Thursday, September 30, 2004

Superfluous Sidebar:

Here's a line for the ages:

Cop 1: Alvin must have talked.

Cop 2: But he doesn't know anything.

Cop 1: I didn't say he knew anything. I said he talked.

Heh. That's priceless. It's from BAIT, a Jamie Foxx movie from several years back. That man plays a fool, and the cops know it. *grin*

I guess it's probably only funny if you've listened to JF bullshit his way through a good hour, hour and a half's worth of screen time on the build-up....

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Buzz-Killing Sidebar:

I forgot we get paid the day BEFORE the end of the month, so I banked my paycheck over lunch and got my Smackdown pictures developed.


Too dark! Too stinkin dark! My flash didn't reach far enough to light anything but the row of seats in front of me (I sat in the second row back from the balcony, so there's a helluva drop-off), and the ring wasn't lit well enough to show up, darn it! I can occasionally see a flash of high-lit muscle, but I might as well have been taking pictures in a cave with no flash!

*sniffle* No Luther Reigns photos for me to drool over....

I did, however, get a dozen lovely, sparklingly clear pictures of the balcony railing and the shoes the guy in front of me propped up there. *sigh*

On a weird note, I'd long since forgotten what the dozen earlier pictures on the roll were. Hell, I didn't even remember when I took them! Turns out, they're mildly unpleasant reminders of my car accident back in January. Geez. What a gold nugget this roll of film was, ne?

*rolls eyes*

Needless to say, I'm not developing any of the four or so back rolls of film I've been storing any time soon! God only knows what's on them!

Dear Charlie:

Well, I get paid tomorrow, so I'll go get my Smackdown pictures developed and see what I got. *grin* I can't wait....

I'm such a little kid!

At any rate, it's back in the saddle and nose to the grindstone again. I did a little writing last night for the first time since I totally frigged up my wrist. I mean, I'd done EDITING and such, but I tried not to really WRITE. It went pretty well. I held myself to 7 pages, and I didn't need the Ace bandage this morning, so that's probably a good sign. Woo-hoo! Apparently, my home-grown physical therapy ain't too shabby.

Tonight is Woody's, so I probably won't get much -- if any -- writing done, but that's okay. I didn't get my fix last week, as Scott took the night off, but this week will make up for it. And I get to rip him a little for ditching me at Smackdown....

See, he was trying to get tickets for him, his wife, Jane and Elliott, and Richard, but the last time I talked to him (about 5:30), he'd just missed the last of the tickets at the outlying stores and had resigned himself to buying them at the box office.

Admittedly, he could have been there with a whole group of people, and I'm not sure I'd have known. While Memorial Hall isn't huge, it's still pretty big, and there were a couple thousand people there. I might have just missed them.

But in case I DIDN'T, I'm gonna razz him to pay him back for the little ditty he made up when he saw the cover of the e-zine I was published in. *glowers* The little ditty he sang OVER THE MICROPHONE!! *blushes and glowers harder*

I thought this was a family show.....

Monday, September 27, 2004

My Dearest Charles:

Oh, my....

*still wiping drool, blank look in place*

Lots of Mr. Reigns. Lots and lots. And oh, my, was he wonderful to see!

Of course, I was supposed to be booing him, as he's a bad guy, but it was kinda hard to do, and I found myself cheering every now and then, only to catch myself and change it to a "BOOO!" or a "You SUUUUCK!"


In fact, they started out with Luther Reigns. Luther vs. Eddie Guerrero. Fun match. Hard hits, high flying, lots of throws and such. And Luther. *blanks out again*

*wipes at stray drool* Then, it got worse. Hn. Heidenreich, whom they're playing as a poetry-spewing insane nutbar guy, came out and threatened to recite Joplin some poetry to educate us unintelligent, inbred hicks, and Hardcore Holly came running out to kick some ass! Oh, my.... I liked his legs before Luther showed up (and showed everybody else up *grin*). They're still pretty damn nice, and he has a very nice ass in those little speedos. *drools some more*

*shakes it off* The next matches were fun -- hollering for the "good" guys and booing the "bad" guys. Sometimes, there were two bad guys, and we had to pick who to boo. Those were kinda fun!

Smackdown slays me. I mean, it's like we all knew what we were supposed to do! It was almost like the little traditions at Arrowhead, but Memorial Hall will never be so exalted, no matter the superiority of the act. *grin*

But anyway, after a couple of smaller matches, JBL was supposed to come out and fight Booker T. Now, both of these guys are bad guys, but as much as Booker T annoys me, JBL absolutely rubs me raw. *grin* He's supposed to! He's good at it!

So he comes out, calls Joplin a trailer park when we all boo him en masse, starts dissing our hick intelligence, etc. Which is why he's the WORSE guy, ya know? It was hilarious. Then, he nudges Orlando Jones (his partner in crime) and says, "Look there at that front row. What do you see?" Orlando shrugs. "A full set of teeth."

Now, I've heard that joke a little different, but it was no less hilarious by being delivered by such a prick! I HOLLERED laughing, then tried to make it into boos. Hn.

Then Booker T came out, and I had to, again, swallow my natural inclinition. Now, I don't mind hollering for Eddie Guerrero against Luther Reigns because Eddie is cool. It's hard NOT to yell for Luther, but it was harder still to actually cheer Booker T on. *grin* Again, I'm not proud of this. Hn. *smirk*

Okay, so it goes on and goes on, and then comes the tag team match: Charlie Haas and Rico vs. Rene Dupris and Kenzo Suzuki. We all start a USA! chant because Dupris is French and Suzuki-san is Japanese. What a riot! They act all pissed because we're cheering against them. Rico, the openly, obviously gay guy, toys around with them for a while and pulls down Dupris' bloomers -- revealing a very nice, very TONED bare ass, I might add *smirk* -- and acts the flamer. Then, Suzuki-san (no, that's not the wrestler nickname thing; I just know enough about the culture to want to be respectful because, although he's a bad guy, I just love him and he hits HARD!) pulls out a bag of flour or something and throws some in Rico's eyes while the ref is otherwise occupied, and Dupris pins him for three and the win. Great match!

The FBI -- Full-Blooded Italians *grin* -- went up against two of the Dudleys -- Spike and Devon. It was supposed to just be Nunzio Stramboli vs. Spike Dudley, but Devon couldn't help getting involved, and that brought the other Stramboli (Jimmy, maybe?) out on the run, and Theodore Long (general manager) came out and said "Joplin, Missouri wants all four of you guys in the ring beating the hell outta each other, and that's what Joplin, Missouri's gonna get! Now lemme get a holla holla!"

We holla holla-ed. *Goku grin* I really like Theodore Long as general manager.

Blah-blah-blah, and it's time for the big match. Big Show vs. Kurt Angle. Big Show is REALLY...REALLY...REEEEALLY big. Mountain of a man. Holy monkey, is he big. *shakes head* Kurt Angle looked like a kid next to him. *grin*

Of course, they're fighting all over the place and Kurt starts to lose a little, and...

...out comes Luther Reigns again! Woo-hoo!

GutterBall is a happy, happy girl!

Unfortunately, I didn't figure I'd have many photo ops, so I only brought the film in my camera, which was about a dozen pictures, right? I took probably ten of those pictures in the first match. I mean, come on! It's the lovable Eddie Guerrero and the imminently drool-worthy Luther Reigns! I'm surprised I showed such restraint! I took the other two of Hardcore. *grin*

I hope Kel reads this! She, too, loves Hardcore!

Anyway, by the time that last round came around, I had no more film to take more pics of the fabulous Mr. Reigns. *sigh* It's a good thing I got a crapload up front, ne?

Can't wait to get them developed. If any of them turn out well, I'll post them here so everyone can see what I drooled over.

Man, that was FUN. If they come back through, I'll have to front the dough the first day to get down in that floor section. I mean, you can't really get BAD seats in Memorial Hall. It's too small. But the wrestlers really interact with those front couple of rows! They're just RIGHT THERE, ya know? Too cool....

Anyway, I had to blog before I could eat. *sheepish* I need to eat now because I kinda forgot to eat more than a cheese sandwich today. I know, I know. But I was just so excited I kinda forgot. *shrug* Now, though, I'm starving. Food time.

Oh, but one more thing!

I yelled myself hoarse again! Yay! I did my job!

Okay. Food. Now. *feels faint* Food and football. *grin* And I get to watch the last quarter or so of Monday Night Football! Yay!



Marathon kitchen cleaning all weekend...tiring.

Finding a snake in your bathroom...annoying.

Watching your beloved Chiefs drop to 0-3...heart-wrenching.

Knowing that tonight is Smackdown Live? PRICELESS.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Countdown to Smackdown Update:


TWO days 'til SMACKDOWN LIVE!!! Woo-hoo!!

That's TODAY...and TOMORROW!!

Tomorrow night...I'M GOIN' TO SMACKDOWN!!

God, I hope I get to see Luther Reigns.....

Fun Sidebar:

Woo-hoo! FOOTBALL!

Chiefs vs. Texans. Kind of ironic, that. After all, the Chiefs started out as the Texans. *grin*

God, I love the NFL!

Dear Charlie:

Whew. I had suh-weeeet dreams last night, I can tell you! *drool* If you're confused as hell, read last night's "Marvelous Sidebar" blog. *smirk*

At any rate...oh, my GOD.

For some bizarro reason, I decided to straighten my hair today. Haven't done so in a really long time because it's getting long, and taking a curling iron to the whole mess is a pain in the ass. Case in point, it took an hour this morning. That's, like, twice as long as I usually take to get ready from the moment I wake up until I leave for work! Ha!

Anywho, I'm just straightening, straightening, listening to the radio, not really paying attention. Lots of hair. Dammit. Then, lo and behold, I'm done...and HOLY COW!

My hair is frickin LONG.

Now, logically, I knew this. I shed all day long, and it's kinda hard to miss that long and curly of a black hair, ya know? But DAMN. I've never just seen it full and straight and so stinkin LONG. When it's wet, it doesn't seem so...impressive, you know? It's maybe three or four inches shy of being waist-long!

It wasn't even this long when I was a kid and had little ringlet curls all down my back.

I swear it was short only, what, a year and a half ago? I'm talking like chin-length short. I know I didn't really start growing it out until, oh, May before last? It was chin-length then. I'm simply not used to having hair this long anymore!

No wonder I'm plowing through the shampoo and conditioner! *grin*

*goes and looks in mirror* *is still stunned*

Yup. It's LONG. I just had to check again, you know?

Marvelous Sidebar:

Oh, I am a happy girl tonight.

Luther Reigns in a tag team match. I'm gonna get to see him for QUITE a while.

Gawd, that man is a beautiful stack of meat. *shaky sigh*

'Course, I'll probably see Kurt Angle more, as it's more for him against Big Show and Eddie Guerrero, but still.... He's stalking around, leaning over the turnbuckle to be tagged in....

Oh, drool....

God, I hope I get to see him live....

ACK! Kurt Angle just basically backed out, leaving Luther in the ring alone! YESSS! *totally ignores blog to watch the most beautiful legs...err...the most beautiful WRESTLER ever for a whole match*


Saturday, September 25, 2004

Dear Charlie:

THREE days to Smackdown, folks! Woo-hoo!

On a less chipper note, I've been doing dishes and scouring the kitchen all day. Yuck. I still need to mop the bathroom floor, but I think I'll put it off. My hands are all scoury-bleachy, but the kitchen practically sparkles. I wouldn't mind smelling Pine-Sol over bleach and lemon 409, but I'm kinda tired.

Housework HAS to be the best exercise ever. 'Specially when you put your back into it....

But the Meat Loaf rules. I've been through all 3 albums I have at least twice. Makes for a damn good day!

But now it's time to chill out a little, maybe take a shower early because I used really frickin HOT water, and think about what's for dinner. Kitchen's clean, so maybe I'll cook. Maybe not. Kinda tired. Maybe I'll just have a sandwich.

And Smackdown comes on tonight! Woo-hoo! Can't wait for that!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Pleasant Interlude:

I'm in a Meat Loaf kind of mood tonight. I dragged out...*gasp*...a CASSETTE! Yes, while my extensive CD collection contains both Bat Out of Hell and Back Into Hell, it doesn't contain Welcome to the Neighborhood. Anymore. It used to.

I let someone borrow it. Never saw it again. *sigh*

At any rate, I have to admit that my favorite song on that album is "Original Sin".

Original Sin
[property of Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman]

I've been looking for an original sin
One with a twist and a bit of a spin
And since I've...done all of the old ones
'Til they've all been done in
Now I'm just looking
Then I'm gone with the wind
Endlessly searching for an original sin

You can dance forever
You got a fire in your feet
But will it ever be enough?
You know that it'll never be enough

You can fly and never land
And never need to sleep
But will it ever be enough?
You know that it'll never be enough

It's not enough to make the nightmares go away
Not enough to make the tears run dry
Not enough to live a little better everyday

Everything that they taught us
Was nothing but lies
Everything thing they brought us
Was nothing but bribes

But it'll all be over now

All I wanted was a piece of the night
I never got an equal share
When the stars are out of sight
And the moon is down
The natives are so restless tonight

I've been looking for an original sin
One with a twist and a bit of a spin
And since I've...done all of the old ones
'Til they've all been done in
Now I'm just looking
Then I'm gone with the wind
Endlessly searching for an original sin

You can lose yourself in pleasure
'Til your body's going numb
But will it ever be enough?
You know that it'll never be enough

You can always take whatever
You conceivably could want
But will it ever be enough?
You know that it'll never be enough

It's not enough to make the nightmares go away
Not enough to make the tears run dry
Not enough to live a little better everyday

Everything that they taught us
Was nothing but lies
Everthing thing they brought us
Was nothing but bribes

But the lies are over now

All I wanted was a piece of the night
It never had to get so dark
When the stars are out of sight
And the moon is down
The natives are so restless tonight

I've been looking for an original sin
One with a twist and a bit of a spin
And since I've...done all of the old ones
'Til they've all been done in
Now I'm just looking
For an original sin.

I've been looking for the ultimate crime
Infinite victims, infinitesimal time
And I'm so...very guilty for no reason or rhyme
Now I'm just looking
And I'm killing some time
Endlessly searching for the ultimate crime

I've been looking for an original sin
One with a twist and a bit of a spin
And since I've...done all of the old ones
'Til they've all been done in
Now I'm just looking
Then I'm gone with the wind
Endlessly searching for an original sin

I'm applying for a license to thrill
Going out on the edge
Moving in for the kill
And there'll be hell to pay someday
Put it all on the bill
'Cause we'll always be paying
And paying until
We're beyond expiration
With a license to thrill

I've been looking for an original sin....

Is that not just an incredible song? God, gives me chills. I kid you not. Gonna listen to that over and over tonight. I love the rest of the songs, too, but that one stays with me.

Dear Charlie:

FOUR days 'til Smackdown, folks! Am I drooling yet?

Can't wait...can't wait...can't wait....

The stupid wrist is feeling better, folks, and thanks SO MUCH for your concern! *blush* I 'preciate it! I've been stretching and squeezing a juggling ball (yes, I can juggle; long story, that) and working out the worst of the stiffness. Now, if I could just make sure the soreness stays away for more than half an hour at a time, I'd pronounce it healed and go right back to frigging it up again! Woo-hoo!

I'm so psyched. I just found out "The Alamo" is coming out on DVD this coming Tuesday. I know a lot of people didn't like this movie, but I LOVED it. LOVED it. The scene that haunts me the most is when Davie Crockett (played by the infinitely talented and infinitely bizarre Billy Bob Thornton) steps up on the wall and starts playing his fiddle along with the Mexican marching corps.

I mean, that marching corps has played every damn day for God only knows how long, always signaling the start of a bombardment to keep the soldiers in the fort from sleeping, to wear down their resistance and their sanity until they're so zonked they'll be useless in battle. But this time, Ol' Davie Crockett hops up on the wall and fiddles right along with them, and the melody is so sweet, so haunting that I almost felt like I was in church.

There's no bombardment that day.

Of course, all hell breaks loose shortly thereafter, but....

Anyway, it comes out Tuesday, and between me and Dave, I think we'll manage to pick it up. We'll at LEAST rent it.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

DUH! Sidebar:

Oh yeah, and...

FIVE days to Smackdown Live in Joplin!

The Countdown to Smackdown continues!

Dear Charlie:

Hellacious morning this morning, folks!

My ridiculous writing frenzy of late led to my frickin' tendonitis acting up. I guess 65 pages, single-spaced, in 4 days is just a little much for my stupid wrist. And that's on top of all the typing I do at work. I guess that's what I get for breaking it when I was three, ne? Of course, the other arm, which I've broken TWICE, doesn't give me NEARLY as much trouble....

Wait, where was I? *grin*

Oh, yeah. So I wrap my wrist last night and vow to lay off the writing a bit. I pick up "IT", one of my all-time favorite Stephen King books, and try to focus on reading, though it's admittedly been a while. I feel a little guilty. I unwrap my arm and take a shower. I go to bed early.

I wake up with a swollen, aching wrist because I slept on it funny on top of writing it to death! Dammit!

So, I ice it down, hoping to take down the swelling in time to wrap it for work today. No dice. The swelling refuses to go down. I call work and tell them I'll be a little late, maybe half an hour, and return to the ice. On twenty minutes, off twenty minutes. On twenty minutes, off twenty minutes. Stupid wrist.

Finally, the swelling goes down just enough to comfortably wrap, and I head for the door, only to realize I hadn't fixed my stupid hair yet. Now, while I don't particularly care about my looks and, given a choice, would probably walk around in my Chiefs hat and ponytail for the rest of my life, I have to look moderately presentable to work in my law office.


I was still only 40 minutes late, but I hate that. Hell, I feel late even if I'm just on time. It's one of the few things I'm ridiculously anal about. So, I'll just work through lunch and call it even.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Just because I can and because it kinda has a ring to it, I think I'll start a Countdown to Smackdown. *grin*

SIX days 'til Smackdown, folks! I'm so stoked! Woo-hoo! Less than a week!

Come rain or sleet or even kamikaze torpedoing spaceship, I'm gonna be at Memorial Hall next Monday night (this is about the only thing I'll skip Monday Night Football for, folks) to watch mindless, choreographed violence at it's finest! Does life get any better??

*huge grin*

You know, I actually quit dating a guy because he called during Monday Night Football. Now, that in itself isn't a breach of etiquette, per se. But he didn't even realize what he'd done! He wanted to CHAT, for God's sake! You can't CHAT during MNF!! It's a frickin' INSTITUTION! I mean, if he'd called during halftime, that might be a different story.

Sheesh. You just can't reason with some people.

On another note, I'm up to 58 pages in a story that's probably going nowhere. *sigh* I know it's a crapload of good writing, but geez! If it were 58 pages in 3 days in Book 3 of my trilogy, I'd be nearly sobbing with joy. Too bad it's in something that will shortly end up on the back burner. Hell, it'll likely end up on Burner 6 on the stove down the street!

Oh, well. I think, once I clear this obstruction, I may be able to crank out that much on Book 3. After all, The Last Mates only took a month to write (and at 500 pages, that ain't no cabbage), and The First Rookie took a month and a week. *shrug* It's a little shorter, but I had to do some creative plotting there, so it took a little longer. Book 3, The Second Chance, started off gung-ho, but I realized I had to tweak some things before I continued, and then I got to writing a ton of short stories and learning more about the craft. Then, I needed to go back and revise the other two books with what I'd learned. *sheepish*

However, I think, once I get this story idea out, I may skip the revisions for a while and dig back into Book 3. I've also been churning on an idea to get past where I am to break through to where I want to be. *grin* I love when that happens. Another couple of days of percolating, and I may well finish Book 3 before Halloween! *gasp* Could it be??


SIX days to Smackdown, people! Something tells me I won't get any writing done that evening....

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Dear Charlie:

The following is one of the main reasons I love my local pure rock station, 105.3, so very much.

As I'm driving to work this morning, radio cranked as always, Johnny and Mattie enlighten me with a new theory on the end of the world.

According to a "scientist" in Guadelehara, Mexico, on September 29 of this year, a huge earthquake will erupt. Now, at the crest of this earthquake, a spaceship will kamikaze torpedo the fault line, creating a chain reaction that will ultimately tear the planet apart, thus disposing of us puny humans, as the aliens fear our creativity.

Hn. Where do they find this stuff? I dunno, but they always have some bizarro news clip like this, and it never fails to crack me up. The music kicks major butt, and it will always be the MAIN reason I listen to Rock 105, but these little nuggets of comic relief do make the morning a little easier to bear!

Of course, with this one, all I could do was sigh with relief. Even if the aliens DO divebomb a fault line and blow up the planet on the 29th, it'll be a good two days after Smackdown Live in Joplin, and that's all that really matters. *smirk*

Monday, September 20, 2004

For Michelle:

Poor Michelle had to suffer through a root canal, and I so callously detailed my yummy dinner last night, which happens to be her favorite and which she can't eat because of said dental surgery. To apologize and to keep her mind off her poor, abused teeth, I long-distance sing her this song, which I wrote for another buddy of mine.

These are my lyrics, folks, so please ask if you want to use them anywhere. I'd be flattered as hell if you did, but since I did write them for a friend who might put them in his original music CD sometime in the next year or so....

Something Jazz

Champagne dreams and red wine kisses
Firelight and snow outside
Thinking soft of summer's wishes
Lovers kept but love denied

Next to you, I'm alive again
In the sexy rasp the saxophone has
Music plays on the mood within
And in your arms, it's something jazz

Alone together while the wind blows by
Blankets piled and arms entwined
But something's missing and I don't know why
I'm all alone when at your side

Roses scented with sweetened dew
Castles built on slumber's shore
Though I'm safe inside with you
You'll never ask for something more

Roses wither and die away
Though solid stone, still castles pass
'Cause in your arms I'll never stay
And in my heart it's something jazz

Alone in here while the world goes by
Blankets piled and memories enshrined
But here, you're missing and I don't know why
I'm all alone inside my mind

© Copyright Molly Burkhart, 2004

There ya go, Michelle! Hope you enjoy it. Hope you can hear the music, though it isn't even written yet. *grin*

And hope, hope, HOPE you feel better soon!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Man! Having your parents' old gas grill is a wonderful thing! I go to the local butcher once or twice a year and buy a package of various steaks because I love to grill so much. Somehow, it always turns out right. Even if I get it a little too done -- I'm a medium-rare woman *smirk* -- it's still good.

So, I grilled up some sirloins, steamed some fresh mushrooms in butter and garlic in a foil packet, and simmered some herbed potatoes for supper tonight (and lunch and dinner tomorrow *grin*). Man, it was great! Meat is good. Potatoes are good. Meat and potatoes?

Unbeatable combination.

And I didn't get them too done, either. *big grin* Mmmm...juicy....

I got a lot of writing done today, but it wasn't on The Last Mates. Dammit. I wrote 20+ pages, totally in the zone, on a story that might end up being somewhere between novella- and novel-length. Dammit! I'm such a 'tard. *grin* I have no discipline. At least I can admit it.

I gotta get this out of my head, though. It's been diggin' around back there for a couple of weeks now, and it makes other stuff not make sense. I hate that. So, I'll get this out, then I'll get back to work.


I will. *sheepish*

Dear Charlie:

Woo-hoo! God, I love football!

Sunday rules again! *does a little dance*

I especially love Chiefs games on Sunday, and this is almost guaranteed to be a good game. Chiefs vs. Panthers. Yes, the Panthers, who made it all the way to the Super Bowl last year and who have a stellar defense. Against the Chiefs' stellar offense. *grin* Is there a better game?

Football is the best thing ever. Better than steak. Better than beer. Better than...well, maybe not better than war, but it's at least BASED on battle strategy. *grin*

You're looking at a very happy girl!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Funny Sidebar:

Another Red vs. Blue funny:

[After Sarge transplants most of Simmons' body parts into Griff and turns Simmons into a cyborg....]

Griff: This doesn't seem humanly possible.

Sarge: Nonsense. It's as easy as Shake-n-Bake.

Donut: [ridiculously chipper voice] And I helped!

*dissolves into helpless giggles* God, that's hilarious!!

Dear Charlie:

I never did remember what I was supposed to blog about yesterday. Hm. Hope it wasn't important.

At any rate, I didn't get ANY writing done last night. I decided to stop by Champs Sports Bar for the first time in, oh, 3 months? 4? However many. I used to go there all the time, but all my guy friends that used to work there don't any more. *sigh* But, I still like the place, and one of the good friends still works in the kitchen, so I figured I'd drop by. Bumped into two old friends (one of whom is the owner of the place) sitting with three new ones, and....

Let's just say that I went there right after work (about 6:30) and didn't get home until 10:00. Hn. I kinda felt like Norm. It was like I never left, ya know? Though I hadn't been there in months, I was greeted at the door with a, "Molly! Hey!" We traded jokes like baseball cards. This one guy, Marty, just about died on some of my better ones. *grin* It was lots of fun.

And lots of free beer. Heh.

But, I didn't get any revising done, and I'd really planned to do that. Oh, well. I got some of those absolutely fabulous pub fries *drool* and several free beers, so I can't complain. It was a good evening. It's why I have such fond memories of that place, though most of my good ol' boys weren't there.

So, I'm gonna try to get at least 20-30 pages of revising done today. If I can just keep everyone out, I can do that easy. Hell, I can revise 50+ pages in a day, if I can just concentrate. *grin* But I gotta get this show on the road if I want to revise Book 2 and finish writing Book 3 by Christmas.

Yeesh! Isn't already September?? *panic*

Friday, September 17, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Damn. Don't you hate it when you forget what you were gonna blog about? *sigh*

Heh, watching Red vs. Blue. That show is GREAT. Take scenes from an X-Box video game, add a bunch of guys reading their lines over a telephone, mix in some hilariously irreverant one-liners, half-bake, and you got something beautiful. Heh.

Caboose: My dad always said "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

Church: Hey, Rookie. Did you just call my girlfriend a cow?

Tucker: No, I think he called her a slut.

Hehehe...crack me up.

At any rate, since I can't remember what I was planning to blog about over lunch, I guess I'll just put it off until I get back to work. Something between here and there will no doubt jog the memory.

HA! I think what cracks me up the most about this show is that, with all their very creative cursing -- team-killing f*cktard, back-stabbing cockbite, f*ckberries, etc. -- when in the extremity of their lives, they always fall back on the simple-but-effective, "Awww, crap!" hehehe

Church: Tucker, you ready? Let's go.

Tucker: There's NO WAY I'm going through that thing [the transporter].

Church: Tucker, we don't have time for this. Why would they give us a teleporter if it doesn't work?

Tucker: I don't know! Why would they give us a tank that no one can drive?

Church: We already tested the teleporter, remember?

Tucker: We threw rocks through it!

Church: Yeah, and? So what? The rocks came out the other side, didn't they?

Tucker: Yeah, but they were all hot...and covered with black stuff.

Church: Oh, so I guess that's what this is all about. You're afraid of a little black stuff.

Tucker: Yes. I am. I am afraid of black stuff.

Church: Tucker, I almost hate to do this to you. [slowly raises weapon]

Tucker: You wouldn't.

Church: You know, I look at it this way. Either A, we go through there and get the flag back, or B, we stay here and I get to kill you. Either way, I win.

Tucker: For the record, I want you to aren't people.

Church: [not lowering weapon] Duly noted. Now get in there.

Tucker: Crrrap!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Superfluous Sidebar:

Driving home for lunch today, I reached a stunning conclusion.

If Luther Reigns hasn't decided on his theme music for Smackdown, he should pick the opening to "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed. Oh, God. The drums, man. The DRUMS.

The beat just gets your heart pumping, and when he starts up with that animal call....

Damn! Half of you wants to jump up and do it yourself!

THUMP-a-thump-a-THUMP THUMP-a-thump-a-THUMP THUMP-a-thump-a THUMP-a-thump-a-THUMP THUMP-a-thump-AOWWW-WAH-AH-AH-AH!

I mean DAMN. It just gets in you, makes you want to break something! God forbid I should hear it in the car. I inevitably speed. *sheepish*

It just DRIVES, ya know?

At any rate, back to the point at hand. If the drool-worthy Luther Reigns hasn't yet picked theme music for his Smackdown entry, he should DEFINITELY consider THAT!

Heard it in the car on my way home and, for some reason, immediately thought of him. *shrug* Weird, but strangely accurate.

Dear Charlie:

Heh. Sometimes life just cracks me up. I guess I'm easily amused. Please, God, don't let that ever change.

Woody's last night was spectacular. We had SUCH a good time! Scott was in one of his karaoke moods, so he wanted to play while other people sang. Needless to say, I crouched in a corner and tried to wait it out. Unfortunately, the people who knew me would have no such thing, and the people who didn't know me listened to the people who did. *shakes head* They did the Molly chant. You know, like Jerry Springer? "Moll-LEE! Moll-LEE! Moll-LEE!"

So, after someone else got up and did a great blues-y number that had everyone in a great mood, I finally pried myself out of the corner and hesitantly took the mic.

Now, I usually just do American Pie and get it over with. People love that song, and they're impressed that I know all the verses. Hell, it's like a book. *grin* This time, though, they wanted that song AND another. They wanted Vincent, also by Don McLean. Beautiful song, and they know I know the lyrics. Dammit. So, I figure I'll placate them and get off relatively easy by agreeing to try Vincent, though Scott hasn't played it a while.

Everyone swayed and smiled and loved the wistful lyrics and melody, so I felt pretty good. I started to hand the mic back, and dammit! Scott started strumming the opening chords to American Pie! NOOO! I didn't want to do BOTH! ACK!

Narrowing my eyes, I bargained like a Black Market pro. I jimmied him down to 3 verses, instead of the usual 6. And I made everyone sing on the chorus, since everyone and their cousins know it.

Actually, despite my protesting and my reluctance to ever intrude on someone else's gig, it was pretty fun. Just this once. Next time, I'm going to the bathroom. For the rest of the night, just to be sure. *grin*

At any rate, once his gig was over, Scott insisted on another wild round of Word Dojo, a computer game me, Jamie (the bartender), and Scott have become addicted to. Great game. We managed to break a million points last week and did a shot to celebrate. It was great, though I hadn't drank in just long enough to make that first taste of whiskey a bit...rough. *grin*

So, this week, we thought to just see how many points we could get, not really expecting to overshoot that magical 1,077,000 mark we'd hit last week.

We beat it. TWICE. We rule! Team Fn' Wood kicked Word Dojo's ASS!


It's the simple things in life you treasure.

Yes, I stole that line from Galaxy Quest. Great movie, by the way....

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Whew! After playing catch-up for the last 3 hours, I finally have a chance to breathe. Whew!

I suddenly remember why I don't take two vacation days off in a row without being sick....

Notes from the weekend:

1) Kristi is absolutely adorable pregnant. At six months, I swear she's the poster child for the glow of motherhood. *grin*

2) Finding room in a normally flat stomach for twins hurts like a bitch. While Kristi is the poster child for glowing motherhood, those little mutant vampires of hers are making her MIGHTY uncomfortable.

3) Going to Mom's house on a Sunday afternoon and having chicken-fried steak is a wonderful thing.

4) Missing the Chiefs game because it's on friggin' ESPN sucks donkey balls.

5) Watching Smackdown on a Sunday because you missed the aforementioned Chiefs game rules. Until the sound starts dinking around on you because you used a really, REALLY old tape....

6) Luther Reigns' legs are even more sexy when he's trying to beat the hell out of Big Show. He didn't make much of a dent, but he tried, bless his heart. And he looked damn good doing it.

7) Playing DBZ Budokai on my beloved sister's big screen TV is sheer bliss. It doesn't get any better than that. Unless, of course, you're playing the Vegito character. *grin* That spirit sword thingie RULES.

8) Huggy, clingy nieces give you the warm fuzzies. Especially when one of them finally picks Aunt Molly over Papa. *smug smirk* It won't last, but it's cool for now!

9) My beloved sister is the bravest, most incredible woman in the free world. If you want details, check her blog. It makes sense if you know her like I do. *grin*

10) Ummmm....I'm probably forgetting something. That counts as a note from the weekend, right? *sheepish*

At any rate, great weekend. Lots of fun stuff. Finished reading--no, absorbing--the rewritten version of my beloved sister's first book and SLAVERED over ever word. Did I mention that she's incredible? If not, I say it again. She's in-frickin-credible.

Sis, you RULE!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Funny Sidebar:

I know I said I'd blog the hell out of you guys tomorrow, but I can't wait that long or I'll forget. *sheepish*

In keeping with my beloved sister's blog about funny Spell Check suggestions for her character names, I thought I'd share some of my own from a long time back. You see, when I first finished Book 1, I ran a spell check, just to make sure of the obvious errors. I usually don't use spell-check, but nearly 500 pages is just too damn many to leave to even my editing skills. *grin*

At any rate, here are the more amusing ones:

Ha'jita = fajita
Ja'taro = taco

I have come to a stunning conclusion. Akira Toriyama, the brilliant (and possibly high) creater of DragonBall Z (and all its various iterations except GT), named a bunch of his alien characters after food. Vegeta-vegetable, Kakarot-carrot, Raditz-radish, Gohan-bread or rice (I can't remember which), etc.

You see, I think he probably had them named something else originally, then got a kick out of the trend of Spell Check suggestions, thereby changing them all to fit the trend. HA! Brilliant!

Who knew my character names that I insisted on totally making up (as they're aliens and wouldn't have any type of human names) would be so comparable to Mexican food! *snicker*

Dear Charlie:

Dude! That was one hell of a weekend!

Man, it's totally weird to be off-line for that long. I checked in to my e-mail and such, but I couldn't do any real stuff. Hell, I only replied to like two things all weekend long! It's kinda spooky.

But, I'm back, baby. I'm back to the internet connection. Wah-hoo!

Now, to check all the little sites I cruise for updates and such, to check everyone's blogs to see how their weekends were, and to do a little writing before I go to bed early. Yowza!

I'll blog the hell out of y'all tomorrow....

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Well, got back into town just in time to realize that I can't get the Chiefs game. Frickin' ESPN. Why the hell aren't they regular television??

You're killin me, Smalls!!

So, no Chiefs game. I'm hurtin. I'm hurtin BAD. But I'll live, as there are 15 more games to go. *sigh* *sniffle* I'

Friday, September 10, 2004

Quote of the Week:

You know, I've never understood why people put the "quote of the week" up on Monday. How can you know that quote will be applicable for a whole week if you haven't gone through that week yet? Shouldn't the quote of the week sum up the last 7 days, rather than predicting the next 7?

I mean, if you're going for inspiration, by all means put it up first thing to juice productivity for the day or week or month, whatever. But don't call it the "Quote of the [insert generic time period here]". Call it the "Inspiration for the [generic time period]" or something a bit more descriptive. More specific.

*grin* I'm such a dope. Does anyone else even think about this stuff?

At any rate, here's the quote for this past week--short and strangely poignant:

"There is no spoon."

I think this should be my new motto. No spoon, no limitations. No spoon, no rules. No spoon, no problem. *smirk*

There is no spoon, folks. Do with "reality" what you will.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

PS: Strangely enough, the title of this entry and the earlier meanderings of it just gave me an idea for a story. I'm thinking "Quote of the Weak" kinda has a nice ring to it....

Dear Charlie:

Oh, joy! It's FRIDAY!

Thank God. Seriously, folks.

I dunno how much blogging I'll get done this weekend, as I'm going to my hometown to visit my beautifully-pregnant-with-twins friend and my internet provider doesn't have service in such a tiny town, but I'll still be able to check e-mail. My hometown DOES have internet capability (though only recently has it been affordable...*grin*). It's just not from my provider, and I don't want to change my internet settings for a single weekend. Lazy. *grin*

Kinda funny, that. I mean, I can do without everything in my house but internet. How bizarro is that? Is it a sad commentary on our times or a joyful affirmation of the beauty of technology? Hmmm....

At any rate, this little trip back to the hometown should give me plenty of time for revisions on The Last Mates. Kristi has to work Saturday morning, so as long as I can drag my sorry butt out of bed at a decent hour, I'll have some quiet time to fill with paragraphing corrections and pronoun checking. *grin* Oh, and for getting rid of too many character name usages.

I mean, GEEZ. We know who the story's about, already. Do I really need to say the characters' names every few sentences? *sheepish*

It's amazing how much I've learned about The Craft in half a year.

At any rate, I don't leave town until much later this evening, but I thought I'd better give everyone a heads-up so they didn't think I was dead when I didn't blog all weekend. I won't be dead. Just net-less, which is almost as bad. *wicked smirk*

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Utterly Superfluous Sidebar:


I just heard one of the dumbest statements I've ever heard, but for some reason it struck me SO FUNNY.

"I've seen better legs on a table."

*helpless giggles* I don't know why it's so damn funny, but every time I think of it, I just break down into goofy little snickers! Heh. Better legs on a table. *furtive snort* Could be that it was a football announcer saying it....

God, I have a weird sense of humor.

Dear Charlie:

Whew! Finally a chance to blog!

Busy, busy, busy today. I suddenly became the PR person for our firm, which is probably not the BEST idea. *grin*

A former client came in to tell us all how he was doing, and somehow, I ended up talking to him hour. *sheepish* But he just looked so happy and healthy! It was good to see him looking like living again. I mean, the last time I saw him, he was crying on the stand. Now, he's enjoying life and traveling and just EXCITED about things again.

So, we sat and chatted like old friends, and then another client came in, saw us chatting, and assumed I was a lawyer. I managed to correct that misassumption, but apparently I was so pleasant about it that she launched into her life story. Again, I usually don't mind this, but I had work piled on my desk (metaphorically, of course -- it's really piled in my computer) and getting deeper by the minute. But, clients are our business, so I sat back and jawed some more.

Needless to say, by the time an actual lawyer showed up, the former client was just as pleased as punch and the current client had sufficiently calmed down to be reasonable. I got a wink from the lawyer. I took it to mean, "Good job, kiddo! Thanks for the assistance, and now you know why clients always call and ask for you, even if you don't know what's going on in their case. Keep up the good work!"

Hn. *smirk*

Oh, and a PS:

Michelle, you wonderful woman, THANK YOU for the comment about someone important having good things to say about my story! I can't tell you exactly how much that made my night, but suffice to say that I'm stoked to the gills! Is there any way I can get ahold of that comment? A URL? A quote? Anything? I'd love to know just what was said....

I know! I'm horribly greedy, but this is the first time a complete and total stranger that I've never even SPOKEN to has "spoken highly" of my work!

Well, that I know of....

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bizarro Sidebar:

Well, something seems to be a little whonky with Blogger. I've made two posts to this blog today that haven't shown up yet, and my beloved sister has made comments that, likewise, have yet to show. I know it's not my computer, as my comments have shown up on her blog.


God only knows when this little ditty will show up, but I figured it can't hurt to try. Usually when I get that repeating "0% published" message that just keeps kicking itself back up, I can publish a new blog entry later and both will pop up. Maybe that's no longer a valid strategy....

Hmmm, again....

At any rate, one of these will surely eventually go through. I hope. *blinks*


Oops. I forgot one more good thing about today.

I ran errands over my lunch hour yesterday, so I didn't get to eat. I dashed home and made a sandwich to bring to work, but I forgot to eat it. Yes, I forget to eat. *sheepish*

At any rate, now I'm starving, and I have this lovely, ready-made sandwich and a bag of chips to eat! Woo-hoo! Any other day, I'd be starving until 1:30. Yikes!

One more good thing....

Dear Charlie:

I think today's gonna be a good day.

I don't know why; I just think so. I got some kudos from a long-distance friend for a story I wrote, which is always nice first thing in the morning. I printed out a lovely laser-jet copy of the e-zine with my story in it. That gave me the warm fuzzies. My Smackdown ticket is leaning up against my computer monitor, right here in front of me, promising worlds of fun in another couple of weeks.

Plus, tonight is Woody's night. Woo-hoo! Live music with my buddy, Scott!

So, I think today will be a good day. *happy grin*

PS: It doesn't take much to make me happy, case you missed the memo....

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


It's official, folks! My story is published!

The first issue of Xodtica magazine (see the link to the right) is now available for purchase from the Xodtica website. It doesn't look like we can preview issues before ordering, unfortunately, but the issue is available.

I, for one, plan to print my contributor copy off after work today! Woo-hoo! There's even a little "about the author" blurb in the back!

This is so cool....

And for those of you who don't particularly care for erotica, my story is...a bit more tactful, more euphamistic than the usual hard-core stuff. Yes, it contains sex, but it's not terribly GRAPHIC sex, ya know? *blush*

I mean, Mom's read it.... It can't be THAT bad....

Happy Sidebar:

Well, it's official, folks. I'm goin' to Smackdown!

Woo-hoo! I got the ticket in hand! Now, to just count down the days....

I didn't get as close as I'd hoped, but who knew lower level tickets would go that fast in Joplin, MO? *grin* But, I still got pretty good seats in the upper level -- Row 2, so that ain't bad -- and everyone will be standing up, hollering like idiots anyway. I'll blend right in. *smirk*

I can't wait!

Dear Charlie:

Sorry I didn't post yesterday folks, but I'm having a spot of trouble on my home computer. Damn thing starts out fine, but gradually runs slower and slower until even the mouse jerks across the screen. Eventually, I'm down to like 30% of my resources, according to the meter, and I finally just shut down. Even that takes like twenty minutes sometimes.

I know there's probably some annoying little hacker-shit worm on it that's messing everything up, but I can't find it. I've even manually looked at all my files. Got rid of a crapload of spyware, malware, and tracking programs and the two threats that I couldn't delete before, and the damn thing's running WORSE than BEFORE. *shakes head*

I'm hoping to talk our IT guy here at work into taking a look at it for me. I can't live without my laptop, and I don't have the time (or the patience) to keep rebooting every hour -- especially since it takes it like 20 minutes to reboot! Yeesh! My poor laptop....

At any rate, I just thought I should explain the lapse in my blogging, as I've posted every day since I started this thing. Wow. I just now realized that. I actually HAVE blogged every day since early August. Hm. Is that good, or bad?

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Dear Charlie:

*wicked grin*

Thanks to my beloved sister's little congratulatory Irish Drinking song, I've been having the most lovely dreams of Luther Reigns with that...uh...nifty little band around his thigh. Perhaps I should explain a bit where that came from.

You all will likely think I'm a total fruit, but here goes....

I love Dragonball Z. Hilarious show with tons of killer fighting, pithy one-liners, and a lot more depth than it's given credit for. Cartoon, yes, but not really for kids. At any rate, this one character from the first few episodes, Raditz, has the best legs I've EVER seen on a cartoon. Strange, I know. But it's hard to miss. There are a few scenes there where I just want to drool, despite watching a cartoon. *sheepish grin*

I can't help it. I'm a leg woman. I like a man with nicely toned legs, mainly because most guys don't really work on their legs. They chisel their upper bodies and their abs to perfection, then have these little birdie legs. Sheesh. I love proportion in all things, and nothing says "attention to detail" better than sexy, toned, manly legs.

At any rate, after a while's pondering -- and talking about it with my beloved sister -- I determined that what really set those legs off was the little band Raditz wears around his thigh. Sure, he has one around his bicep, too, but it's the leg one that really does it. Don't know why, but I'm lovin' the thigh band.

So, of course, my beloved sister immediately uses this information against me by not only writing a song with my new favorite wrestler wearing that little badge of sexy, but also adding said badge of sexy to my favorite character in her My Beloved series! ARG!! Dammit, Gregar's already drool-worthy enough!

Needless to say, this barrage of images has wormed its way into my sleep cycle, and I end up with Luther Reigns' body, Raditz's hair, my picture of Gregar's face and personality, and that sexy, drooly, absolutely fabulous little thigh band setting off the whole package.

Sweet dreams, GutterBall. Suh-WEET dreams....


And thanks, beloved Sis, for said sweet dreams!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Whew. What a day.

The thing that wigs me out the most about working focus groups -- besides having to get up 2 hours early on my day off and having to stand in the same place all day, panning a camera back and forth while listening to dry case facts -- is that I'm unable to be anywhere NEAR a computer all day! No e-mail, no blogging, no writing, no NOTHING.

It's like the Twilight Zone.

Plus, I don't think anyone else in the world has any common sense. A couple of months ago, I saved a dry erase board by taking some rubbing alcohol to it. An hour and some elbow grease, and I saved my boss like $200 bucks. *shakes head* Today, the THREE people who were shown, step-by-step, how to run all the video-overhead equipment couldn't figure out how to run the video-overhead equipment. Two minutes on the phone with our IT guy and I have the place running, the equipment working, and the lawyers placated. Oh, and the camera running -- which was my only real job.

Then, everyone panicked when someone spilled grape juice on the nice dark-beige carpet. I took some Sprite to it. Got most of it out. The carpet cleaners will get the rest. Everyone was impressed. Why?

Two crises later -- the laptop froze, then the PowerPoint program kept shutting itself down -- and the damn thing's over and no one says a single "thanks". At least when the other chick worked there, she knew who fixed stuff. In fact, she'd refuse to do a focus group if I wasn't there because...I DON'T PANIC. Even if I don't know what I'm doing, I can usually figure it out while everyone else is freaking out. *sigh*

Worse, when I came home and finally re-connected -- I'm not addicted though... *grin* -- my computer was running AGONIZINGLY slow, so I ran both a spyware scan and a Norton AV scan. Bunch of spyware. The same ol' "threats" I can't get rid of. But this time, somehow, through some creative deleting, I did it! I got rid of that stupid "WinKA.exe" that I've been trying to ditch for a good 2 or 3 months! *does a little dance*

This cleah.

Now, strange as it seems, I think I'm gonna play some Budokai on the PS2.

I know. I just said I felt disconnected all day. But Smackdown comes on in an hour, and I'm not sure I want to get terribly involved in anything before then....

I'd much rather be Vegeta kickin' Kakarot's ass for an hour. *best Vegeta smirk*

Plus, that intro is frickin' COOL!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Man, I always get so much writing done when I only have the radio on! Geez! Turn off the TV (which I pretty much hate anyway) and suddenly I get another twenty pages revised! Wowza....

Music is a wonderful thing. Sooo soothing and focusing.

Of course, I'm actually listening to rock, so it should be neither soothing nor focusing! More like driving and bassy and HARD. God, I love rock! Even the slower songs by hard rock groups just TAKE OFF, ya know?

Like "Bad Day" by Fuel. They can really drive a beat, but "Bad Day" just...just strikes something.

Had a bad day again
She said I would not understand
She left a note and said I'm sorry I had a bad day again

Spilled her coffee, broke a shoelace
Smeared the lipstick on her face
Slammed the door and said I'm sorry I had a bad day again

And she swears there's nothing wrong
I hear her playing that same old song
She puts me up and puts me on
Had a bad day again
She said I would not understand
She left a note and said I'm sorry I had a bad daaay....
[music and lyrics are the property of Fuel]

God, haven't we all felt that way? *shiver* And the music itself, the melody....

It's a beautiful thing.

Oh, and "Bother" by Stone Sour....

Ooo, don't get me started! *grin*

Dear Charlie:

Well, back to real life, folks.

The last week's been nuts, but it's time to get back to the grunt work. I've been SHAMEFULLY lax in my revisions, so I'm back, nose to the grindstone, on that. I promised I'd have Book 3 finished by Christmas, so I'd darn well better have those revisions on Books 1 and 2 done well before that, ne?

Plus, other cool stuff is coming up, and I need to get ready to enjoy everything. Smackdown in September. Another Chiefs game in October. Regular season football in general. That kind of thing.

And I really should be hearing back any time on at least 2 of the 3 other short stories I have out. I at least know the editors received those two stories. I haven't even heard from the other one, and I sent it to them in April. Yikes. No word at all. I begin to think they've gone defunct, as they didn't even answer the single fact-finding e-mail I sent about half-way through August to see if they even received it. Nothing. I think I'll shop that little gem around elsewhere.

So, back to business as usual. The last week was a wild ride, but it's time to get back in line like a good girl *wicked smirk* and wait my turn again.

Back to work.

Back to real life, to the slings and arrows of mortality and the working class. *grin*

Actually, that kinda gives me an idea for a story....

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Superfluous Sidebar:

Woo-hoo! The Chiefs are on ABC, so I don't have to find someplace else to watch it! God, I love my boys.... Kick some ass, guys!

Man, our defense just STOMPED the Cowboy's opening drive, but Dallas's defense didn't do too bad on our opening drive, either. We got a first down but ended up having to punt. *sigh* We're still gonna kick ass.

God, I love this sport!

And this particular match-up is kind of amusing -- cowboys and indians on a much grander scale....

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Dear Charlie:

My beloved sister, wonderful woman that she is, recently posted an Irish Drinking Song in her blog. Now, the first several verses already existed from a Yahoo group she, the adored Lizard Queen, and I were on, but she added a few verses in honor of my first sale. Now, I think all these verses (and a few more *grin*) should be posted all together in proper order so everyone can get a royal kick out of them! If you want to touch on more of her genius, please visit her website,, or her blog, the link to which is on my sidebar to the right.

And now, the Irish Drinking Song! Think "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"....

O, hidey-hidey hidey-hidey hidey-hidey ho, it's down the road we go!

A group of gals so bright,
We trudge with nary a fright,
Down the road of publication,
Fraught with hell and tribulation.

And when we get too down,
A bawdy song we sound,
Delivery men we stare and ogle,
And take some time to dawdle!

O, hidey-hidey hidey-hidey hidey-hidey ho, it's down the road we go!

Thru contest low and rejection letter,
Grief, frustration, and chains to fetter,
At times it seems we catch no break,
Publication is no easy cake.

When winds of doubt moan and blow,
The ale and 'ritas begin to flow,
Then someone breaks into a song,
And the waiter's pants, a thong!

O, hidey-hidey hidey-hidey hidey-hidey ho, it's down the road we go!

And then, a call so sweet!
Dream editor our stories meet!
We shout and dance and drink some more,
Then a delivery man knocks on the door.

Vin Diesel in a towel,
Molly shouts, "Holy Cow!"
With Kevin Sorbo sopping wet
Chocolates, roses, a kiss she gets!

O, hidey-hidey hidey-hidey hidey-hidey ho, it's down the road we go!

Which hunk to pick, she thinks,
Only one, this really stinks!
Kevin's wet hair drips on the floor,
Vin's towel dips just a little more.

A big hand slips up her thigh
Oh dear, she gasps, oh my!
A gravely voice growls in her ear,
"How about two for one, my dear?"

O, hidey-hidey hidey-hidey hidey-hidey ho, it's down the road we go!

Another knock, Molly groans
Luther Reigns, her hero, who knows
A little fetish she might like
Her wicked sis a secret gave light.

He stances there in the door
For her approval and more,
Her eyes drift lower to his big thigh
A snug leather band just for her eyes!

O, hidey-hidey hidey-hidey hidey-hidey ho, it's down the road we go!

Fingers playing with that leather band,
Molly wishes she had ten hands!
Kevin slings wet hair in her face,
But she's not mad, no, not a trace.

Vin bends over to grab his towel
"OUCH!" He glares with a growl
"Why don't you buy another glass?"
He asks with a hand clamped on his ass.

O, hidey-hidey hidey-hidey hidey-hidey ho, it's down the road we go!

The Goddess buys another round,
But now the Poetress can't be found,
The Trickster jerks on Vin's droopy towel
And shouts, "I wanna buy another vowel!"

But where, they wonder, did she go,
The Poetress, has she fallen low?
But Kevin and she sit in the corner,
Divine inspiration to garner!

O, hidey-hidey hidey-hidey hidey-hidey ho, it's down the road we go!

"He's my barbarian, don't you see?"
She blushes when they laugh and tease,
"Not for me, but for my Muse,
I need Hercules and Kull to view."

So back to work, they all agree,
Alas, the Delivery Men should leave.
Hurry, another submission to send,
So Vin and Kevin can come back again!


All right, folks. I have news!

The debut will take place tomorrow. The editor had some software problems, but she's fixing them as we speak -- or as I type, however you like to take it *grin* -- and the magazine should be sent out and put up tomorrow!


Published, published, published! I'm so excited!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Providence. Fate. Whatever you want to call it, I think it's calling me.

Everyone knows I'm dying to go to Smackdown in September, right? Well, I was debating on what type of ticket to get. Ringside and lower level are a bit expensive, so I had honestly toyed with the idea of just getting balcony tickets. Memorial Hall is small enough that anyone can probably see well from anywhere, and why blow an extra $20 just to be up in their faces?

However, the money left over from my Chiefs Game Fund and my payment for my story in Xodtica ( add up to exactly the cost of a ringside/lower level ticket. Hm. I mean EXACTLY. This is not a nice, round number, people.

Soooo.... I think I may go ringside! Woo-hoo! That is, of course, if there are any tickets left there when I go get one next week....