Sunday, September 26, 2004

Marvelous Sidebar:

Oh, I am a happy girl tonight.

Luther Reigns in a tag team match. I'm gonna get to see him for QUITE a while.

Gawd, that man is a beautiful stack of meat. *shaky sigh*

'Course, I'll probably see Kurt Angle more, as it's more for him against Big Show and Eddie Guerrero, but still.... He's stalking around, leaning over the turnbuckle to be tagged in....

Oh, drool....

God, I hope I get to see him live....

ACK! Kurt Angle just basically backed out, leaving Luther in the ring alone! YESSS! *totally ignores blog to watch the most beautiful legs...err...the most beautiful WRESTLER ever for a whole match*



At 10:23 AM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Needless to say, Kurt Angle didn't really leave, but I still got a TON of Luther-in-the-ring time! *drool*

I'm glad they're keeping him ridiculously active. For a while, when Kurt Angle gave up his "injury" and became a wrestler again, I worried they'd drop Reigns off the schedule, as he wasn't really needed as a bodyguard anymore. But, they didn't!


And MAN, can he lay the smack down! *big grin*


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