Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear Charlie:

While I usually try to keep my weekends low-key (especially lately, because I've been so swamped at work that I just kinda want to crash at home), it's definitely nice to have a productive weekend once in a while. I did all the dishes and put them away, vacuumed, went into town and gave Big Bad George a good, hot shower (poor thing hadn't had one all winter because this has been a particularly messy one), did two loads of laundry, and am currently baking cookies.

The whole place smells like warm vanilla and brown sugar. Nice.

I really ought to clean out my fridge. Over the winter, it tends to end up packed with the remains of casseroles and stews and crockpot meals. I make enough to eat on for a while, but there's usually a serving or two left that just gets shoved to the back in mismatched Tupperware. Talk about seeking out new life and new civilizations. Egad.

But that always creates an enormous amount of dishes, and I no longer have a garbage disposal in my sink, so it will also create some stinky, messy trash, so... yeah. I'll need a little more talking-into before boldly going.

Instead... movies! And maybe some more 7 Little Words on my Kindle. Or one of the two huge short story anthologies I bought. Of course, those are both horror anthologies, but hey.

See, I was on a sci fi kick there for a while, so I finally broke down and replaced my old VHS copies of the original six Star Trek movies by ordering a DVD box set, but they haven't arrived yet, so I've kinda meandered over into more of my horror/haunted house stock. Currently on a Stephen King kick. I watched Rose Red yesterday and am watching Storm of the Century today. After the cookies are done, I may make some Earl Grey, have a couple of fresh-baked cookies, and watch a few favorite Ghost Hunter episodes. Or I may watch IT for like the hundredth time. Not sure yet.

I miss football. It hasn't even been a full month. Oi. What did I used to do on Sundays??

Anyway, my writing kick seems to have slowed for the moment. I've been more reading than writing, but that's okay. Part of it is the new Kindle, which is awesome, but part of it is just that my mind was ready for a shift. My weird brain is a little more disciplined than a coked-out magpie, but not by much. It still jumps to investigate shiny things. And it's not like I'm getting no words at all - just not the "in the Zone" rush of like 5,000 a day.

I'm cool with that.

Plus, I need to do a little research for the next bit of this story, so I may employ my Kindle if I can find the relevant text in ebook form. I'm crossing my fingers. Of course, that means I need to get to a reliable wifi location so I can browse until I hopefully find what I need.

Hmmm... a handy excuse to go to Mythos! Nice! This blog post worked out way better than I thought!


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