Sunday, February 26, 2006


Two things, the first being the most important.




And the second, this bizarro article on how WWE and Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel compare. It's...striking, to say the least.

If the two vampire shows are half as entertaining as wrestling -- though with so many wrestlers hurt or...errrr...dead this past year, I worry for the future of my second favorite sport -- I might just have to become a fan!

It helps that they're by the same guy who put out my absolute favorite TV show ever, Firefly. Mr. Whedon, you are a genius.

Dear Charlie:

Heh, I guess you can tell that I've disappeared into The Zone. Gah!

Lemme summarize the last week: work, write, write, work, write, write, eat, work, write, write.

Oh, yeah. I slept a little, too.

Sorry I've been incommunicado, but I just kinda forget the rest of the world when I'm this deep into something. It's even WORSE when the something is a good story!

*goes back to being incommunicado*

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Woo-hoo! Fifteen pages and 4 chapters tonight!

I am back, baby!


Of course...I kinda forgot to eat...and I didn't check e-mail know...answer the phone...and I forgot that my beloved radio station goes to a stupid radio show at 9:00 and half-listened to a bunch of crap-chatter for about half an hour before remembering to turn it off and pop in a random movie.


Okay, not so random. I popped in Firefly disc 3. Yeah, the one with Jayne on the cover. Heh.

No, he's not inspiration for this particular book, but the background music is nice, and it's kinda comforting to have friendly, familiar voices in the background.

Not that I noticed that I let it sit on the menu for a good twenty minutes before starting the first episode. Heh.

God, I just disappear when I'm in The Zone. Or does everything ELSE disappear?


Ponderous, man. Ponderous.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bizarro Sidebar:

As an afficionado of hundreds of action/disaster movies, I can honestly say this one, simple thing:

Civilians suck.

If I am ever in a crisis situation where seconds count and I have to walk across a rickety catwalk over a gaping chasm of certain death, I hereby swear that I will not hesitate and whimper and cry for fifteen minutes while a bunch of brave, intense military personnel implore me with everything from my loved ones back home to everyone waiting in agony behind me to move my sorry ass. I will simply move said sorry ass across the gorram catwalk.

What's the worst that could happen? It's not like I'd LIVE through it!

Just. Friggin'. GO.

That is all.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Well, three straight days of deep-cleaning the ol' homestead, and I'm exhausted. Feel like I worked all weekend, then went to work, then worked some more.


But the bathroom is sparkling, and the kitchen is getting there, and the living room looks like a whole new place. I still have the dining room and my bedroom to go -- thanks to Dave moving out, the guest bedroom looks pretty damn good...empty...whatever -- but I'm not too worried about them. They shouldn't be so labor intensive.


Shouldn't require so damn much SCRUBBING.

Luckily, now I can finally make BG's cookies. He's had a bit of a rough time lately -- surgery and all -- and I figure a few sugar cookies with some chocolate butter frosting might go down nicely while he heals.

...Mmmm...butter frosting....

Great. Now I want cookies.

Oh! And I'm back to writing daily again! That's ALWAYS a good thing. I always feel a little more...I dunno...on-track when I'm writing every day. I haven't had much time, what with all the cleaning, but I've managed at least a half hour every day, and last night I put in at least two hours.

Good times. I love to write.

It's not the trilogy, darn it, but it's going like gangbusters, so I'm not gonna complain!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Well, that's that.

Dave has officially moved out. My house is my own for the first time in damn near three years. My own cable internet is set up and running -- thank God! -- and my guest room is empty.

Who knew he had that much stuff??

At any rate, a time of change is upon me. Great change. My first thought upon seeing that empty room -- the walls bare of their DBZ scrolls, the floor still bearing the imprint of Hollywood frame wheels, my pathetic stock of storage tubs huddling pitifully in the corner -- was that I really need to gut my home.

Yeah. I'm kind of a packrat.

Now, I've been in the process of doing this for...well...three years. I've put stuff for a yard sale in several sealed tubs. I've kept stuff I intend to sell or give away in sealed boxes.

I haven't even unpacked everything I moved here in 2001. Sheesh.

But I need to just kinda gut the place. Everything must go. And God, please, get rid of some of the dust! This house just COLLECTS it!

I need to get rid of some of this shit. Seriously.

However, I realized one bright and shiny thing: I don't need NEARLY as big a set of shelves for my movies as I thought! With Dave's massive collection gone, mine's only HALF the size!


Note to self: get some friggin' shelves.

And that's just for MOVIES. God only knows how I'll house all my BOOKS. I have a whole tub full of them...and at least one box full that I never even unpacked when I moved here.

I'm a book-aholic. Addicted to the written word.

So, helping someone else pack up and move in a day makes me really want to have all of my stuff accessible for the first time since...gosh, since I left the ex. Hell, maybe even since I moved to this town/city in the first place.

So, yes, a time of great change. I get to be me again -- the me I am when I'm alone, which is subtly different from the me I am when someone else, anyone else is around. 'Course, as often as I have company, I don't guess I have to completely nix that "people" person.

'S a good thing I like both me versions, ne? It's kinda handy to have them both around.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


I may be short my internet connection Wednesday.

I'm hoping it won't come to that. But with Dave moving...well, the cable internet is in his name, and we both work during the company's business hours, and they're being potty words about switching his over to my name while he starts up a new one, and...and...and.

At any rate, I'm hoping I can stop in on my lunch hour and get my name switched over without any lag time. I don't see why they can't just take his name off and put mine on. We'll see.

Poor Dave is pretty much doomed to go without, though. They can't get his connection turned on in his new apartment until Wednesday. Yikes.

Funny thing is, he could do it himself. He knows what to do. Too bad it's not particularly legal, ne?


At any rate, just in case I can't get mine switched over, I wanted to make sure no one thought I just off and croaked. Heh. Hope to post again soon!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dear Charlie:

No, I didn't die of the Mystery Sudden-Onset Mega-Snot-Inducing Cold.

I went to work today. Stayed all day. Survived.

I got a little hoarse toward the end of the day and had a headache pretty much the whole time, but I consider that pretty small potatoes. After all, I'm not dehydrated, ne?

And on a completely unrelated note, I was just taking my nightly bath and listening to Meatloaf's Welcome to the Neighborhood CD and thinking, Damn, but I think this is his best CD ever.

Now, I realize that comparing one Meatloaf CD to another is a little like comparing a Hattori Hanzo sword to a Hattori Hanzo sword. Each of Meatloaf's albums holds a special place in my admittedly hard heart.

But all around, I think Welcome is the best. Hard to explain, but true.

Could be that it has two of my favorite songs on it: Original Sin and Left in the Dark. Those two songs give me goosebumps. And shivers.

At any rate, I think I'll hit the sack with those hauntingly beautiful and beautifully crooned lyrics running through my head.

I shoulda known that it was comin to this
But I must've been blind
I bet you still got a trace of his love in your eyes
And you still got his eyes on your mind

You swore you'd be with me at seven o'clock
Now it's a quarter to three
Well, whatever you got and whoever it was
I guess ya couldn't get it from me

No, I guess ya couldn't get it from me

Oh, but down in my soul
Down in my soul, I know!

I know that you love me
There's no need to talk
I see the look in your eyes
And I got the proof

And there are no lies on your body
So take off your dress
Oh, I just wanna get at the truth

And there are so many things
That I just gotta know
Ya tell me who!
Ya tell me where!
Ya tell me when!

But don't tell me now
I don't need any answers tonight

I just need some love
So turn out the light
And I'll be left in the dark again....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So I went to work today. Dragged my sorry, sick butt out of bed and hoofed it to the office...and got sent home.


Apparently, no one else wants the Mystery Sudden-Onset Mega-Snot-Inducing Cold. Croaking like a frog and blowing like a foghorn must not be terribly attractive. Go figure.

So, I did a day's worth of work in just over 4 hours and carted my happy ass back home to veg out and shiver under a quilt. And update my blog. Heh.

Now I gotta come up with something to eat while I sniffle and sneeze and cough up my lungs and watch Stand By Me. They're crossing the bridge as I type. Good times.

Well, the movie is good times, anyway. *croaks, blows*

Monday, February 13, 2006

Bizarro Sidebar:

Guh. Sick. Stayed home sick for the first time at the new job.

Yeah. That sick.

I caught the Mystery Sudden-Onset Mega-Snot-Inducing cold again. No lie. Started up yesterday morning-ish. Didn't sleep last night. Every time I started to drop off...then came the snot.

My nose is raw. My head is pounding.

I'd almost blame it on allergies, but it snowed on and off this weekend, so what could be producing allergins?

...Is that even a word? It rings a bell...but did I just make it up??

So, because I'm whonky and tired and zonked as hell, I'm watching Firefly straight through. Yup, all the episodes (except for the last DVD, since the friend I hooked at work still has that one) back to back. I've only dozed off once, and that was during the end music between DVDs 1 and 2, so I didn't miss anything.

I also ate soup. Cleared me up for, oh, twenty minutes or so. God, it's nice to breathe through the nose, even for just a second!

Now, I gotta go boil some water for some hot tea. I'm getting a caffeine headache -- no Coke when I'm sick as it just clogs up the throat, gorrammit -- and breathing in the heat should clear me out again for another twenty minutes or so.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering...NO. I'm not planning to go to the doctor. However, I am running for the bathroom every half hour or so from all the water/juice/Gator-ade I've been drinking since about 5:00 this morning (when I finally gave up on sleep for good).

No doctor, but no dehydration, either.

[EDIT: Dirty pool, old man. I went to grab a coffee mug from the cabinet for some hot tea, and just about threw it when I saw the ginormous dead spider inside.

SO not cool to do to a sick person. How the hell did it GET there, anyway??

*is now all creeped out*

I am kinda proud that I DIDN'T throw it, though. Just put it down VERY quickly and ran away a good three steps before remembering that the damn beastie was dead.

Needless to say, I've chosen a different mug, and I've washed it in scalding hot water. With lots of soap. Just in case.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so we were watching DOOM and I missed the start of the ProBowl. I know! Blasphemy!

So I quickly turned off the movie, only to find's only on frickin ESPN. Those dirty bastards! I want my ProBowl!

I tried every channel. No dice. Damn the Man.

Now, I must stew.

So, football season really WAS over for me last week, and I didn't even know it. Why, God? WHY??

In weirder news, Dave is moving out next weekend. I know! My roommate for the better part of three years is moving out.

Part of me is dancing at the prospect of having my house back to myself. I love living alone, and I have none of the usual "woman on her own" fears. I pity the fool who tries to break in here. First, there's nothing worth stealing. Second, I have two baseball bats, and how much they hurt only depends on which one I get to first.

But another part of me wonders if I'll do even a quarter as much laughing without the World's Biggest Clutz around to hydroplane across carpet, chestplant on my coffee table, and jump/scream like a little girl when I accidentally sneak up on him. Heh. Good times.

Meh, either way, it's like the end of an era. Luckily, I look forward to new eras with as much verve as old ones. He'll still be around, and I have no doubt he'll be here pretty often. I cook, remember. Ha!

Plus, he's 32 and single. It's probably pretty hard to get laid when you have to first explain that the girl you live with is NOT your sex-buddy or your girlfriend or your relative. Heh. I have a feeling I've been hard on his poor, neglected libido.

So, time moves on.

I had a dream last night. I don't remember what it was, but I woke up laughing my ass off this morning. I hate missing funny stuff! I really, really wish I could remember!

Something about...tuna? Sushi? Dancing lobsters??

God only knows!!

Could this post be any more random? I wonder....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Just got everything all switched over to the new -- I repeat: NEW!! -- laptop. Woo-hoo!

At least I THINK everything's copied over. I'm not planning to delete everything from the old one until I'm sure, though. Call me paranoid. I know I had some newer links that didn't get pulled over, but I'm willing to surf around for them first. If I just can't find 'em, I'll bring the other one back up and mix-n-match.

No worries.

This one's TONS faster. The screen is both clearer and larger. Tons of storage. Videos play without any hitches or hiccups. Hell, even the sound is better!

*is all enthralled*

I've never had a new computer before! I'm so excited!


I forgot the original intention of this post. I really had something else to talk about. Just can't, for the life of me, think what.




I got a new laptop! Woo-hoo!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Okay, so I usually don't do these. But surely a little tagging is good for you ONCE in a while, ne?


- medical records clerk
- paralegal
- English tutor at Missouri Southern State College (University, now)
- Wal-mart customer service person - never again!!


- Serenity
- Josie and the Pussycats
- Super Troopers
- The Boondock Saints


- Joplin, MO
- Osceola, MO
- outside of Osceola, MO
- ummm...does a month on a campus in Ansbach, Germany count?


- Firefly, of course
- football, of course
- WWE SmackDown and RAW, of course
- Law & Order, any version


- Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland (all in the same trip)
- the Grand Canyon
- Washington, DC
- all over Texas (senior trip)


- Bourbon Street steak (only Phil's, thank you)
- lobster risotto
- anything with potatoes
- coconut shrimp


- my beloved sister's blog
- the adored Diane's blog
- um...does checking my e-mail count?


- soundly asleep, dreaming of kicking Serenity's crew's asses at paintballing
- on my way to the ProBowl (and not just because it's in Hawaii)
- on my way to turn in that winning PowerBall ticket I hope I bought
- Montana

In other -- and infinitely more important -- news, I totally got a new laptop for my birthday! A NEW one! Dad bought me a new, fully functional laptop for my birthday!


Rock on!

So now, I get to take off all the extra crap they sell on computers these days and put on my few happy programs and get all my books and stories copied over and viola! Back in business, baby!

It's NEW!! I've never had a NEW one before! Woot!

*dances some more*

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bizarro Sidebar:

Verbatim from a friend on a generic card:

Here's a birthday story to remember. I went last night to find you a card and some little obnoxious birthday token. I arrived at the store shortly before eight p.m. As I entered the store, I saw some people that I knew. I talked briefly with them, and then went on my merry little shopping way.

As I headed toward the cards and the obnoxious little birthday token aisle, I encountered the store manager who asked if I needed help. I politely replied, no thank you. Time passed as I became engrossed in reading cards. At one point, I realized that the store was extremely quiet.

I took my cards and an obnoxious birthday token that I had found and headed to the check-out line. There was no line! Egads, there were no people in the store, not even a clerk!

As I am standing there looking dumbfounded, a man pushing a broom approaches me and said: "Ma'am, don't you know we are closed?" I stated: "No!" I turned to leave the store, but as I went to push open the door, it wouldn't budge! It was fricking locked.

So the man pushing the broom had to unlock it and I hurriedly left the stinking store. Alas, that is why you are stuck with this card and no obnoxious birthday token! How about lunch???

Now, all I can say in light of this little tale is a paraphrase from Jayne: Ya'll got locked in a store...on account'a me??

*insert appropriate stunned and grateful look here*

Ha! One of the more amusing birthday presents ever, I'd think. Much better than what she had picked out -- a little rubber heart thingy with legs and two stretchy rubber arms obviously intended for hugging.


I hate hugs. They weird me out, man. Which is, of course, why this "friend" picked the damn thing out! Gah!

Oh, and speaking of Jayne, I had THE WEIRDEST dream last night.

Okay, in light of some of my more bizarro dreams, this one was actually pretty mainstream. But it was one of those startlingly real ones -- though not one with physical leftovers. Very vivid, very linear, very chronological. Geez, I even dream in proper novel format.


So I was paintballing with the cast of Firefly, the crew of Serenity. Yes, I've probably watched the show too much, but that's not the point. Heh.

Not like I'll stop watching it even if I have watched it too much.

So anyway, there I am, paintballing not with the actors, but with the characters. Oddly enough, at the start of the dream, I didn't know the rounds we exchanged were paintballs, so I was moderately disturbed at the enjoyment I took in a nice, solid hit. You see, the paint was red, so when I shot, say, Mal in the arm or some such, it looked like he was bleeding.


Plus, I had some sort of semi-automatic weapon, so I could rattle off ten shots in a bare second or I could snipe someone -- poor Kaylee, I think -- in just one shot. It wasn't until I noticed that the walls and dirt also bled on the few occasions I missed that I realized I was know...playing around.

At which point I got really into it. Heh.

So after a brief standoff with Jayne, Zoe, Mal, and Wash -- I'd taken out Shepherd Book in the standoff, but only because of that semi-automatic feature you can't get with a paintball gun (as far as I know), and River and Simon were nowhere to be found for some reason -- I backed into a crumbled old warehouse-type building, then sprinted up two flights of steps to find a window on the third floor.

Quite the paintball range, ne?

From this vantage, I proceeded to snipe at those that were left. I got Wash in one shot (though I'd already tagged him three times without a "kill" shot). I hit Mal and Zoe -- nothing "fatal", of course -- but Jayne had found some excellent cover behind a turned-over wreck of a car and was giving good return fire. Then, Mal hollered for a cease fire and sent an intricate set of hand gestures to the other two, only whining about fair play once when I tagged him in the hand.

And came. The Charge.

Animal Mother himself jumped from behind his cover and sprinted straight for the building, Mal and Zoe providing cover fire, though it was unnecessary. I was too enthralled with the ballsy -- yeah, it's paintballing, but those things hurt, dammit! -- and straightforward attack to bother with too much shooting. Plus, Jayne wasn't running toward the doorway, but straight at me, which kinda threw me for a loop.

'S not like there was a ladder up the wall below, ya know?

I leaned out a little bit to see what the heck he was doing, but Mal and Zoe nearly took off my head, metaphorically speaking, so I jerked back in and returned fire. Mal ran next, Zoe giving cover fire, and I had a lot of fun making the poor guy dance as he trotted. Heh.

As soon as Mal veered off toward the doorway below, Zoe really turned it on. She ducked behind a horse trough -- don't ask me how that fit with the turned-over car -- and just started painting the window frame.

The charge was very methodical. Very coordinated. Very military.

Good times.

But I had forgotten -- amazing, I know! -- about Jayne. Jayne in his "Hero of Canton" get-up, no less. I certainly remembered him when he popped up outside the window, having scaled the wall!

Heh, and the look on his face when I pegged him in the chest -- a purely reflexive shot, I must admit -- from barely two feet away was priceless. And then he started to fall backward.

Now, paintballing is one thing. I'll be ruthless, there. But a three-storey fall is nothing to joke around about. I didn't even think about it; I just dropped my gun and reached out to grab him.


He grinned and glomped on around my neck, nearly pulling me out the window...and I heard him laugh just before I got peppered in the friggin' back. Big jerk. Damn diversion.

And did friggin' Mal have to use the whole damn magazine??

I woke up -- jerked up, in fact, expecting to be bruised all to Hell -- with that laughter in my ears. Heh. What a way to start the day, ne? But I guess there are worse things than getting beaten at paintballing in a dream by a crack team of television characters.

...Feeling like you've been peppered in the back by paintballs at close range would probably qualify. 'S a good thing this wasn't one of those dreams.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dear Charlie:

My computer is mocking me.

Yeah. It worked just fine yesterday -- you know, when I took it to The Guy. I think it heard me say I was gonna get it worked on by a professional and it decided to "heal thyself". Turned itself on without so much as a hiccup four times in a row.


I barely got it to turn on ONCE at home. Damn thing.

But it's on, so I suppose I should be grateful for small things. After all, despite its current streak of liveliness, my poor laptop has a terminal disease.

Yes, what's wrong with it is incurable. It's only a matter of time before it simply won't come back on at all. So...I guess I'll just have to not turn it off. Heh.

As for the rest of today....


That's right, folks. It's a holiday that I celebrate far more religiously than Christmas. I've been watching pre-game shows all day, which is amusing as hell. I love how they hype the event -- make everything a rivalry and try to stir up enmity when there's no real bad blood between these particular two teams. Good times.

I actually prefer the ProBowl -- a last chance to see my Chiefs play, even if only a few of them, before the long, dry off-season spell -- but there's just something...traditional about the SuperBowl. Something ritualistic. Something fun.

Even if my boys don't get there for another decade -- or ever -- I'll faithfully watch the other champs go at it and participate in the ritual with untoward glee. And beer, of course.

Wouldn't be the SuperBowl without beer.

Heh. God, I love football.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Dear Charlie:

It's the simple things in life you treasure. Heh. Can't say more on why I'm treasuring a current simple thing without being disingenuous, so suffice it to say that I'm doing a happy dance on the inside.

Good things are in the works.

Other simple things: I am currently listening to my WinAmp list -- lots of good music with nearly psychotic eclectic range -- and enjoying an extensive session of mahjong. God, I love that game. Never gets old, no matter how frustrating it is that I can't beat my current personal best times. I simply cannot match up those tiles in less than 2:15!

That's minutes:seconds, folks. Yes, I am that much of a geek. I have whittled down my mahjong times so far that I cannot whittle them farther. Dammit!

Of course, I could always hit the "clear scores" button, but I nearly have a heart attack each time I contemplate the option. The one time I actually hovered the pointer over the button, I swear I felt time stand still and the Earth correct its 23-ish degree tilt. All was chaos. Up was down. Black was white.

And then I moved the pointer away and all was well.

Geez, I need to unplug! It's just that I haven't had my computer much all week...and I love my mahjong!

Worse still, I know I have to turn the ol' laptop off tonight, as I'll be taking it to my beloved sister's house tomorrow. And once I turn it off, there's no guarantee it'll EVER come back on. Waaaah!

Needless to say, I'm a little nervous. Just a bit. Unsettled. Twitchy.

Frickin' terrified.