Sunday, September 19, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Woo-hoo! God, I love football!

Sunday rules again! *does a little dance*

I especially love Chiefs games on Sunday, and this is almost guaranteed to be a good game. Chiefs vs. Panthers. Yes, the Panthers, who made it all the way to the Super Bowl last year and who have a stellar defense. Against the Chiefs' stellar offense. *grin* Is there a better game?

Football is the best thing ever. Better than steak. Better than beer. Better than...well, maybe not better than war, but it's at least BASED on battle strategy. *grin*

You're looking at a very happy girl!


At 2:51 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Whew! Gunther Cunningham is SUFFERING. Eric Warfield -- who I think should be named player of the game with 2 interceptions, one touchdown return, and a touchdown-saving tackle a second ago -- is still down off that touchdown-saving tackle. Give the man credit; he sacrificed himself for the team to drag that guy down at the one or two yardline.


But back to Gunther, the poor man is SUFFERING. While his defense has made several BIG stops, they've also let go several BIG plays. Damn. He's sitting up there in that booth with his hands over his face, probably watching this latest job swirling noisily down the toilet.

I gotta say that, while this free-style defense allows players to make huge defensive plays like interceptions and sacks and third-and-one stands, it doesn't have enough structure to defend against those breakout plays that give up BIG, PAINFUL yardage.


I'm sure they'll get it fixed, but it bothers me. Gunther has always managed a frickin STELLAR defense. Even when he was the head coach and we sucked, we had a DEADLY defense. So, what gives?

We have a genius of a defensive coach. We have incredible talent and good teamwork. We have interceptions and defensive touchdowns and huge short-yardage stops. So why, oh why is it 28-17, Panthers??

At 3:27 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Man. Excellent game by the Panthers. I hate to admit it, but they kicked our ass. HARD.

I hate that I feel this strange obligation to be fair with my praise. *grin*

But the Panthers simply outplayed us. Even when we intercepted, we couldn't capitalize. They could. Their offense cooked, their defense sizzled, and while their special teams were merely okay, they really didn't need any help from them.


So, we're starting 0-2. Could be worse. Couldn't it?

Hm. Actually, I guess it couldn't, according to the tally.

However, I have seen flashes of brilliance on our defense. And our offense just needs some wide receivers. We're kinda depleted there -- oh, woe for Boerigter! My poor boys....

I have faith. This is still The Year! We just need to get on stride. The defense has played under a totally different system for so many years. We shouldn't expect them to pick up a whole new system over a single off-season. They'll get better, and then NOTHING WILL STOP US! We'll juggernaut our way to the Bowl.

I have faith!


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