Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear Charlie:


There's nothing particularly wrong. I just feel kinda blue. Part of it is a lingering feeling from Grandad's passing, which is expected and understood. It'll pass. As for the rest, I don't really know. Just feel kinda blah.

I'm still getting words on the story, which is great. It's slow going, but only because of that blah. I get more words over my lunch hour at work, and I'm guessing it's because it's a desktop computer there, which feels more business-like. Sometimes, that makes me feel more like I'm on the clock, so I'd darn well better produce. That's definitely where I've gotten most of my words lately.

But when I open the file at home, I just kinda read over what I have. It reads pretty well, I think. Entertaining in parts, tense in parts. Unfortunately, I seem happy enough to just read. Darn it!

However, this chapter and the next are imperative but not "candybar" scenes. I think that, once I get to the next candybar scene, it'll go like gangbusters again. No worries.

We started rehearsals for DickensFest this weekend, and that always feels good. I'm not a Christmas person -- the time I send with my family is nice, but the rest of the season just pisses me off -- but I love doing DickensFest. I love the weather, the costumes, the accent, the dances, the comraderie. The crowds seem to genuinely love moving through our little bubble of Victorian England and interacting with us, and that's a good feeling.

So, I'm hoping that the writing and the acting and such will blow away those annoying blahs and perk me back up again. I love this time of year -- October is my favorite, of course, but hey -- and I definitely love the cooler temperatures. Just gotta give it some time.


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