Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Charlie:

Woot! I got a sweet duplex that's more than a block away from the train tracks! And I'm moving this weekend!

...Wait, what??

Yes. My contract on the little studio apartment I've been camping in for the last two years isn't up until the end of May, but I started looking for something early because you never know how long it'll take to find something decent -- remember that we're still rebuilding, so while we're not down by a third anymore, we're still down by enough to adversely affect rent prices -- or how long it'll take to process your application and run your references, etc.

But you could have knocked me over with a feather when the first place I was seriously interested in had just opened up a unit the day before and was looking to fill it quickly. And it was a place where my ex had stayed before and loved, so having him as a reference was a huge push in my favor. And it's so much more room than I've gotten used to that I'll actually be able to unpack all my stuff and feel like I live there!

And oh, it's sooooo quiet there. The duplex units are built far apart, so I'll really only have the one neighbor through the wall. It's outside the main business of town, so traffic is light and there's not a lot of just random city noise. I don't see a lot of toys and kid stuff cluttering the various grounds, so I'm thinking there aren't a lot of kids, and that cuts down a lot of noise right there.

Yes. I'm an old cranky spinster lady who'll soon be whacking at teenagers' shins with her cane. But man, some peace and quiet is just what I yearn for, and a secluded duplex just outside town is as close to a house in the country as I can do right now, so I am absolutely stoked.

For instance, right now as I'm typing this, there's some jerk out in the parking lot who thinks blaring his car's bass enough that someone on the second floor can hear it through closed doors and window is perfectly fine. It's not, and I can't wait until I move far, far away from that.

But man, it hit hard and fast. I had to call and get all the utilities transferred to my name so I can get them on tomorrow (otherwise, it would be Monday or even Tuesday). I had to put in my notice with the current apartment complex. Had to cancel my Third Thursday performance I was supposed to be at so I could do the utilities/notice thing (because utilities calls seem to always take forever, though the reps I spoke to were all very nice and helpful).

And then I boxed up my DVDs. Heheh. Yeah, that took a while. I have... a few.

A few boxes full. Heheh.

Anyway, since I wasn't quite ready to move right this second, the next couple of days will be interesting, but oh, so rewarding when they're over. I can't wait!


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