Friday, September 10, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Oh, joy! It's FRIDAY!

Thank God. Seriously, folks.

I dunno how much blogging I'll get done this weekend, as I'm going to my hometown to visit my beautifully-pregnant-with-twins friend and my internet provider doesn't have service in such a tiny town, but I'll still be able to check e-mail. My hometown DOES have internet capability (though only recently has it been affordable...*grin*). It's just not from my provider, and I don't want to change my internet settings for a single weekend. Lazy. *grin*

Kinda funny, that. I mean, I can do without everything in my house but internet. How bizarro is that? Is it a sad commentary on our times or a joyful affirmation of the beauty of technology? Hmmm....

At any rate, this little trip back to the hometown should give me plenty of time for revisions on The Last Mates. Kristi has to work Saturday morning, so as long as I can drag my sorry butt out of bed at a decent hour, I'll have some quiet time to fill with paragraphing corrections and pronoun checking. *grin* Oh, and for getting rid of too many character name usages.

I mean, GEEZ. We know who the story's about, already. Do I really need to say the characters' names every few sentences? *sheepish*

It's amazing how much I've learned about The Craft in half a year.

At any rate, I don't leave town until much later this evening, but I thought I'd better give everyone a heads-up so they didn't think I was dead when I didn't blog all weekend. I won't be dead. Just net-less, which is almost as bad. *wicked smirk*


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