Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dear Charlie:

Whoa. I have been a busy, busy little monkey. Woot!

The play is on its last weekend, but we have had an amazing run. We've made near-record ticket sales and continually get great comments from the crowd. Surprisingly, I've had tons of people tell me how amazing my British accent is and how they can't believe I can just turn it off and on like that. I usually (and ruefully) tell them it's a lot harder to turn it off than on. Heheh.

Ray (the director) insists that we'll win some local awards, but that's not why I'm enjoying it so much. It's just a good play. If you get a chance, look it up sometime. The Foreigner. Even a mediocre cast can make it funny, but with great people like ours, it's priceless!

My beloved sister brought her monsters down to see it, and now they're quoting "blasny blasny!" at each other like crazy. Good times!

Unfortunately, between work, rehearsals six days a week for this, and Saturday rehearsals for Third Thursday last month, I haven't had an evening to myself in an age and a half! Whew! And, of course, we have our "press night" tour for the April haunted walking tours Monday.

Yes. The play ends Sunday.

That's the very next day. STRESS!

But I'm assured that no one is worried about my ability to roll from one to the other, so... I guess I'll just have to believe them. I'll actually have week nights to come home and chill during the walking tours, so even though I'm giving up my weekends, it's still a break.

After that... well, I've been talked into auditioning for a summer musical, so... yeah.


Who needs free time? I'm not sure I even remember what it was like. Heheh.


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