Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dear Charlie:

I just want to take this opportunity to publicly announce that I blame The Rock for my beloved Chiefs' loss Monday night.

That's right. No bullshit.

You see, he fought dirty. He...he came out in a Broncos jersey. He got everyone all riled up.

*gasp of anguish*

He cannot pretend not to know that celebrity endorsement is the most powerful force in modern capitalism! He knew EXACTLY what he was doing!

*fugitive sniffles*

He did it on PURPOSE.



Okay, I really don't know what the deal was. It's like they just didn't show up at all. I saw my boys, and I saw Eddie Kennison play an excellent game against the team he retired on [which did my heart good, I must say]...but I saw Jake Plummer do better. I saw his line actually block for him [which is not a given, if you've ever watched the Broncos play].

I saw them work. I saw us...falter.

Dammit. I wish I didn't like Jake Plummer so much. I adored him in Arizona. But now...now he's a Bronco, and I can't adore him with the same unadulteration. Heh.

I think I just made up another word.

Anyway...I think we will clean up our act next week. We do have a tough schedule, but I have every faith that we will be 3 - 1 next week.

Go Chiefs!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Bizarro Sidebar:



The Rock is a...a...a DENVER FAN!


Now I can't like The Rock anymore! I mean, I'm sure he'd simply respond with his trademark "It doesn't matter!", but...but...but it's the BRONCOS! It DOES matter!

It could only be worse if it were the Raiders!

*crosses arms*

Learn something new every day. Dammit.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dear Charlie:

Well, that's that.

Just got notification that Glimmer Train didn't take the short story I sent them. I'm not terribly disappointed, as this was only the first story I'd sent them and lots of people have been getting turned down there for years, but...well....


At least I know, and that's a relief. Heh.

In other news, I'm bummed that St. Louis won, but I'm kinda jazzed that, for once, Jacksonville came through for me! One leap of faith positively reinforced!


Now, when KC kicks the crap out of Denver tomorrow night, I'll be truly happy. Heh, I'm so easy to please.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dear Charlie:

Here are my picks for the week. I haven't done especially well this year, heh. Part of it is refusing to pull for certain teams, ne?


Let's try to forget the grudges for this week and see how that works. Except for the Raiders, of course. Can't let go of my hate-on for them. Or for St. Louis. And I still don't trust Jacksonville. Every time I pick them, they LOSE. However, every time I don't pick them, they WIN.

Heh. Maybe I won't forget my football grudges!

Buffalo over Atlanta
Carolina over Miami
Chicago over Cincinnati*
Indianapolis over Cleveland
Jax over Jets**
New Orleans over Minnesota
Philadelphia over Oakland
Tampa Bay over Green Bay
Tennessee over St. Louis
Seattle over Arizona
Dallas over San Fran
Pittsburgh over New England
Giants over San Diego
KC over Denver***

I am SOOOO gonna suck this week, but hey! That's why I don't gamble, ne? Besides, most of the fun of football is pissing and moaning over how "my team" isn't feelin' me.

* I'll probably regret this one, but I can't help but go for the Bears. I've always had a soft spot for them. The Bengals are looking good this year...but it's the Bears!

** Here I go burying the hatchet. Something tells me that hatchet's gonna end up in my ass, but again, I'm trying to get over my distrust of the Jags. *grumble*

*** Heh, you had to ask?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lovely Sidebar:

Just finished watching The Longest Yard, 2005 version. I watched it in the theater, of course, and loved it there.

Hell, it's FOOTBALL. You know I loved it!

However, I just realized something I didn't realize the first time through. In fact, I don't suppose I've ever realized this before.

Bill Goldberg is hot.


Now, I watched him wrestle lo, those many years ago. He's amazing. I've always thought he was cool.

But I've never thought he was hot...until now.

Hell, the man's even been in movies I've loved, and I've always enjoyed his characters, but...I just never made the connection.

Part of it was that I always thought he was older than he is. Looked him up online and...damn if he ain't just 41! [edit: Okay, so he's 38. This is what I get for adding and drooling at the same time. It's not like he'll just happen to be googling his name and looking at every single hit -- since my humble blog is waaaaaaay down the list -- and actually see the flub, ne?]

He's not an older man. He's...just right! How did I never notice before?

I guess it took seeing him in the shower -- all of him...but for about a foot's width across the pertinent parts, heh -- and the other guys joking for the rest of the movie about The Hammer for me to realize what should have been obvious the whole time.


Admittedly, I didn't always adore muscle-bound men. I tried to like the brainy, adorably geeky guys. It almost worked. In fact, I kinda intentionally avoided looking at muscle-heads because I didn't want to be the ditzy girl watching football [and wrestling] just for the boys in spandex. I didn't wanna be the "ooooh, look at his butt!" chick at the SuperBowl or at WrestleMania.


That's not to say I don't notice. Just that I...I dunno...conditioned myself not to drool over it, ne?

However, with the advent of my infatuation with the lickable Vin Diesel last year or so, I have apparently lost that minor qualm against muscle-heads. I am now very much aware of the attention-getting quality of that much sheer meat.

And Bill Goldberg -- former football player and wrestler extraordinaire -- is FINE.


You learn something new everyday. Now...I gotta go have some drooly dreams of Hammers and tattoos and a wrestling, martial arts-ing, muscle-bound, intentionally bald, football-playing god.

Woo-hoo! That's like checking off every item on my wish list!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Dear Charlie:

Oh, man! Was that not a GREAT game??

Sure, we had the lead over those pesky Raiders the whole time, but didn't it get a little tense there at the end? And WHAT happened then, boys and girls?


*does several little dances*

We have a defense again! Yay, yay, YAY!

Oh, it was beautiful! It really was!

And bless Pesh's poor little heart, but -- though she despises football and couldn't care LESS who won -- she let me come over and watch the game because I don't get ESPN. She just laughed and shook her head while I whooped and hollered and jumped up and down and rooted my boys on to victory and all that.


I get a little excited, you know.

I would have watched it over at my beloved sister's house with her and my dad, but I'm having to relearn the fine art of getting up at the buttcrack of dawn, and I didn't want to get home at like 1:00 in the morning and have to get up at 6:30.

Yes, I know; the vast majority of the world gets up well before that and I should thank my lucky stars that I can sleep that late, blah-de-blah. I'm a chronic insomniac, dammit. Sleep is my Graceland. I'll whine about it until my dying day.


Anyway, so Pesh graciously -- and selflessly -- sacrificed her peace of mind so I could feed my addiction. Gotta love a good friend like that. She's one of those who would bail me out of jail...

...if she weren't sitting there beside me, laughing about how much fun THAT little shenanigan was. Heh.

Anyway, back to the subject that's never too far from my mind: my beloved Chiefs! Heh, I can't wait to see what the snarky Tuesday Morning Quarterback [see link in sidebar, as I'm too lazy to look it up at the moment] has to say about this 2-0 "Chiefs got a defense thing! Woo-hoo!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dear Charlie:

This is a good weekend.

Yesterday, I went to my beloved sister's house to see my dad, who's up from Mexico again for the week. Woo-hoo! We sat around and talked writing, which is ALWAYS refreshing. We talked with Dad. We dinked around, shared story segments and ideas, watched a little TV, talked a little football, ate a little Chinese buffet....

And then had Highlander Grog.

*dies happy*

Now, I am NOT a coffee drinker. I don't LIKE coffee. However, I absolutely adore Sis's coffee, and I veritably WORSHIP Highlander Grog. Highlander Grog is Gregar to me. I hold that steaming cup up to my nose and simply inhale the scent of my favorite Blood.


Pure Heaven.

And today, I get to watch the Chiefs kick the crap out of the Raiders. Can't wait. It's almost game-time. I'm wearing my Derrick Thomas jersey.

Let's get ready to rumbaaaaaaallllllll!!

Woo-hoo! Damn good weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


All right. Since it's the start of the new football season -- and because I was too chicken to post them earlier in the season last year -- I decided to post my picks every week.

Now, before anyone gets all excited...heheh...remember that I'm a forgetful cuss, or I'll probably have computer problems -- as I am right now...and I'm posting from a friend's house because of them -- and I may not post faithfully every week. Especially if I've already posted that week.

Unless I'm just really in a posty mood, during which I'll post every damn day and drive everyone nuts with my inane good cheer. Heh.


Baltimore over Tennessee
Tampa Bay over Buffalo
Detroit over Chicago
Indianapolis over Jacksonville
Cincinnati over Minnesota
New England over Carolina
Pittsburgh over Houston
San Francisco over Philadelphia
Atlanta over Seattle
Arizona over St. Louis
Cleveland over Green Bay
Miami over NY Jets
San Diego over Denver
Kansas City over Oakland
NY Giants over New Orleans
Dallas over Washington

So there they are. The bolded ones are the home teams. Seems like I usually pick the home teams more...but not this year.


Anyway...are you ready for some FOOTBALL??? Woo-hoo!


Oh, wait. It's only Wednesday. Damn.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dear Charlie:

Whew, what a week. Heh.

Don't get me wrong; it was a GREAT week! It was just kinda hectic. I trained in a different building each day, which made it seem like I was just runnin' around. Thursday, the lady I'm replacing decided she wasn't moving after all, and that kinda led to a flurry.

My employers assured me that the job was mine and that I should feel no need to change that position if I didn't want to. However, they did present me several options I might want to try, so I considered one of those options and went to that building to feel it out.

Ultimately, though, I'm keeping the job I was hired for. I'm sorry to the lady who's leaving, but she doesn't have to leave. There are other positions within the company, and she might still decide to move anyway. I have to go with what I know I'll enjoy and be good at, and I know I can absolutely nail this job.

*does a little dance*

However, it was kinda fun to have two different divisions fighting over me, no matter how politely or quietly. Heh. It was a nice little ego boost, ne?

Anyway, so since they were breaking the news to the other lady Friday, I got to go back to where I'd worked part time the last month and see my friends out there again. *big grin* That made me very happy. I do wish I could work out there full time because I had a really good time out there. Heh.

However, the good news is that one of the people I got along with the best is the medical records person, so I'll still get to see her and talk to her a lot in my position. Woo-hoo!

So, everything's lookin' up, folks, and I couldn't be happier about how it's all worked out. Woo-hoo!



Okay. Now I gotta get in the rest of this killer football game I'm watchin'. You know...the one where the Chiefs are SHUTTING OUT the Jets!!

*does several little dances*

I'm sorry to Dave because he's a big Jets fan, but I gotta CELEBRATE! Look at that DEFENSE!!

*jumps around and cheers*

Oh, and how cool is it that Miami is beating the crap out of Denver?? Woo-hoo! Wah-hah!

*stops for breath*

God, I love football. Heh.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Ignorence is bliss.

You know, they're not kidding there.

This has been one of those "do alot so you can think better" kind of days. It didn't seem like I was doing a lot, but I ended up doing more than I thought...mostly because my mind was running ninety-to-nothing the whole time and...well...time kinda got away from me.

I started by reading a book I loved a year or so ago. I read it cover to cover this afternoon, and I was so disappointed. The basic story is still good enough, but...the writing....

I almost wish I still didn't know what I was doing. I enjoyed that book so much before. But the head-hopping is just brain-numbing, the extensive passive voice is frustrating, the unnecessary and terribly adverbial description makes me want to grab up the metaphorical red pen, and the characters....

See, it's one thing to have a strong heroine and a strong hero who are both stubborn-but-likable and able to stand up for themselves without losing their appeal as characters. But when the unnecessary descriptions I mentioned before go completely against what the author has actually had the character do or how he/she has had the character act....


"There isn't a deceitful bone in her body."*

Not true. She lied to him before she even met him, the fibbed to him throughout the entire book and even got shot because she disobeyed him and snuck out of the "safe" area after telling her guards she was only going to the lake. That was like five people right there, not counting the hero. How is she not deceitful?

"She's just so sweet."*

Not true. The hero is continually flabbergasted by her blatant refusal to do anything he orders or asks and by the manner in which she refuses. Sure, the author is trying to show the heroine as headstrong and courageous, but coupled with his utter frustration with her snark-back to each of his requests and commands, I wonder if perhaps he's talking about her flavor instead of her temperament.

"Under all that gruff and brawn, he's really sweet and loving and romantic."*

Lie. Under all the gruff and brawn, he's a tough sonovabitch who wants what he wants and goes to any lengths -- even murder and deceit -- to get it. Sure he'll protect her. But who cares? She doesn't listen to a word he says anyway, so all his intention and ability to protect her doesn't come to squat because she keeps running off and lying about where she's going. And I don't think that long, slow -- but masterful and dominant -- lovemaking counts as sweet, loving, and romantic when that's the only time the two are in accord.

* - These are not direct quotes but paraphrases of how the characters see each other.

*sigh again*

I wish I'd just left it alone and remembered this book fondly. I wish I wasn't so hard on myself, as it seems to have made me equally hard on others.

Naw. Not true. Heh, that "not meeting with the facts" thing seems to have rubbed off.

I don't wish I wasn't so hard on myself. If I wasn't hard on everything I write, I'd still write like this author, and while that was good enough for me a year ago, it most certainly ISN'T good enough now.

Anyway, after that minor catastrophe, I decided to clean the kitchen and wash dishes. I started with washing dishes and got two sinkfuls done before...I ran out of hot water.


See, the power went out for a good long time last night, and my water heater is kinda twitchy at the best of times. It ran okay last night -- my bath was neither too hot nor too cold, as it's wont to be when the heater's acting up -- but it must have overheated in the night and tripped its internal breaker.

At any rate, I still have dishes on the counter because I can't STAND washing dishes without hot water. Some people can. I can't.

So, I decided to clean off the other counter and scrub the stove. It gets kinda yucky down by the burners -- it's a gas stove -- from boil-overs and dropped food and such, and the surface itself was pretty grease-spotty, so I hosed on the Windex and got to it.

Now, all this time, I'm THINKING. The radio's on, I'm scrubbing like a crazy woman on dishes, the counter, or the stove, and my brain is just churning. Working shit out. Mulling.

Mulling over plot? Absolutely. Mulling over world events? Of course. Mulling over the new job starting Tuesday? Duh! Mulling over family and friends and the fact that I ought to call my beloved sister and Mom and Kristi more often? Guilty.

Just mulling. Not dwelling, per se. Just...working out the stuff that clutters in up there and gets in the way of functional daily activity.

After the stove and counter were clean...I decided to try a new dessert recipe. Brandied chocolate truffles. Sounds pretty tasty, ne?

Of course, I don't like brandy much, so I decided to substitute some rum -- also because it's what I had, as I don't keep much alcohol in the house. Rummed chocolate truffles. Mmm.

But even this endeavor was sort of on autopilot. I slowly melted the chocolate into the heavy cream -- and no, I wasn't even DREAMING of counting calories or fat grams, heh -- and thought about gas prices being so high. I added butter a sliver at a time and wondered if we'll get a pretty fall with all the crap weather that has attacked the world this year. I added the rum and stirred and debated whether or not I should get a new pair of dress boots for the new job because my old dress boots are VERY old and very worn out and aren't terribly comfortable if I have to stand for long periods of time or walk long distances.

Then, I put the mix in the fridge to chill, came back into the living room, and played mahjong for an hour, using a different tile set each time.

See, it occurred to me as I was scraping chocolate that perhaps my ease with certain mahjong designs is due to my familiarity with the one and only tile set I've ever used. I decided that as soon as I'd cleaned up a bit, I'd try out a theory on the "easiest" design and see exactly how much visual recognition had to do with my history of quick times and great scores there.

I gotta admit that the further away I get from my usual design, the crappier my game gets. Heh. I did find another tile set that appeals to me, though, so I acclimated myself to it and will probably use it for a while.

Now, though...I gotta go wash the rest of the dishes. The water heater's probably done its job by now, and I hate leaving something half-done.

Besides, I have more stuff to think about. I clean my house not to be a neat freak -- I don't think anyone in their right mind could ever label me that -- but to clean out my head.

And I most certainly needed a good head cleaning.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Dear Charlie:

Well, I didn't really want to blog much about the hurricane. It's not that I feel nothing for the survivors or the dead or the destruction -- quite the opposite, in fact.

In truth, I've always tried to make this blog a place to which people can escape -- to escape rants, to escape the world, to escape to a place where there's more fun and funny than cases of the Poor Me's.

Heh. God, I love Red vs. Blue.

Anyway, I know everyone everywhere is talking about the hurricane -- and for good reason -- so I'd kinda told myself I wouldn't do so. I surely don't have any NEW opinions, nothing to say that no one else has already said, and again, I want people to come here to escape.

But I can't do it. Or I can't NOT do it. Whichever you like.

However, I'll keep it short and to the point. DONATE. Even five bucks in a Red Cross bucket will help. A few cans of food or a case of bottled water. Clothes you'd maybe planned to garage sale or take to a consignment shop. Cleaning supplies -- as in the case of my favorite radio station (to which I've also donated). Anything you can spare.

Think of it this way: if everyone in this country alone donated $5, the immediate total would be $1,478,670,670. That's right, folks -- well over a billion dollars.

Kinda scary how much of a difference a single donation can make, ne?