Monday, September 27, 2004

My Dearest Charles:

Oh, my....

*still wiping drool, blank look in place*

Lots of Mr. Reigns. Lots and lots. And oh, my, was he wonderful to see!

Of course, I was supposed to be booing him, as he's a bad guy, but it was kinda hard to do, and I found myself cheering every now and then, only to catch myself and change it to a "BOOO!" or a "You SUUUUCK!"


In fact, they started out with Luther Reigns. Luther vs. Eddie Guerrero. Fun match. Hard hits, high flying, lots of throws and such. And Luther. *blanks out again*

*wipes at stray drool* Then, it got worse. Hn. Heidenreich, whom they're playing as a poetry-spewing insane nutbar guy, came out and threatened to recite Joplin some poetry to educate us unintelligent, inbred hicks, and Hardcore Holly came running out to kick some ass! Oh, my.... I liked his legs before Luther showed up (and showed everybody else up *grin*). They're still pretty damn nice, and he has a very nice ass in those little speedos. *drools some more*

*shakes it off* The next matches were fun -- hollering for the "good" guys and booing the "bad" guys. Sometimes, there were two bad guys, and we had to pick who to boo. Those were kinda fun!

Smackdown slays me. I mean, it's like we all knew what we were supposed to do! It was almost like the little traditions at Arrowhead, but Memorial Hall will never be so exalted, no matter the superiority of the act. *grin*

But anyway, after a couple of smaller matches, JBL was supposed to come out and fight Booker T. Now, both of these guys are bad guys, but as much as Booker T annoys me, JBL absolutely rubs me raw. *grin* He's supposed to! He's good at it!

So he comes out, calls Joplin a trailer park when we all boo him en masse, starts dissing our hick intelligence, etc. Which is why he's the WORSE guy, ya know? It was hilarious. Then, he nudges Orlando Jones (his partner in crime) and says, "Look there at that front row. What do you see?" Orlando shrugs. "A full set of teeth."

Now, I've heard that joke a little different, but it was no less hilarious by being delivered by such a prick! I HOLLERED laughing, then tried to make it into boos. Hn.

Then Booker T came out, and I had to, again, swallow my natural inclinition. Now, I don't mind hollering for Eddie Guerrero against Luther Reigns because Eddie is cool. It's hard NOT to yell for Luther, but it was harder still to actually cheer Booker T on. *grin* Again, I'm not proud of this. Hn. *smirk*

Okay, so it goes on and goes on, and then comes the tag team match: Charlie Haas and Rico vs. Rene Dupris and Kenzo Suzuki. We all start a USA! chant because Dupris is French and Suzuki-san is Japanese. What a riot! They act all pissed because we're cheering against them. Rico, the openly, obviously gay guy, toys around with them for a while and pulls down Dupris' bloomers -- revealing a very nice, very TONED bare ass, I might add *smirk* -- and acts the flamer. Then, Suzuki-san (no, that's not the wrestler nickname thing; I just know enough about the culture to want to be respectful because, although he's a bad guy, I just love him and he hits HARD!) pulls out a bag of flour or something and throws some in Rico's eyes while the ref is otherwise occupied, and Dupris pins him for three and the win. Great match!

The FBI -- Full-Blooded Italians *grin* -- went up against two of the Dudleys -- Spike and Devon. It was supposed to just be Nunzio Stramboli vs. Spike Dudley, but Devon couldn't help getting involved, and that brought the other Stramboli (Jimmy, maybe?) out on the run, and Theodore Long (general manager) came out and said "Joplin, Missouri wants all four of you guys in the ring beating the hell outta each other, and that's what Joplin, Missouri's gonna get! Now lemme get a holla holla!"

We holla holla-ed. *Goku grin* I really like Theodore Long as general manager.

Blah-blah-blah, and it's time for the big match. Big Show vs. Kurt Angle. Big Show is REALLY...REALLY...REEEEALLY big. Mountain of a man. Holy monkey, is he big. *shakes head* Kurt Angle looked like a kid next to him. *grin*

Of course, they're fighting all over the place and Kurt starts to lose a little, and...

...out comes Luther Reigns again! Woo-hoo!

GutterBall is a happy, happy girl!

Unfortunately, I didn't figure I'd have many photo ops, so I only brought the film in my camera, which was about a dozen pictures, right? I took probably ten of those pictures in the first match. I mean, come on! It's the lovable Eddie Guerrero and the imminently drool-worthy Luther Reigns! I'm surprised I showed such restraint! I took the other two of Hardcore. *grin*

I hope Kel reads this! She, too, loves Hardcore!

Anyway, by the time that last round came around, I had no more film to take more pics of the fabulous Mr. Reigns. *sigh* It's a good thing I got a crapload up front, ne?

Can't wait to get them developed. If any of them turn out well, I'll post them here so everyone can see what I drooled over.

Man, that was FUN. If they come back through, I'll have to front the dough the first day to get down in that floor section. I mean, you can't really get BAD seats in Memorial Hall. It's too small. But the wrestlers really interact with those front couple of rows! They're just RIGHT THERE, ya know? Too cool....

Anyway, I had to blog before I could eat. *sheepish* I need to eat now because I kinda forgot to eat more than a cheese sandwich today. I know, I know. But I was just so excited I kinda forgot. *shrug* Now, though, I'm starving. Food time.

Oh, but one more thing!

I yelled myself hoarse again! Yay! I did my job!

Okay. Food. Now. *feels faint* Food and football. *grin* And I get to watch the last quarter or so of Monday Night Football! Yay!



At 7:34 AM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!! Were you picturing that leather band around his thigh? Gregar's thigh?

At 7:34 AM, Blogger username said...

Sounds like you had a delightful time. *g*

At 10:44 AM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Oh, I DEFINITELY pictured the band, but not around GREGAR'S thigh.... *swipes at stray drool*

And yes, I had a WONDERFUL time! This ring didn't have quite as much spring as the usual Smackdown rings on TV. Some of those drops looked like they really did hurt! Woo-hoo!

At 10:39 PM, Blogger none said...

Gutterball, see my blog. A treat for you, if you can remember this guy. Janie


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