Monday, April 01, 2013

Dear Charlie:

Good God, this year is flying!

We just started rehearsals for our ghost tours/séance, and I gotta tell you that this séance will be priceless. I get to play the psychic medium, and I cannot wait to be dramatic and overdone!

Plus, I tried on my costume the other night, and it's gorgeous. And flattering! And that's saying a lot when it comes to me, because sometimes I think Quasimodo would look better in a dress than me. Oi.

Anyway, the script is priceless with much teasing and a few good scares. Since our location was recently redecorated as a 1920s speakeasy, we're setting our séance in that era. The costumes will be lots of fun, the banter old-fashioned and sassy, and the setting gorgeous... but the effects are pure 21st Century. Heheh. Because we're evil like that.

Also, I'm writing up a storm on a fun project that will probably intersperse whatever actual project I'm writing on at any given moment. There will also be doodling, which is one of my favorite things. And a good helping of smartass, also a favorite thing.

Great. Now I want to rewrite a classic with doodling and smartassedness. Clearly, it's time to wrap up this drive-by blogging.

Run away! Save yourselves!


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