Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Charlie:

I'm not distraught by Sunday's loss to the Donkeys. Why, you ask?

Because we played very well.

Our defense held one of the most dangerous quarterbacks who ever played the game to just 323 yards, one touchdown, and his second-lowest quarterback rating of the season. We held one of the highest-scoring teams in league history to a measly 27 points, which is 10 points lower than their lowest score this season. Our offense scored 17 offensive points, and those were straight-up march-down-the-field scores, not momentum scores off of takeaways (though we could totally have used a few of those, too).

Honestly, if not for three crucial dropped passes -- and I gotta say, those specific, crucial ones were on the receivers, not on Alex Smith or even on the Donkeys' defense -- Denver wouldn't have won that game. Or it would have at least gone to overtime. Bowe stepped up and made some plays (yeah, I won't get into that), but he's usually pretty well covered, and the tight ends can only do so much.

So I'm surprisingly pleased by our first loss of the season. It would have been nice to start 10-0 for the first time in team history, but 9-1 is still pretty rare country for us, and we'll gladly take it. Especially since we will very likely crush the Donkeys at Arrowhead. We need to hassle Peyton Manning more -- when we got in his face, he inevitably flubbed it, which accounted for his rather sad 24-out-of-40 completion ratio -- and our wide receivers need to catch the darn ball. I know it isn't easy. Those guys take some serious shots. But if our tight ends can do it....

Of course, we can't look past San Diego next week. It would be easy to forget that AFC West division games tend to be way harder than they should be, stats-wise, but we won't do that. We'll take San Diego as it comes, then take on Denver again.

And crush them. Mwahahahah!!

Go Chiefs!


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