'll see how it looks in the morning when I do the curly thing. I may add some low-lights or something. No high-lights. I'd look weird with lighter hair, I think.

[EDIT: Yay! Blogger DOES like me! *dances*]

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dear Charlie:

I cut 2000 words from the latest scenes today, but I added another 3500, so I still came out 1500 in the plus column today. Plus, they were the right words. Not perfect yet, but in the right direction.

Definitely a plus.

Now, to bed! I'm friggin tired, and getting my sorry butt out from under the covers come morning has been an act of will lately. Heh.

I'm outie!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dear Charlie:

1800 words tonight. Woot! I'll take 'em.

Damn if I'm not having so much fun at the mini golf course that it's taking me longer than I thought to get to the disaster. *sigh* Oh well. If it's really too long, I can just cut it out later, ne?


Off to bed early-ish, though. I'm zonked! I could not wake up today, and I really don't look good as a zombie.

Zombie Geeb...baaaaad.



Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dear Charlie:

1500 words today. However, I went back and changed my made-up city names to actual cities in Missouri. I'm not sure if I'll keep them that way or change them back later. I guess it depends on what an agent/editor might say about it.

Does anyone know of any strictures against using real place names, so long as you aren't slandering -- or libeling, I guess -- against the place? I can't think of any harm coming from it, but I'll keep my fictional names in the back of my mind, just in case. And if I do change them back, remind me to change the protagonist's degree back to master's from bachelor's, ne?

Heh. Yes, it makes a difference. The real college that offers the subjects I wanted him to him to have doesn't offer master's level courses. The change kinda messed with my timeline a little, but I think I've got it now.

Of course, if I have to change it back, I'm gonna roll my eyes and sigh.

Anyway, so I spent most of yesterday and today reading over what I've written thus far -- an honest-to-God 3/4 of a novel, folks! -- and correcting the travel times and place names and such. It took longer than I thought because I'd intended to skim, but some sections made me laugh so hard that I had to go back and read to make sure I hadn't missed anything in my enjoyment.

Good sign? I hope so. Or maybe I'm just reeeeeally easy to please!

Anyway, I'm gonna pack it in a little early tonight. I shouldn't have to work late tomorrow...*knocks on wood*...so I'll hopefully be able to get the next scene at the fabulous, witty, and enormously entertaining Arg, Me Hearties mini golf course cranked out. After that, it's back into the abyss of the Dark Moment. Woot!

Bring on the depression! Bring on the failure! Bring on the torment! Woe! WOE!


Atrocious Sidebar:

Oi. I think someone snuck into the NFL broadcast and slipped in film from a preseason game or something. That's the only way I can figure for my beloved Chiefs to be losing 7-45 with like three minutes still left on the clock.

How did that happen? I was watching, and I still can't figure it out.

Where did the stifling defense go? Where did the clicking offense hide? What happened to the rally-and-regroup from last week?

Who were these imposters pretending to be my Chiefs??

I can't explain it, and I doubt they can, either. This was like watching a completely different team. In a way, I am watching a completely different team -- the score's gone so bad that both my boys and the Steelers have put in their last string players. I guess 45-7 is a good time for everyone to get to play.


I just don't understand! They self-destructed! From the start, it's like all signals were crossed. Every time something started going their way, the football gods would strike them down.

Dear God, what did they do??

Don't get me wrong. I didn't expect them to go 14-2 on the season. But I certainly didn't expect them to be 0-31 at halftime against the stuttering Steelers, either!

Oi. And now our new fullback is being carted off the field. Please, just let them all go home alive!

My poor, poor Chiefs....


Back to writing. I only hope the bad karma floating around stays in Pittsburgh!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Marvelous Sidebar:

Woot! Thanks to Paperback Writer's suggestions as to e-book formats and such for her inspiring e-book contest, I fiddled around with my ill-explored Adobe Photoshop and made a cover for my e-book! I also tweaked the typos I found the first time around and tightened up a few parts that I felt needed work.

I'm not sure I'll ever be done. Heh.

Special thanks to my beloved sister for hosting it on her web space.

Here's the link to the new and improved The Office Mercenary, a dark satire. Enjoy!

Questions? Comments? Abuse?


Well, I got 12 right last week, so let's see how this week goes.

Buffalo over Detroit
Baltimore over Carolina
Cincinnati over Tampa Bay
Dallas over Houston
Atlanta over Giants
New Orleans over Philadelphia [but damn, this'll be a great game!]
Seattle over St. Louis
Washington over Tennessee
Kansas City over Pittsburgh [*prepares defibrillator, just in case*]
Jets over Miami
San Diego over San Francisco
Denver over Oakland [and here's the only time I'll pick Denver]
Chicago over Arizona [go Bears!]

Friday, October 13, 2006

Dear Charlie:

2000 words today. A respectable total. I have no quibbles.

Busy day. The Guy showed up around noon, as he'd promised -- though I had hoped that he was overestimating and would arrive by, oh, 10:30. He shook his head and admitted that I might just be right.

My entire HVAC system, inside and outside, might well be possessed. Heh.

Anyway, after testing a few things, he determined that the board was bad, thus causing the remote flame sensor to not detect the burner igniting, thus shutting the whole system down just as it started to avoid possibly burning down the house. Stupid thing. It was just kicking on!

So, while I didn't have to pay for a new board, I did have to pay labor. He was there for an hour and twenty minutes, which meant I paid for an hour and a half. Still cheap compared to parts, of course, but....

However, I was a weeeeee bit late getting in to work. Luckily I had overtime from Monday to cover. So, even though I didn't get there until 1:15, I still had 40 hours even. Woot for overtime!

Saved my butt.

Then, a friend offered me dinner in compensation for not having heat last night. I didn't even have to pull out the "woe is me" face! Double woot! Thanks, Jody!

So here I am, warm and well-fed and contemplating a nice, hot shower and gleefully plotting tomorrow's scenes, the first of which will be at the infamous Arg, Me Hearties.

After that? Oh, yeah. All Hell breaks loose. Woe! Betrayal! Agony! CONFLICT!!


I can't wait. I think this will be a good writing weekend.

*crosses fingers*

'Night, all!

Amusing Sidebar:

While typing merrily on my book and waiting for The Guy to show up -- bless his heart, but I'm not the only person whose heater bunked on the first cold day/night of the season -- I see the cat, Gabriel, outside the window.

Remember: this is not my cat. This is the cat. I like him. I feed him. But he is Dave's cat, though Dave doesn't live here anymore. Just want to clear that up.

Anyway, Gabe is stalking something in the grass outside. There are few things as impressive as a stalking cat. It's like watching slo-mo in real time. They creeeeeeep forward, no extraneous or jerky movements, their eyes fixed on their prey until...SPROING! They pounce.

So I'm watching the cat, wondering what on earth he's stalking because I can't see a damn thing, right? He's creeeeeping forward, one tiny step at a time. I've seen this animal take down a hummingbird -- no mean feat! -- so I know he will catch whatever it is, but I simply can't see it. Creeeeeep. Creeeep.


And another SPROING! as the grasshopper jumps away. And Gabe leaps after it, front paws batting at the grass, his little mouth a gaping maw of fierce teeth that don't quite bite. Then SPROING!SPROING! as they both pounce away again.

Playing. Gabe -- bird-and-squirrel murderer extraordinaire -- is playing with a grasshopper. I mean, I doubt the grasshopper sees it that way, but it's still cute to watch.

When he finally breaks down and captures his prey and eats it, I grin and go outside with some food. He wants belly rubs for his show. He demands belly rubs without uttering a single word.

He simply drops over on his side and stares up at me. "Rub my belly, human," those eyes say. "And be quick about it."

If I don't immediately comply, he gives me Teh Evol Look of Death. Needless to say, I comply immediately. Besides, he's earned a few belly rubs with the show he's put on for me.

No, I'm not a softie. I'm just cold and bundled up in a sweatshirt with another shirt under it and writing up a storm and needing a distraction, since The Guy isn't providing one by showing up to fix my poor heater.

Oh! Luckily, the unit is new, so whatever's wrong should be under warranty. Still gotta pay labor, of course...*scowls*...but hopefully not for parts. I only hope that it's actually something on the unit, rather than something like the tubing being loose or something. Ironic, ne?

Gah! Where's The Guy??

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well, crap.

It's pretty darn chilly here, and my heater's not turning on. Yeah, I just got the whole unit replaced a little while back, so anything wrong should be under warranty, but I still have to pay for the guy to come out. After the toilet fiasco and my car insurance and all sorts of other nickle-and-dime crap, I'm not sure I can afford even that.

See, the unit comes on just fine. But the fan doesn't. All that warm air just...stays there. Doesn't come inside. Useless, actually.

So, the unit's off.

Since it's already getting chilly in here and I'm yet again not gonna get to sleep in tomorrow morning -- I have the time off because of overtime, but now I gotta get up and call the heater guy first thing in the morning -- I think I'm gonna take a nice, hot bath, burrow under the covers, and pray for early sleep so I can make up a few Zs.

Geez, man.

Between the turning in early, the calls to my dad and my cousin (who does HVAC work), and a two-hour conversation with the friend in Kentucky (who's doing better physically and won't be losing her house after all, thank God, but who lost her Medicaid for some stupid reason that she can't quite get an answer on yet), I managed about 600 words. Whoop-de-frickin-doo.


Hey, at least I got those. And they're pretty good ones, I think. I'm trying to ease into something here that goes against my hard-assed, heartless nature, so I'm being...cautious. I'm poking in my toe every few feet to make sure the ground's still steady under the surface.

I'm on unfamiliar ground here, folks, but I'm making my way. One step at a time.

And it's now 58 degrees inside the house (and probably 40-ish outside), so I'm heading for that hot bath. I plan to turn on the little electric space heater in my bedroom first, though, so it's nice and toasty for when I run in there after bolting out from the hot and steamy bathroom.


It might be fun to see. Too bad Dave's not here to point and laugh at me!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Got home late tonight, but I still managed 1200 words. Not too shabby, though nothing like last night.

I gotta turn in early tonight, though. It is hard to get out of bed lately. Part of it is that it's still darkish when I get up. I've never been good at that -- at least not since I was a kid getting up early enough on Saturday morning that I beat the cartoons to the TV. If it's not light out, my body tells me it's still bedtime.

But I'm not really getting up any earlier. I guess I'm still not sleeping, though I'm too zonked to be sure. I know I'm catching some Zs. Just dunno how many.

Anyway, more work tomorrow, but I should be able to sleep in a little on Friday since I have overtime again. *crosses fingers* Please, please just let me sleep in!

G'night, all!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Woot! 3000 words, baby! That's what I'm talkin about!

I'm back!

Man, it's amazing what you can get done when you can actually, ya know, sit down and write. Whew.

Of course, I didn't sit down and write immediately upon arriving home. Oh, no. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be disturbed for the rest of the night, so I made some hamburger noodle stuff from a box and scalloped potatoes from scratch.

Oh. My. God.

The best scalloped potatoes ever. I seriously don't even know what I did to them to make them taste so good. They just came out right. *drools*

Anyway, so I had food at my left to pick at all night, and I made my phone calls while I baked. Then, I unplugged the phone and just wrote. Sorry to anyone who tried to call, but it paid off!

Back in the groove and only a few scenes away from all Hell breaking loose. It's enough to make the Ice Queen smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

There is one brief, shining moment where everything seems to be going okay. The halcyon days. Very little conflict and lots of fun and games at the pirate-themed mini golf course. Things might work out okay for our intrepid heroes. The world might be free and safe for democracy. And then?

Oh, children. And then....

On that note, pleasant dreams everyone. I know I'll be sleeping well, if I can fall asleep at all with The Story buzzing around my brain!

[EDIT: Okay, I had to check The Poz and TMQ for football news before actually cashing in my chips for the night. And I found this:

Look, we’re not saying that the Oakland Raiders will become the first team in NFL history to go 0-16. We’re just saying that by losing to the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers in back-to-back weeks, they have cleared two major hurdles on their inspired quest for imperfection.

Ha! Mr. Posnanski, you slay me! God, I almost died laughing!

Yay for Raider bashing!]

Monday, October 09, 2006

Amusing Sidebar:

First, check out this article by The Poz. See, I read this article on the fabulously terrible Arizona Cardinals right before watching the Chiefs game yesterday, and I was fairly certain that I'd cursed my boys by finding it so damn amusing.

Oi. It was very nearly instant karma. Luckily, my boys pulled out that last field goal and the football gods themselves blew the Cards' last kick wide. Whew!

At any rate, Joe Posnanski has consistently cracked me up for years, though not everything he writes is about football.

I know, I know. If it's not about football, it's not about anything. Preachin to the choir, folks.


Anyway, not very much writing tonight, and I deleted everything I wrote. Seriously. I didn't get to write at lunch today and didn't get home from work until almost 8:30. Then, I watched Heroes (or what was left of it...*sigh*) and called Dad.

By the time I got done there, it was almost time to hit the sack for the night. Plus, a friend had sent me a short story to read...like two weeks ago...so I figured I'd better get my butt in gear and read it. Then, I wrote.

And it sucked. Big time.

So I deleted it. I'll try again tomorrow. But I did write.

I just didn't keep any of it. *sheepish*

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Cardiac Chiefs alert! Whew!

Talk about a nail-biter. That rookie QB in Arizona did a number on us. Egads. I guess Kurt Warner has, once again, gone the way of the dodo. So long, buddy. There's a new sheriff in town.

But we pulled it out, thanks to a missed field goal by the Cardinals' place kicker. Ours, I might add, was perfect. As was our punter.

Oi. I told Mom that I'm gonna come up with a new football catchphrase: if your punter's having a great day, the rest of your team ain't.


I didn't get any writing done this weekend. *weeps* I was at Mom's yesterday and today, and we played sudoku all weekend. And did crossword puzzles. Mom saves them up for when she knows I'm coming down. Between the two of us, we usually git-r-done.

But I did finally get Mom's Mother's Day present delivered. Yes, I know what month it is. And she loved her birthday present, so that's all good. Whew!

And I'll unfortunately have the office to myself tomorrow morning, as the secretary/receptionist is out of state and the supervisor is at a different office until afternoon. Joy. I just looooove answering the phone. Really.


I will, however, be taking the ol' laptop to work. I'll hopefully get a few hundred words written over lunch and maybe after regular hours when I'm stuck staying late. AGAIN.

More overtime for me. *eyes future paycheck with a smirk*

I warn you all: I will be tired this week. I only hope that I hit that 3/4 mark on the novel so it starts to landslide toward completion. Then I can do stuff I've been putting off and be a little more accessible to those who might need me. Sorry, guys!

Anyway, g'night all!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Catch-all Sidebar:

Everybody was kung fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning

Yup. I spent this evening watching everybody kung fu fighting. First, it was House of Flying Daggers, which is fascinating to watch, even if you don't like the plot. Which I do. Great stuff, there.

Then, I watched Hero again. I like it more every time I watch it. I'm fascinated by how they fight in their minds, by the different color scheme for each version of the story, by the mysticism that inhabits even the unfolding present. Excellent stuff, there.

I did write a little earlier today, but that was mostly because I got to leave work a little early and shave off some of that overtime. I got about 1000 words, but I'm not sure how many of those I'll keep. They're right, but they're not right.

That makes sense. It really does.

Okay, last but not least, my football picks for the week:

Chicago over Buffalo [da bears!]
Carolina over Cleveland
Minnesota over Detroit [oi.]
New England over Miami
Green Bay over St. Louis
New Orleans over Tampa Bay
Indianapolis over Tennessee
Washington over Giants [this one could be interesting, though]
Kansas City over Arizona [duh]
Jacksonville over Jets [I hate picking Jax. you can never trust them.]
San Francisco over Oakland
Philadelphia over Dallas [suck it, TO!]
San Diego over Pittsburgh
Baltimore over Denver [sorry, mr. plummer, but you just had to go to denver!]

Okee doke. Time for bed. I'm headed to Mom's this weekend, so I dunno how much writing/posting I'll get done. Hopefully, I'll just miss posting Saturday.

*crosses fingers*

'Night all!

Oh, and just on general principles, might I talk everyone into praying for my beloved sister? She could use the good vibes. Just FYI, ya know?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Woot! 1500 words tonight, despite a lengthy phone conversation with my beloved sister about our respective frustrations.

I'm happy with these words, too. It's definitely a false dawn, all bright and shiny and full. I can't wait to blow it all to Hell.


But my lovely sleeping-in gig tomorrow got cancelled due to unforseen events at work. Long story short, I gotta go in at the regular time tomorrow. Good news, I get to keep all the overtime. Woot for bigger paychecks!

But now, to bed. I have a pretty busy weekend planned. Going to Mom's for her birthday (which actually isn't until next week), so I may not be able to blog. I'm a little nervous about not being able to post a word count, but I'll suck it up. I'm so close to the end that I think I'll be okay.

The hardest part is past, I think. Unless, of course, it's a false dawn.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dear Charlie:

As I sit here, the words for my story filling my head to overflowing as the hour creeps closer and closer to midnight, the words from Matchbox20's song Rainmaker keep running through my head:

I wish the real world would just stop hasslin' me....

Yeah. I haven't taken a lunch all week. I already have 30 hours logged at work, and it's not even Thursday yet -- though the hour doth creepeth close. Since I haven't been taking a lunch, I haven't been able to write during the day.

Major cramp in my ability to crank out the story that's beating at my skull to escape.

Plus, I allowed myself to be talked into making cookies tonight. Sugar cookies. With frosting. *rubs aching lower back* They'll be pretty, at least.

But I only managed about 500 words tonight. More like 467, but I'm rounding up. Dear God, let me round up!

There are plenty more where those 500 came from, but I don't have the time to write them tonight. Tomorrow night, I can probably stay up as late/early as I want because I'll be going in late Friday to snip off some of this overtime, but tonight? Nope. I was the living dead this morning. I don't like the feeling.

Plus, the insomnia hasn't let up. It's not the productive kind of insomnia where I could possibly just stay up all night writing. Nope, this is the brain-sucking kind of insomnia that has me laying in bed thinking absolutely nothing but how miserable it is to lay in bed thinking nothing. By about 3:00 a.m., I'm ready to bargain with God.

Oh, well. The story itself is coming along great. If/when I get time to just sit down and write -- ie., if I can get these friggin audits out of the way so I have that extra hour at lunch to write those extra 600-800 words that make such a difference -- I'll be sitting pretty. I think I may be past the hardest part, and in another 6,000 words or so, I'll be in the thick of the end, which is gonna go fast. I already know it. Just gotta get it to it.

So, I have lots of pretty cookies and lots of pretty words. One's on the counter and the other's in my head, but hey! It's all good.

G'night, folks. Pray for sleep, even if it's not for yourself. Heh.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Even with an hour scrapped to watch an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that actually did have Vincent D'Onofrio in it, I still managed 1600 words tonight. Not too shabby with the tough spot I'm in. I'll take that word count with a big ol' grin.

But before I head to bed, I have a terrible, shameful confession to make. I've been stewing how to write a particular movie review all week. I want to. It's a great movie -- one of my all-time favorites, and I don't say that lightly because I truly enjoy so many movies.

But I didn't know how to write about it without admitting to one little detail of which I am mortally ashamed.

*deep breath*

It makes me cry. Every damn time.

*waits for the repercussions*

Yes, I know. The Ice Queen who didn't cry when she sprained her wrist so badly the doctor said it would have been better if she'd just broken the damn thing. The Heartless Wonder. She of no Girliness.


Perhaps the movie itself will redeem my illustriously tear-free image, though. You see, when I took part of Saturday off to watch a movie, I watched The Iron Giant.

Yeah. Superman. Gets me every. Damn. TIME.

So, in the course of my wits a-wandering, I finally realized that perhaps the best praise I could give this flick is that its characters -- especially the Giant himself, voiced by the infinitely talented...*glares at nay-sayers*...Vin Diesel -- are so heart-catching that they touch even the Untouchable.

My hat's off to the original author and to the movie adaptors. Y'all done good. And two hats off to Mr. Diesel, whose "Souls...don't...die...." may be one of my ten favorite lines when taken in context.

Plus, it's way cool how they did matte paintings for the backgrounds and a '50s style animation for the human characters but used CGI for the Giant himself. All to make him otherworldly, out of place. It works. Many, many props.

Amusing Sidebar:

Okay, I don't usually blog about my job for the obvious reason that this blog isn't exactly private. It's not well-read, but it certainly isn't unGoogle-able.

So, my office is one of 15 in an organization. My office is also a hub for the rest of the organization's mail. I have to sort and redistribute that intra-office mail by putting it into duffle bags for the couriers to...you know...courier. In a way, I'm like the post office.

At any rate, I continually run out of these bags, necessitating the initial e-mail of the following exchange. This...is how I avoid going postal.

Me: I still need any extra bags you all have. Can I get everyone to send back any spares so I can send out the afternoon mail? Thank you!

Friend at Work: Sorry, I only have one and I am guarding it with my life.

Me: *sigh* I know your pain. I only have two, and I have to give one to [another office]. *clings to remaining bag*

FaW: And yet we still stay??

Me: Yeah, can't figure that one out, either.

FaW: Must be all the benefits we don't get.

Me: Heh, and here I was thinking it was the excellent pay. Hm.

FaW: Have you had this problem long? And I hear we have clinicians here to help with delusions.

Me: *sigh* You just had to go and crush my fragile little reality, didn't you? *weeps*

FaW: Sorry, Ma'am. It's my job to burst bubbles and tell little children that Santa is gay.

Me: *lower lip wobbles* S-s-santa? Is GAY?? *weeps*

FaW: Yes, and Rudolph doesn't have a red nose from the cold.

Me: Nooooo! *wails* Not Rudolph! Next you'll tell me that the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are having a sordid affair because she has a fetish about his buck teeth!

FaW: Yes, and for more on the story stay tuned to your local CNN news channel.

Me: *feels inner child withering*

FaW: Just what I thought, a closet believer.

Me: What's wrong with believing in closets?? Don't tell me they're not real, either??

*Posted with permission from the anonymous friend from work.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Well, today was definitely Monday.

I already knew I'd be working late tonight, so it wasn't a surprise that I didn't get home until about 8:30. The real surprise was not leaving for work until 9:00 this morning, though I walked out the door at 7:35.

That's right, folks. It's the amazing, annual, locking-herself-out GB! New and improved.

Sheesh. So, after locking myself out of my own house (though I think it's been two years since I did it last, breaking that earlier three-year stretch of annual idiocy), I got to wake up some neighbors who were none too happy -- although please keep in mind that for about 8 weeks last year, they woke me up every Saturday morning at 6:30 with a friggin LEAF BLOWER on FULL BLAST, so they really can't complain about me waking them up ONCE -- so I could call in to tell the job I'd be late and to call around to see if I could catch either of the two people who still have spare keys.

No dice. Had to call a locksmith. Monday is not looking up.

Anyway, I didn't take a lunch at work, so the day was loooong. Came home to write for at least a couple of hours and found a message on my answering machine that some friends are in danger of losing their house.

Oh, shit.

So I called and spent two hours trying to calm them down. I suggested a few people they can call, as they have some SERIOUSLY extenuating circumstances. Hopefully, their mortgage company will accept those circumstances and halt the foreclosure procedure before it really gets rolling, but I just don't know enough about property/real estate law. So, I dug through the phone book and wracked my memory and gave them a couple of names/numbers in case they can't get ahold of someone reasonable at the mortgage company.

God, I hope it works. If not, I may have some roommates for a while.

Anyway, I did eventually get around to writing, but not until about 10:30. I somehow managed 700 words, but I gotta get some sleep. I have a metric assload of work to do in the next two weeks at the day job. My brain's already gonna be fried from wanting to write all day, so I gotta save what little brain power is left over by getting even a modicum of sleep.

G'night, all!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Due to several intervening factors, my Sunday was not precisely my own. Plus, as I said before, I'm sort of "in the Cave" as regards the book, so I think the word counts will not be as wham-bam as they have been until I get to the actual calamity I have planned. Bwahah.

However, I did put out 2000 very important words today, and I was just getting back into the beat when I realized what time it was. Grrr. But, I'm proud to say that I'm 2/3 of the way through the book now! Woo-hoo!

Anyway, to bed with me, and I'll hopefully get to write more tomorrow, even though I'm pretty sure I'll be working late. *sigh* Sleep? Bah, who needs it!


*dances off to bed*

Marvelous Sidebar:

Woot! Chiefs win 41-0!

See the Full Monty here, but I'll enumerate my favorites. Heh.

Mr. Larry Johnson went over 100 yards again and made 2 touchdowns. Always good news for the offensive line. My boys managed 5 touchdowns and 2 field goals. Lotsa points on the board. And Eddie Kennison, God love 'im, caught a beautiful 30-something yard pass for a touchdown right before halftime, giving us a cushy 24-0 lead going into the second half. And Huard, bless his back-up QB heart, was damn near perfect on the game with 208 yards and 2 touchdowns.


As for the defense? I think this quote from the article linked above says volumes:

The 49ers, who had allowed only four sacks in three games, gave up five to Kansas City's improved defense, which did not yield a touchdown for the second straight game.

That's right. 5 sacks in one game against a team that had only allowed 4 in three games. Plus, no touchdowns allowed. Very cool.

In all, I am satisfied. Go Chiefs!

Now, back to writing.