Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Just because I can and because it kinda has a ring to it, I think I'll start a Countdown to Smackdown. *grin*

SIX days 'til Smackdown, folks! I'm so stoked! Woo-hoo! Less than a week!

Come rain or sleet or even kamikaze torpedoing spaceship, I'm gonna be at Memorial Hall next Monday night (this is about the only thing I'll skip Monday Night Football for, folks) to watch mindless, choreographed violence at it's finest! Does life get any better??

*huge grin*

You know, I actually quit dating a guy because he called during Monday Night Football. Now, that in itself isn't a breach of etiquette, per se. But he didn't even realize what he'd done! He wanted to CHAT, for God's sake! You can't CHAT during MNF!! It's a frickin' INSTITUTION! I mean, if he'd called during halftime, that might be a different story.

Sheesh. You just can't reason with some people.

On another note, I'm up to 58 pages in a story that's probably going nowhere. *sigh* I know it's a crapload of good writing, but geez! If it were 58 pages in 3 days in Book 3 of my trilogy, I'd be nearly sobbing with joy. Too bad it's in something that will shortly end up on the back burner. Hell, it'll likely end up on Burner 6 on the stove down the street!

Oh, well. I think, once I clear this obstruction, I may be able to crank out that much on Book 3. After all, The Last Mates only took a month to write (and at 500 pages, that ain't no cabbage), and The First Rookie took a month and a week. *shrug* It's a little shorter, but I had to do some creative plotting there, so it took a little longer. Book 3, The Second Chance, started off gung-ho, but I realized I had to tweak some things before I continued, and then I got to writing a ton of short stories and learning more about the craft. Then, I needed to go back and revise the other two books with what I'd learned. *sheepish*

However, I think, once I get this story idea out, I may skip the revisions for a while and dig back into Book 3. I've also been churning on an idea to get past where I am to break through to where I want to be. *grin* I love when that happens. Another couple of days of percolating, and I may well finish Book 3 before Halloween! *gasp* Could it be??


SIX days to Smackdown, people! Something tells me I won't get any writing done that evening....


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