Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dear Charlie:

Well, the after-bye wasn't pretty, but we're still in the playoffs. Woot! Go Chiefs!

And I know the conversation's gonna be about how San Diego won't last long if they only barely squeaked by our second string, but it really ought to be about "Holy crap, the Chiefs' second string was actually pretty tight!"

Of course, I might be biased.

Also, I just found out in the after-game info that on Succop's missed field goal, San Diego should have been penalized for having too many men on the line. If that flag had been thrown, we would have had 5 more yards and another shot, and Succop is usually Mr. Reliable. I cannot conceive of him missing that one twice. That would have put us in the win column (with our second string, remember!) and would have put Pittsburgh in the playoffs instead of San Diego.

Sure, the league will probably publicly apologize for the incident, but that's probably not much comfort to the Steelers. Oi.

Anyway, so long as we win at least one playoff game, I'll be thrilled. It's been a while since we were more than one-n-done in the post-season. I'd love us to get further, of course, but... please... just not one-n-done. Please.

We're up against the Colts. We are not historically great against the Colts. Dammit. I need to wrack my brains to remember what used to be good luck in our post-season games! It's been so long since we won more than one that I can't remember what used to be lucky!

Oh, the humanity!


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