Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Well, I get paid tomorrow, so I'll go get my Smackdown pictures developed and see what I got. *grin* I can't wait....

I'm such a little kid!

At any rate, it's back in the saddle and nose to the grindstone again. I did a little writing last night for the first time since I totally frigged up my wrist. I mean, I'd done EDITING and such, but I tried not to really WRITE. It went pretty well. I held myself to 7 pages, and I didn't need the Ace bandage this morning, so that's probably a good sign. Woo-hoo! Apparently, my home-grown physical therapy ain't too shabby.

Tonight is Woody's, so I probably won't get much -- if any -- writing done, but that's okay. I didn't get my fix last week, as Scott took the night off, but this week will make up for it. And I get to rip him a little for ditching me at Smackdown....

See, he was trying to get tickets for him, his wife, Jane and Elliott, and Richard, but the last time I talked to him (about 5:30), he'd just missed the last of the tickets at the outlying stores and had resigned himself to buying them at the box office.

Admittedly, he could have been there with a whole group of people, and I'm not sure I'd have known. While Memorial Hall isn't huge, it's still pretty big, and there were a couple thousand people there. I might have just missed them.

But in case I DIDN'T, I'm gonna razz him to pay him back for the little ditty he made up when he saw the cover of the e-zine I was published in. *glowers* The little ditty he sang OVER THE MICROPHONE!! *blushes and glowers harder*

I thought this was a family show.....


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