Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nifty Sidebar:

Now, I am a classic car admirer. I'd call myself an afficionado, but I really don't know enough about them to truly claim that coveted title. I know a little about engine muscle and a few design details and I can usually name the make and model both coming and going.


However...I loooooove Mustangs. They are just...beautiful. Make it an incredibly powerful Mustang, and GutterBall is a happy, drooling girl.

So I must now link you to...the latest retro!


[Forgive the "Gone in 60 Seconds" reference....]

Isn't she a beaut? I could do with a nifty scoop or something, but...she's lovely. Her lines are clean and just new enough to be "retro", but the front end looks a lot more like the classic front than in years past...*kicks the '80s models and narrows eyes at the late '90s*...and the vents are neither overdone nor suspiciously absent. Yup, the Shelby Cobra GT.

*drools for a while*

I could look at her all day. But you couldn't pay me money to drive her. Nope, a car like that must be driven by a painfully attractive man who just happens to double as a stunt driver who just happens to double as a race car driver. *nods* Yup. That car deserves a professional.

*sighs at the thought of all the idiot teenager girls and punk teenage boys who will soon be driving this lovely*

It just...breaks the heart.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Hilarious Sidebar:


Look what I found! I found a page with all the WWE WrestleMania trailers!!


I particularly love the "Taxi Driver" and "A Few Good Men" trailers, though the "Dirty Harry" one cracks me up, too.... And the "Braveheart" one got a helluva snicker the first time I saw it....

Aw, who am I kidding? They're PRICELESS! I hope they leave them up even after WrestleMania, as I only have two of them on tape! *laughs*

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dear Charlie:

I am LOVIN the ride Luther Reigns drove into the ring! Woo-hoo!

It's a big Jeep, jacked up high 80's style. *big grin* I am SUCH a child of the 80s! Heh. Big black beast of a vehicle.

Unfortunately, he's making an ass of himself with it. *sighs* They really need to give him more props. He's a big guy and he looks like he can move well -- quick on his feet with a good range of motion. Why don't they let him win more? I know he's a bad guy, but....

*sighs* I just want my favorite to get some props.

*grins* Too bad he's scripted to make an ass of himself. Awr. See, he came out bragging that he could tip over his 4400-pound Jeep. Couldn't do it. So now Big Show's givin it a go. That used to be his thing, you know? I watched him tip over a Ford Taurus last year, ne?

There it went! Woo-hoo!

*laughs* It really, really doesn't take much to amuse me!

Hey, I gotta get my jollies where I can. I spent a good chunk of the day scraping wallpaper. Some of it just don't want to come off. That's the stuff I'll soak off. It looks better all the time, though. Every bared foot of wall is like a little victory.

I scraped the hell out of my knuckles, though. *eyes them* I should maybe wear some gloves, ne? Heh, my hands are scarred enough as it is. I think I use them too much. They're just so darn...well, I was gonna say "handy", but even I won't make THAT bad a pun.

Versatile. That's the word I'll use. Heh.

They do learn pretty well, and I can use them for lots of different good stuff. And they earned me $9 an hour a while back, scraping wallpaper as a carpenter's helper. *grins* Too bad I'm doing it for free this time. *grumbles*

Heh, I wish that carpenter hadn't moved to Springfield. I'd give him a holler and do some of that until I get another day job, ne? He was impressed and told me to give him a call if I had some time to fill...but then he moved his business. Darn it.


Wrestling is fun. I hope they bring Luther Reigns back in sometime tonight. *happy sigh* He's like the walking example of that really terrible come-on line: "Look at them legs, how they go all the way up and make an ass of themselves."

Heh. I could watch him make an ass of himself aaaaaaaall day. Throw in a little wrestling and some trash talk, and GutterBall is again a happy girl. Woo-hoo!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Hilarious Sidebar:

And speaking of my beloved sister's hilarious Christmas ditty...here's another in honor of my resignation!

What a riot!


Sorry I've been quiet this week folks, both here and just online in general, but I've been...mulling.

The upside of all this mulling is that I just put in my two weeks' notice this morning. Yup, I'm quitting my job. Remember that hilarious parody of The Twelve Days of Christmas that my beloved sister did for me? Well, while it's funny as all hell, it's painfully true.

On top of that, my boss just insulted me yesterday. Twice. In one day.

So, while I don't have another job lined up just yet and pickins are pretty slim in ol' Joplin, MO, I really have no choice but to blow this popsicle stand. I'm tired of my boss taking advantage of my willingness to work hard while he insults my work ethic and refuses to pay me equitably.

Shine on that, Silent Bob.

And rather than being upset or worried or whatever, I'm just so relieved. This place has sucked the life out of me for too long. This is probably something of a shock to most people reading this [heh, all three or four of you...], as I try my best not to splooge in this blog, but I spent five years in this meat grinder, swallowing my pride and keeping my mouth shut, and it feels really, really good to know that, even though my future is more uncertain now than ever before, I won't have to be HERE anymore.

So, I'm still not splooging. *big grin* I'm CELEBRATING.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dear Charlie:

You have seen many things. You do not fear death, but sometimes you wish for it. Is this not so?

It happens to men who have seen what we have seen. And then, I come to this place of my ancestors, and I remember...like these blossoms, we are all dying. To know life in every breath, every cup of tea, every life we take. The way of the warrior.

That is...bushido.

Watching The Last Samurai again...and loving every minute. I am so fascinated with both the Japanese culture and the eternal art of fighting. *happy sigh* This movie gives me both.

Can't get enough of it.


Heh, I gotta get me some o' that.

If I only watch this flick until Algren gives the Emperor Katsumoto's katana and the Emperor pleads to hear of his unendingly loyal servant's death, it's a perfect movie. Good conversations. The intense battles. The equally intense need...to find place, to find self, to find honor. The unending dedication to a way of life that is so dear, so precious...that it BECOMES life.


Striving for perfection in each and every movement, every action, every word and deed.


The end of an era...the beginning of another...the merging of the old with the new as New realizes that Old is beautiful and perfect and cannot be lost to the vicissitudes of time. Culture clashing with Progress, the West intruding on the East. Way of life falling under the will to live.

Samurai. To serve.


And it's over.

I could weep, if I were that kind of person.

Beautiful. Achingly so. It touches my heart, and as anyone who knows me will tell you...that's no easy feat.

I could weep for what's past, even as I understand the need for what's come. And I ache with all my heart at the soft, heartbroken words of a young Samurai who has lost the emblem of his way of life to the unyielding march of progress when a soldier hacks off his mage and leaves him dishonored and humiliated in the street:

"Jolly good."

Oh, and by the way, I slept last night.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dear Charlie:

Still in the midst of insomnia. Meh.

In better and MUCH more amusing news, I finally got to watch DBZ Movie 12 last night! Thanks go in sum total to Lady Pesh, who generously donated to my unfashionable obsession with DragonBall Z. Woo-hoo!

See, I didn't have this one because it hasn't been translated yet. I didn't want to buy it in Japanese just to turn around and buy it again in English. Despite the many iterations of Pitch Black I've gone through, I really don't relish buying a movie more than once. Heh.

At any rate, remember that "Kung Fu Fighting" phase I had (and still haven't completely kicked) thanks to a music video made with DBZ clips? Remember? It's all synced up perfectly and it's priceless, seeming to follow the theme of the song and everything?

Yeah, that's the one.

Turns out, all of those video clips are from Movie 12. So, while I watched last night, I caught myself blurting snatches of "Kung Fu Fighting" to match the scenes on the screen. What a riot! I didn't know I'd combined the song and clips so...INEXTRICABLY in my mind!


Priceless stuff.

Back to the insomnia -- but only for a moment, I assure you -- I managed to get SOME sleep last night. How do I know, you ask? I'll tell you.

I had a dream.

Having a dream means I finally managed to drop into deep sleep -- the stuff you need to keep your sanity and boost your immune system (though they can't really PROVE that last). It means I not only slept, but that I slept long enough to relax into deep sleep -- which, for a "slow sleep" insomniac like me, means I probably got at least 3 hours, since it takes me a looooong time to fall that deep.

If you've ever studied the physical aspect of dreams, you know that even a long, drawn-out dream supposedly only takes a few seconds or minutes in real time. You may dream out an entire life in 5 minutes. Dream time is very different from real time.

So, while I did finally catch enough Zs to hit deep sleep, I still probably didn't get more than 3 hours, and that rather broken. But it's better than the night before, where I'm not really sure I slept at all.


So, hopefully, this rough patch is on the mend. I still seem to be functioning okay -- spurts of random conversation and the terminal giggles aside -- so maybe I'll make it through this one without going totally bonkers. Woo-hoo!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Dear Charlie:

Comedy is when something terrible happens to you. Tragedy is when it happens to me.

Heh. Ironically enough, thanks to Night 3 of the Great Sleep Deprivation Challenge, this whole "I can't sleep" thing is funny as hell. So, is it really tragedy and I just don't know because it kinda feels like it's happening to someone else?

Or am I just that loopy from lack of sleep?

To be honest, I'm not sure if I slept at all last night. I mean, I'm sure I must have, but I don't remember either falling asleep or waking up. I probably caught a wink or two here and there. I had a mental breakthrough in a story I'm writing for Xodtica. Woo-hoo!

Of course, I didn't dare get up and write it for fear of axing those few, precious winks I might get by keeping my sorry ass in bed. *snickers* But I did come up with a nifty plot thingie.

Another funny: I came to this morning (didn't bother with the alarm, as I was already wide awake, ne?) with Motley Crue's new single If I Die Tomorrow on repeat in my head. Don't worry. I like the song.

The funny part is that, though it had been repeating over and over and over in my mind for a good hour and a half at least, when I flicked on the radio in the bathroom, it kicked in exactly where I was singing. Same key. Same tempo.

That always kinda wigs me out.

I mean, of all the songs they could be playing right then, ne? Of all the places in THIS song to have turned on the radio, ne? Of all the keys in which I could SING the damn thing!


Ah, the wonders of sleep deprivation. I mulled over countless possibilities for this odd (okay, not so odd, but definitely disconcerting) occurrence while I ponderously got dressed, fixed my hair, and brushed my teeth. I came to the conclusion that I'm either psychic on Day 3 of insomnia or that a series of cosmic coincidences and a touch of Chaos Theory came into play just to make me blink for a good 30 seconds when I turned on the radio this morning.

I'm still not sure which one I buy.


I hope everyone else is having at least as interesting a day as I am!

Oh, yeah. And remember yesterday when I said something to the effect of "at least I remembered underwear"? Fastforward about half an hour from that point. Yes, I remembered underwear, but the first time I got up to use the restroom, I realized, to my amazement, that I'd put them on backward. Not inside out. BACKWARD.

Needless to say, I checked this morning BEFORE leaving for work. And again before posting this.

Just in case.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dear Charlie:

3 hours sleep last night. Wheee!

I heard Dave get up this morning -- not because he woke me up, but because I was still awake. Gah. Not cool.

You know, the first couple of days of sleep deprivation are actually kind of amusing. I mean, not FUN by any stretch, but I just get so punchy. Heh. I realize I'm behaving like an idiot, but there's really not much I can do about it with this foggy focus I manage, so I just go with it and let myself be amused.

Dave gets a BIG kick out of it, though he sympathizes with my plight.

Like just this morning, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, brushed my teeth, did something resembling fixing my hair, and came to work...and sat working with my coat still on for a good 20 minutes while I answered e-mail. And I'd thought I was doing so well! I mean, I remembered underwear and everything!

And then someone saw me and went, "Geez! What's wrong with YOU?"

Thanks, guys. I needed that. I didn't notice that I look like I'm rockin' two shiners. Really.

Apparently, I'm also very pale, which is kind of a joke. I seem to be terminally cursed with rosy cheeks -- I blush A LOT -- but today...no dice. Death moderately warmed over. Placed near a stove, actually. Not even completely thawed.

And this damn COUGH....

At any rate, yeah, these first couple of days of sleep dep are somewhat amusing. *grins* If it goes on for longer than a 5-day work week, I'll definitely change my tune, but for now, I'll try to keep my mind from drifting off onto story plots and costume ideas and what I'd do if I won PowerBall and actually get some work done. God only knows how much of it will make any sense, heh, but I'll do it.

Ooh! Look at the butterflies! And how CAN a Moebius strip have only one side? The very word "side" implies more than one, ne? And why haven't I learned any more words in Japanese? I picked up the cuss words so easily. Why can't I hold a conversation yet? Oh, and I had the BEST conversation yesterday.....

Monday, March 14, 2005

Dear Charlie:

So I called in sick today. Been tired and kinda whonky all week, but I was hoping it was just because I haven't been sleeping well. Then, last night, the insomnia kicked in with a vengeance, and I just laid in bed, planning a possible Halloween party and the reworked plots of my trilogy, unable to so much as doze until after sunrise.


So, waking up after getting perhaps 2 hours of sleep, I realized that the coughing and hacking I've been doing may not just be allergies, after all. *shrugs* I officially throw in the towel. I'm sick.

Of course, that towel-throwing could be due to not having a voice for half an hour and then sounding like a lion choking on a zebra leg after that. Heh.

In other news, I did something I'm rather proud of this weekend.

Keep in mind that I'm not a computer person. I know just enough to admire anyone who can work on these pesky, temperamental blocks of plastic and circuitry on a regular basis, ne? Somehow, though, I've managed to become something of a tech at work. Probably because I can upload programs without getting hives, I'm not afraid to push most buttons, and I'll go on an "end task" and deleting spree if I think a computer's lugging some spyware. Heh.

But on my own computer? Sure, I'll tweak. Sure, I'll delete. But when it comes to the software, I usually rely on someone else. Until now.

I wiped my system and installed Win2K...all by myself! Woo-hoo!

*does a little dance*

Okay, so I had a lot of over-the-phone help from Derek. And some on-line shoulder-leaning with my beloved sister. *grins* But I did it, and things are running faster and and better than ever. Woo-hoo!

And so what if I got two viruses and a trojan (sounds like I got a couple of STDs despite safe sex, ne? *snickers*) because I had to upgrade to IE6 before I could load Norton Antivirus? *rolls eyes* Now THERE'S a Catch 22 if I ever saw it. Make me be online for 2 hours (I'm on dial-up, so something that should take maybe 15 minutes takes 120) without any virus protection so I can actually load up my virus protection. *snorts*

Anyway, it's all cleaned up now and running smooth. I still can't get rid of this clipping thing my sound card's doing...*kicks sound card*...but I can live with it until I figure it out. I downloaded the driver from the company site, and that still didn't fix it. But, so long as my overall performance is sweet, I can deal.

Woo-hoo! And I did it mostly myself!

Kinda liberating, actually. I think I'll wipe this thing annually. *big grin* It's nice to start with what amounts to a new system. 'S like a blank slate. However, next time I think I'll save the IE6 executable to a disk or something so I don't have to get online to download it. *grumbles*

Anyway, so I'm feeling kinda proud of myself for getting all this done by myself for the first time, and having my stuff up and running and all personalized, etc., in maybe 12 hours of work, even with dial-up. Woo-hoo!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dear Charlie:

Aw, camel-poo.

So last Thursday, I got an e-mail from my friend Scott, who plays at Woody's on Wednesday nights. He's gone to playing every other Wednesday, and he'd just played the night before, ne? So I figured he had another gig he wanted me to see, and I'm always happy to oblige. The guy is absolutely fantastic.

The e-mail informed me that he'd be playing "next Wednesday" -- last night, March 9 -- since Weevil, the guy who plays Wednesdays when Scott's not there, would be playing somewhere else. Yes, I know someone named Weevil. I also have a friend named Muskrat.


Anyway, Scott asked if I'd show Wednesday night [last night], and I said sure. Like I've probably said, I'd take almost any chance to listen to him play. Yes, he's that good.

As a whole, yesterday was somewhat hectic. I was just in a hurry all day. I doubt there was really any reason to rush, but -- long story short -- I managed to cram in some sandwich meat at lunchtime, and that's it. I ate a few ounces of turkey at about 1:00, and that was it all day. My stomach was HOWLING by 5:00, of course, and I don't get off work until 6:30.


Now, another friend came by the office after work to drop off a present -- thanks, Pesh! I love the little SS4 Goku! -- and chat for a while. By "a while", I mean...two hours. *sheepish* With my stomach howling, we stood outside in the cold wind and just shot the shit until almost 8:30.


Needless to say, I was supposed to be at Woody's at about 8:00 to listen to Scott, and he was probably starting to think I wouldn't show, so we hurriedly cut off the conversation, I flew home to change into more comfortable clothes -- I'd have never lived it down if I'd showed up at Woody's in a skirt -- then flew back across town, arriving at about quarter 'til nine.

And Weevil's setting up.

Nothing against Weevil here, folks. He's excellent. He does a lot of his own stuff. He can move you. But he's not SCOTT, and I was there to see SCOTT.


Not. Pleased.

Luckily, Jane and Elliott -- regulars, like me -- were there -- also expecting Scott -- so I sat at their table, ordered a pizza for carry-out, and planned to get home early to IM chat with the people I'd kinda blown off to show up on an off Wednesday.

And I'm FAMISHED. And it's just shy of 9:30 at this point.

Just as my pizza's up and I get out my checkbook, I get a phone call. Now, should I be ashamed that I'm enough of a regular to receive phone calls at what amounts to a glorified bar?

*big grin*

Anyway, it's Dave. He's out of class and his usual ride wasn't there, so he wondered if I'd pick him up when I was done at Woody's. The poor guy is obviously planning on standing out in the cold for at least an hour, as Scott isn't usually done until 10:30 or so. Luckily for him, I was just leaving. But my pizza's up, and I am FAMISHED, and I don't want to leave Dave standing there while I shove in a couple of slices, so....

Much to my shame, I ate as I drove. Heh. I got some seriously strange looks, gnoshing on pizza while driving. I've never tried it before, but it's strangely liberating.

I was so hungry, I didn't care if I got any on me, you know? Ironically enough, I didn't drop so much as a mushroom.

So I pick up Dave, who -- bless him -- doesn't say a word about me snarfing down 3 slices of pizza in the five minutes or so it took to get from West 7th Street to East 32nd Street and another before we get out of the parking lot. The best part of the trip was stopping by Burger King for Dave, ordering 4 Whoppers and a large order of onion rings, and paying at the window while quite obviously eating pizza.


Anyway, got home and signed on, only to be swamped with "Where were you!?!" messages and conference invites. 'S good to be missed, ne?

It took me half an hour to even check my e-mail.

Busy day. Hectic day. But by God...it was damn good pizza.

Monday, March 07, 2005


Okay, a little more on AvP, as I kinda shorted it last night. What can I say? I was tired.

As I said, I went into the flick disappointed. How can you take two franchises with solid R ratings and end up with a PG-13 combination? It just doesn't add up.

They did some things right. As countless comic books and even a few novels story, the Predators use Earth as a proofing ground for their young. Every so often, they allow the aliens to breed and threaten so they can use their destruction as a right of passage. They'll drop a few juvenile Predators on Earth to fend for themselves. Usually, everything's all right. Occasionally, the juveniles fail and have to resort to that handy self-destruct the Predator used on Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

Very cool.

So, they got the basic premise for the combination right. They drop 3 Predator teens on Earth after making sure the humans discover their perfect set-up and proofing grounds, then sit back and wait to see what happens.

This makes for incredible effects shots, lots of acid-spewing, and some fabulous "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" type reasoning that just never gets old. Very sweet.


While it's true that these Predators are juveniles, they are not helpless without their shoulder cannons. *facepalms* Admittedly, the shoulder cannons are potent as hell, but...but...but they're PREDATORS. They're not mere hunters. They have other weapons at their disposal than a big, mean gun, and even if they had no other weapons, they have strategy and cunning and brute strength.


The aliens killed two of the Predators in the same damn scene. Geez. Even juvenile Predators wouldn't be THAT unaware of the approaching danger. C'mon.

Now, the one that lasted was a bad-ass, yes. Very cool. And man, can that fool communicate! *big grin*

However, once deprived of his shoulder cannon, he took quite a beating. *facepalms again*

Oh, and the female lead? Total Mary Sue. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check here. Trust me, it's kinda funny.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad they made her smart and resourceful. That's all good. I'm also glad the Predator gave her mad props for said cunning and resourcefulness. He hooked her up with some weaponry and gave her some serious respect. That's all good.

But she's a Mary Sue. If this story had been written up in fanfiction, the author would have been laughed off the internet and flamed within an inch of his/her life.

*big grin*

All that said, they really did a bang-up job for not being allowed the violence/gore/cussing factor. They did handle the premise well. The effects were KILLER, as were most of the Predator/alien fight sequences [except the one where two -- count 'em, TWO -- Predators keeled over for no good reason]. The tie-ins between the Alien flicks -- gotta love the head of the Weyland company, which of course becomes the infamous Weyland-Yutani Company that Ellen Ripley works for and eventually tries to destroy -- are a little more well-done than the Predator flicks, but only because the Alien series is more fleshed out with 4 movies, as compared to 2.

I like it. I'm watching it again [caught about 45 minutes of it over lunch]. But the great movie it could have been but for a PG-13 rating and some props to the boys in armor?

Naw. It's not THAT good.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Dear Charlie:

Well, hell. This has been a great weekend for movies! First, I watched Friday Night Lights at my beloved sister's house. More on that later. Then, I got home just in time to watch m'man, Luther Reigns, wrestle Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. That was cool, and the rest of the show was a riot with Big Show grinnin' from ear to ear after destroying Rene Dupris with a single, monster choke slam.

And today, Dave and I watched Be Cool. Now, if you didn't like Get Shorty (though I can't imagine why you wouldn't), don't bother with Be Cool. If you DID like Get Shorty, you absolutely cannot miss the sequel.

GAH! Yes, I said the "s" word. But this sequel is at least as good as the first.

Chili Palmer in all his smooth-talkin, "look at me" glory absolutely rules the roost. Suave, luck-of-the-Devil, and with a mind that runs a good 5 conversations ahead of the rest, Chili is the epitome of the movie title. Cool, indeed.

And as much as I dislike Uma Thurman (the Kill Bill movies aside), I gotta say that she kicked ass in this movie, as well. She only screwed up once (mentioning the Russians against orders). The rest of the time, she was game and rockin' out. Super sweet.

I love how everything just came together. How the right people were willing to listen to reason. How the wrong people kept accidentally serving the cause. And how the one honest-to-God good person, Linda Moon (and damn, did they pick an excellent chick to play her!), is actually an honest-to-God good person. Who knew?

Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. Cedric the Entertainer as a sophisticated gansta leader of the low-rider, spinner-wheeled, HumVee-driving DubMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). *snicker* And that white guy who'd swear to you that he's black.

*falls over laughing*

And the Rock...the Rock and his red baseball bat....


Yeah, definitely go see this one if you liked the first one. It's sweet. Absolutely sweet.

As for Friday Night Lights?

Well, maybe I'm just pining for the football season. Maybe even a month is too long for me to live without football. Maybe I'm just a sucker for kick-ass halftime speeches.

Whatever the reason, I absolutely loved this flick. High school football in Texas is notoriously hardcore, and this film really does it justice. Those boys play football because it's what skilled, talented high school boys in Texas do. There's no question.

Now, some rely on it because they have nothing else. For some of those boys, if they don't excell at football, they don't go to college. For others, their fathers were football gods, and they are simply expected to follow that path to glory.

For most of them, that senior year is their one and only shot at something to remember, something to story about. A perfect season is something to keep them warm throughout the long, cold rest of their staid, work-a-day lives.

That grim possibility is behind every scene in the flick. Sure, some of those boys had a chance at other things, but they didn't see it that way. For them, they had a single season to build enough glory to last a lifetime.

And damn, did they ever, no matter what the final result.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Oh, yeah -- and while writing this? Heh. I watched Alien vs. Predator.

Keep in mind that I went into this flick wondering how the hell they could take two R-rated franchises and make them into a PG-13 film. Geez. I mean, I want gore and F-bombs. I want chunks and gobbets flying, tails tearing people in half, predators ripping out spines....

You know, the good stuff.

So, I was prepared to be disappointed. 'S probably why I was reluctantly surprised at the things they did right. Wasn't QUITE gory enough for me (the aliens and predators all bled enough, yes, but the humans just kinda got chest-bursted off-camera), but there were some seriously kick-ass shots, and that one predator hooked the smart chick UP.

He did her a solid for standing her ground.

So yeah, this has been a kick-ass weekend for movies. GutterBall is officially a happy girl.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Dear Charlie:



I kid you not. Spunk, or Clarice, if you prefer, is running circles around the living room furniture. Guest room to loveseat arm, across the back to the chair arm, across the back to the other chair arm, mighty leap to the floor, and a streak into the guest room to start it all again.

Good Lord.

Luckily enough, she hasn't slipped and caught any of me in her claws yet. I keep waiting. One of these times.

I also embarrassed the hell out of myself last night by getting caught singing in the shower. Egads. Not singing like humming while washing dishes. Oh, no. BELTING it out. Louder than the radio, which was up pretty loud so I could hear it over the shower.

What can I say? Didn't know Dave was home. Didn't know he'd have anyone with him. Luckily, they just applauded racuously outside the bathroom door and ribbed me mercilessly when I came out, fully clothed.

*facepalms again*

At least they liked the music, ne?

If there's any other way this week can be bizarre beyond belief, please...for the love of all that is good and right...DON'T TELL ME. *grins* I don't know if I can take any more oddity before I sleep in next!

Weekend, here I come! Thank God that when I wake up, it'll be Friday.